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  1. Same problem here. I get lots of black boxes (often almost screen sized) in all kinds of areas depending on where I look / aim. I'm not sure if it's the same issue, but there is an area in Orb Vallis where my character disappears, the map no longer shows items / enemies and during a certain K-Drive race there is an invisible bubble in that area. At the lowest point, all textures of the ground disappear and it looks like a hole into oblivion. Graphics card is an nVidia 960 with latest drivers.
  2. After today's update, whenever I copy / link my frame's build to the chat the screen switches to my character and then freezes there. I can still press Esc and access the game menu. Chosing Arsenal keeps the screen locked to the config screen. Chosing Navigation gets you out of the locked screen. Chosing the linked profile in the chat gets you back into the bugged screen.
  3. I have the "The Sacrifice" quest finished in my codex. I did the quest back when it came out. But the challenge "The Sacrifice" is not awarded in my profile. Is this a know bug? Can it be fixed or do I have to replay the whole quest line? Codex Challenges
  4. Same here + no way to leave the screen. Gotta kill the process in task manager.
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