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  1. Yeah, not sure if this is a good idea if using those resurgence things actually makes you easier to kill, like holding points in index. Why would I risk my life and my arbitrations rewards for a random blueberry? Just let people leave the mission on death with rewards intact. The goddamn UI even tells you "you will keep mission rewards and XP" yet YOU LOSE THE REWARDS if you click that button.
  2. Increased the Liset Decoration limit by 33%. What about the Orbiter though 🙂
  3. Yay thank you for fixing the Hildryn airdodge bug pretty fast!
  4. Oh, this will actually get me to try out Warframe on the switch. I already have all the warframes and weapons and cosmetics I want on my PC account and if I don't lose that PC account I don't mind if the switch one will just be a restricted copy.
  5. Wait so you really did Chroma Prime WITHOUT ANY CHROMA CHANGES? Ridiculous. Chroma is by far one of the worst designed frames, hell he is the only frame with a passive that does absolutely nothing besides describe how his other 4 skills work. Gonna skip this prime access.
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