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  1. Imagine being the person at DE who thought that, in a horde shooter game, sniper rifles (other than the Snipetron, which is already hot garbage) needed to have their potential nerfed. They could also be described as 'the person at DE who thought that Eidolon hunts should be arbitrarily longer/harder', since that's the only real place that sniper rifles are required in the meta. Rivens need an overhaul, rather than minor tweaks. How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man? Some weapons are purely superior to others, to the point where no riven can make up for the difference in base stats and damage/firing mechanics. The efficient player will always pick the better one. What rivens dispositions do, is give a greater boost to weapons with worse stats, and a lesser boost to weapons with better stats. Garbage stats +50% are slightly better than garbage. God-tier stats +20%, are above god-tier. Do you see where rivens fail to bridge the gap between good and bad weapons? If DE wanted to make rivens work and give each weapon a way to be used, it wouldn't be by tweaking dispositions. It'd be by doing a proper primary/secondary rework this time around, that actually takes rivens into account rather than the bare minimum of power creep. The Burston Prime, for example, is a weapon that I find to be fun to use. However, even though I have a riven for it with decent stats, it will never be more powerful than my 7-forma Mk1-Paris (and that even holds true when I unequip the god-tier Paris riven I have on it), because the Mk1-Paris has the base crit stat necessary to be able to be viable in endgame. Do you see why the answer to rivens being unable to fulfill their purpose (of bringing non-meta/power-creeped-out weapons back into the fold), is to rework third-rate weapons with high riven dispositions to at least have a single stat worth boosting to be able to be relevant? - Sadly, that's only the first part of riven reworks that would be required to make rivens work as intended (from the perspective of their original design). The second part is not so cut-and-dry. It's finding the balance between making S-tier weapons' rivens not too powerful where the A-tier weapons with rivens can't catch up. There's no point in investing kuva/endo into rivens and multiple forma on a weapon, when there's another weapon that can outshine its full potential without needing a riven. The general framework for this kind of live balance testing is already in place. Take the weapon-boosting tweak concept from Arbitration, change it from +300% damage to increasing base stats of trash weapons (to new levels that you, DE, would like to test), offer exclusive rewards (ephemeras, new mods, etc) or increased affinity/focus gain as incentive for using trash weapons that you list as the options that receive base stat buffs (and potentially have good weapons have their base stats reduced in this mode, to drive away people who want to use meta gear to farm a non-meta weapon mode out), and slap it into a tweaked (in terms of tilesets and enemies) 3rd mode of Sanctuary Onslaught that is intended to gauge weapon potential. That would help DE collect copious amounts of data, and would save DE tons of time having to test out these stat tweaks themselves. It makes it so that, in the process of theorycraft the tweak -> test the tweak -> analyse the test for results, the devs only would have to deal with theorycrafting, and some partial analysis, as player feedback could decrease the amount of time DE would have to spend on analysing these tests.
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