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  1. It's a mechanic I wish they would burn to the ground. Honestly there's very little that more frustrating than farming for something you want to build, especially as a newer player when you're wanting a new Warframe or weapon to try, and then being forced to wait 12-24 hours until you can use it. Warframe-building is so much worse, since you have an additional 72 freaking hours before you can use it, after the 12 hours of crafting the main blueprints. We spend so much time grinding for the parts we need, which can be tedious and irritating as it is, especially when you're burning relic after relic after relic just to get a single piece that you need. Got all of them? Great. Now you have to wait til tomorrow to use your new gear — unless you pay up, of course. Don't worry, friend. I love Warframe as well; been playing for well over four years now. It's okay to have complaints about the game, I myself have many. This is one of my gripes with the game and it has been for a long time. Building Equinox was the worst thing imaginable; 6 blueprints all requiring 12 hours to build, and then the 72 hour crafting period for the whole thing to come together. It made me not very excited for Equinox. It ruins the hype and enthusiasm you have for new things because you can't have them once you finally get them in the foundry. You spend all that time farming, and then you get told "Nope!! You have to wait til tomorrow!!" It's a poor mechanic, and I believe that it has no place in Warframe. Of course, the devs would disagree, seeing as how it's still integrated into the game, but opinions are opinions. People argue that mechanics like this are what F2P games thrive on to make money, but Warframe is on the up and up, and could easily implement something that would get rid of this. At the very least, cut down the build times. 72 hours? Come on.
  2. I like how a lot of the shaders in Destiny have patterns, textures, and actives as well. It makes them interesting and makes for cool combos. Would be cool to see something like that in Warframe, if it were possible!!
  3. I'm having this issue, too. I installed the entire second copy of Warframe from Discord directly, yet I'm still seeing TennoGen in the market, yet no pack.
  4. My operator, Dahrius. The Tenno with living Void under his skin. Face caps: Full body, frontal: Full body, frontal; better lighting, via Nekros Noble idle animation: (The lighting in this custom window is awful, especially for darker-skinned Operators)
  5. As a person with EIGHT FORMA on my Daikyu, I'm right with you there, man. I felt my heart absolutely sink once I saw that it was nothing but nerf-fever when it came to my favourite bow. Everything else on the list was getting good buffs and I'd hoped that my bow was going to get the same treatment. Nope. No one uses Daikyu for crits. If anyone thinks that, they're absolutely freaking nuts. Buffing the crit chance is something that NO ONE has ever asked for, and it's a buff that no one wants or will benefit from. Also, dropping Puncture from 60% to 40%? Why?? This is a LONGBOW. It has a stupid draw time to pull back this arrow that is supposed to BORE A HOLE RIGHT THROUGH YOUR ENEMIES. This is a bow that should be ALL ABOUT PUNCTURE. Why is Slash getting buffed?? This bow doesn't give your enemies paper cuts; there's absolutely no sense as to why Slash damage needs to be increased. Impact I can get behind, but still!! There's no reason at all to take Daikyu's original purpose and drive it into the ground!! This bow was originally marketed and presented as an incredibly powerful longbow that dealt wonderful puncture damage. Why are you getting rid of that? You're just reducing it to an aesthetically pretty weapon with stats that don't make sense in regards to what it was made for. There's not a lot of people that use this bow the way that people like Maganar and I do; a lot of people don't even use the Daikyu at all because of the draw time, and that it doesn't feel rewarding to use. These changes are further grounding those opinions. Yeah, thanks for the better charge rate, but what's the point? The bow is now lacking the power that it once had, this insane weapon that makes me feel cool and powerful when I use it. It feels like the handful of players like Maganar and I are getting punished for all of the forma we've spent on this bow, just telling us "Hey sorry for all the hard work you've put into this weapon cuz now all of your polarities are useless cuz hurr durr another crit bow cuz that's the only kind of bow people want now". Thanks. I hate it.
  6. What a great way for the community to show their love and support for all of these charities and organizations. I'm so proud to be a Tenno.
  7. Y'all were amazing!! Miss you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I thought I was the only one; was just going to report it 😞
  9. You will always live on within the community, Drew. Even leaving the team for awhile won't change that.
  10. Here is my submission, and good luck to everyone who participates.
  11. Thank you to the staff for taking player's complaints and feelings into consideration!!
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