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  1. Making a discussion, Vaskadar? Fight the good fight.
  2. Well, aside from the fact that he's not really the first to suggest that, why all the toxicity, people?
  3. 90% DR isn't really OP on Ember only if she doesn't get to keep a cheap spammable skill to increace her damage. It won't be OP also if it brings in some mitigations like halving the damage her abilities do, or like replacing Accelerant as her second skill.
  4. And before, Overheat was the only reason Ember worked, but for a different reason. Accelerant gives her abilities enough damage to do their thing, Overheat gave her enough survivability to do her thing, the only difference being in shift from DoT to burst damage with change from overheat to accelerant. It could be maintained if DE would start making alternative skills for warframes as they promiced they would.
  5. Well, I won't say there is no argument about Overheat being a needed skill for someone who relies on hugging her enemies and DoTting them to death, but there are people who manage to use Accelerant to it's potential and like it, so we can't quite declare her completely useless. I know I can't use her current skillset quite as effectively as I should, but other people are able to procure evidence that she is a usable, if incredibly spam-oriented, glass cannon.
  6. Using Overheat for the damage... GENIUS! I think people should stop trying to argue that Accelerant is inherently bad to point out that Overheat would be really nice to have back. Overheat was a godly skill, that made Ember an amazing caster/tank with DoT capabilities and health to make that DoT work, and it would really be nice to have it back in some way, but it really doesn't make accelerant a bad skill. It's really not. It's not what the Ember crowd expected OR needed back in the day though, so it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. And it requires loads of spamming, which isn't alwa
  7. Fear swarms in my heart, tenno. Whatever PwE touches, dies a slow a painful death, abandoned or on hands of people who really enjoyed the game, but dying.
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