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  1. I preferred the glass being shattered in Splinterstorm. The glass on normal Gara looks ugly, and I prefer the cleaner look of having it off. Please make it a toggle. And then also make it a toggle to not have Xaku's armor be shed when he casts Vast Untime, because in that instance I do want to retain the armor and my fashion and not walk around as a skeleton all the time.
  2. Like so ^ I don't have a great memory, and it's difficult to remember which spectre was my Protea, which was Wisp, which was Nidus, etc. Having it actually show the frame similar to this in the gear wheel would be a great help
  3. As cool as that Kavat armor looks... kinda disappointed there's no armor or syandana. Will probably be waiting for her unvault in a few years before buying this PA then.
  4. i.e. Sortie defense that only goes to 10 waves, or other alert-type missions with a similar limit Because they use the same floor cycling as normal missions (floor 1 at start, floor 2 at 5 waves, floor 3 at 10 waves), you end up never seeing floor 3 in these types of missions If the floors cycled after wave 3 and after wave 6 instead, you'd get to see all 3 floors in wave-limited missions like the sortie
  5. Mods such as Critical Focus, Market Target, and Resolute Focus offer bonuses only while aiming. Unfortunately, there is no UI indication of this when you aim, so unless you've memorized your builds or check every time before going into a mission (who wants to do that?), it can be hard to remember if you're using a build that requires aiming to take full advantage. Please add a HUD icon to the buff list by your health for these mods that appears when you're aiming so you know when these types of mods are engaged. Alternatively, some sort of a crosshair effect could also work.
  6. It's to do with the idle animation (he's using Harrow Noble), not the skin Here's with Sevagoth Noble: ^ aligned fine And here's with Harrow Noble: ^ misaligned
  7. Has that even been remotely hinted at? The last hint I heard, many eons ago, was a hint towards Volt Umbra
  8. Basically the title It would save us from running the Maroo weekly mission, then ESC > Equipment > Mods > max ayatans > back > back > talk to Maroo > sell statues Instead, we could just... Talk to Maroo > max statues > sell ...done
  9. That's why I posted it in the bugs section :P
  10. On frames, you're correct, they may have an extra polarity or two, and some buffed defensive/utility stats usually... otherwise, not much difference Weapons on the other hand are generally dramatically buffed versions, always better than their non-prime counterpart, and in some cases may even feature unique mechanics that their vanilla version doesn't have (such as the Fragor Prime having a higher base combo count)
  11. Yep yep yep Been asking for this for years
  12. Various frames (notably primes) have differing appearances of certain abilities (notably primes, and a few deluxes) We should be able to select which version of a frame's abilities we want to use via the Abilities screen in the Arsenal For example, this would allow you to choose if you wanted your Rhino Prime to use the Normal, Prime, or Palatine version of Iron Skin
  13. Here's a graph to explain what I mean: Notice how the cooldown (blue line) is still the same— not trying to get rid of it I just don't want to have to unclick and reclick primary fire
  14. Dude. Read the post. I want a VISUAL REPRESENTATION of the cooldown, and to be able to hold down the primary trigger during cooldown so that when the cooldown is OVER, it starts shooting again, rather than only accepting input after the alt-fire has finished cooling down. Literally just QoL, and nothing to do with getting rid of the cooldown.
  15. Every time after returning to the dojo from a mission that was launched from the Observatory room in the dojo, there is a massive drop in performance (down to single-digit FPS) for roughly 10-15 seconds. Afterwards, performance returns to normal (once the dojo has appeared to finish loading in all the decorations). This has been happening for the last couple months (can't remember exactly which update introduced it), but no changes were made to my dojo prior to the issue beginning. If anyone else experiences this, post a comment below.
  16. Why would someone be confused a Chroma out-damaged them?
  17. But I want it visually displayed in the mission, like an actual reload/cooldown meter That's what my suggestion is about
  18. Yeah I tested it last night but forgot to comment: Trumna also works this way.
  19. Why are you people missing the point of my post? Not once did I say "get rid of the cooldown (or reload, whatever you want to call it)" Reread the post to actually understand the suggestions I'm making.
  20. You are not understanding— I am not talking about the kills you have to get to charge the alt-fire. After you shoot the alt-fire there is a period of cooldown where you cannot shoot the primary fire again. There is no UI or physical indication of this cooldown at all.
  21. For me: 13 normal forma 1 Aura forma 2 Umbra forma (soon to be 3 once I get my next Umbra forma) Kinda crazy... but then again, the same could be said for Titania How do you fix it? Add more default polarities? But then what if they're not the polarities you want?
  22. The Deimos arch-guns (Mausolon, Cortege, Morgha) all have a super frustrating mechanic with their alt-fire modes: some sort of bizarre cooldown. Now, I'm "fine" with adding a cooldown after shooting these admittedly-ridonkulous alt-fires, but two things need to happen with them: There needs to be a visual indication of this cooldown. Ideally a meter on the reticle, but a visual overheating animation on the guns themselves (something like gas/flame venting) would also look pretty cool. Holding primary fire should resume shooting after the cooldown period. Right now, you have to release and re-press the trigger to continue firing primary after the alt-fire is used. This is annoying, especially without a visual cooldown indicator, as it leads to having to keep clicking and holding blindly until you begin firing again. You should be able to hold the trigger, hit the alt-fire, and (still holding) begin firing again once the cooldown is over. These two adjustments would vastly improve the QoL of using the Deimos arch-guns.
  23. Just some suggestions after playing a bit with Sevagoth: His 1 is hard to control. It floats around a lot, bounces off of walls/objects, and is hard to hit anything with specifically. I think it would be better if it lazily sought out enemies to hit rather than just going in a straight line and bouncing off things. His 2 really needs to be recastable while active; I'm not sure why it's not. There's constantly the possibility that there's one single enemy leftover affected by it, preventing you from recasting Sow on a new batch of enemies that are swarming you. 3 is pretty alright, no real changes needed. 4 is also fairly decent, although the forward charge is a bit unruly and feels like it skips over/misses what you're trying to hit with it frequently. In the bleedout state, it's far more effective to do aerial ground-slams than to try using the dash attack. It would also make a bit more sense if it could actually fly, similar to Wukong's 2. Overall, I feel like he needs to move faster. He's not got the stats to be a tank, yet he moves so slowly. I'm also not a fan of his custom roll animation (aside from not liking custom roll animations in general) because it doesn't flow well into a slide afterwards like normal rolling.
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