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  1. Will the Devs release TWW within time? Will there be yet ANOTHER delay?!
  2. I was hoping to set warframe to download overnight before i wake up tomorrow morning and i could play it, cause my download speed is slow... (2am here), but looks like im gonna have to just go to sleep and play it tomorrow evening >.< just so tired lol
  3. I swear this cant just be me because it happens with all of my friends xD When you'r all hyped to go on Warframe to play it, then you play a single missions such as a defense or mobile defense. and then your literally tired and sleepy to the extent you dont wanna play anymorE Just us?
  4. Nerf it all you like DE, but PLEASE put the accuracy back D: Its a SNIPER
  5. People hate change. but at the same time, people complain that they want to remove the whole "3 mods are NEEDED" for every weapon. Multishot fix is fine, but since people are 100% used to the way things are now, expect rage and concern when their BoltorPrime isnt working at optimal condition xD
  6. Hi Rebecca! it was awesome to see you at TennoVIP! My question is to do with the Sentients, Will the new faction be weakest against impact damage or have a strong resistance for puncture? I say this due to the lack of Impact damage's effectiveness compared to puncture and slash in the high level regions of the solar system. Having this change would allow more useage of our good old impact weapons in the game, and eliminate the current Meta of "Puncture/Corrosive/Heat beats all"
  7. *Meanwhile , in every single other timezone past 12am... FRIDAY IT IS... *Sigh* Off to sleep i go
  8. Im calling it, Nekros update, a few new toys, and an event to show off Spy 2.0
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