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  1. The Railjack changes: Empyrean: Ivara Prime 27.0.4 Railjack Changes & Fixes: Added Railjack Health perks for performing repairs on the Railjack: 15% of max Health for Fire and Electricity Traps 20% of max Health for Ruptures 30% of max Health for Hull Breaches Currently a Hull Breach Repair grants you 10 seconds of Railjack invulnerability. With the added Health perk for Hull Breaches, we’ve tweaked the Railjack Invulnerability time to grant a benefit to those with haste to compensate! Repairing a Hull Breach now grants Railjack invulnerability scaled to the amount of time left on the ‘Catastrophic Failure Imminent' timer. You can get anywhere from 5 - 15 seconds of Railjack invulnerability based on your Hull Breach Repair urgency. Removed Credit Caches from the Railjack reward table! Relics have been added in Railjack missions to compensate for this. Increased the cooldown of the Elite Kosma Flak's Shield ability and fixed the shield not actually blocking damage sometimes. Adjusted hit boxes on the Elite Kosma Flak for improved accuracy. Adjustments to the Archwing Cannon firing animation for a less janky launch. Removed a certain floating prison found in Railjack missions due to numerous collision/sizing issues. It shall return at a later date! Enabled Push-To-Talk in Railjack keyboard bindings.
  2. 'Just upgrade your Railjack guns' isn't a solution. Sure, you'll need to do it anyways, but you have to grind all the materials to do it, with the S#&$tiest Railjack guns. Because of that, materials are constantly going to repairing the ship, since the starter guns can't barely hack it on the easiest Earth mission. Plus, you have to wait days on end for research on the better guns... and the update has not been out long enough for that. Or, you're saying to buy a rush repair drone... which, in a free-to-play game, paying to avoid a design flaw is also not a solution. Archwings aren't too weak... but that's only if the player runs Amesha and has all abilities simultaneously active. If you don't see why that's a problem, then there's nothing that could be said that would make you think otherwise. Enemy ships are faster than the player's Archwing at full speed, and even with Blink only a small gap can be created between the Archwing and enemy fighter, and that's only every other Blink. And it's just annoying to have to run 5 kilometres away from the enemies and skirt the map boundary to get to the objective. Especially since a set of fighters spawn on the objective when you get close to it, completely negating that stealth. Revolite isn't too expensive - Revolite is needed too much. It's incredibly dismissive to say 'just don't get hit', when Railjack is slower than a tortoise (and enemy fighters), and enemies come to swarm the Railjack in large numbers. Have you even played Railjack? 'Avoid the enemies' is a bad meme in this case. It's not that the content is challenging - it's that it's a boring, uninspired, repetitive, frustrating slog for resources that sometimes disappear into the void, as well as have to be used to play the missions in which you obtain them. The challenge shouldn't be against bugs and uninspired mechanics that introduce artificial difficulty and arbitrarily increase the grind - challenge should be the player being rewarded for skillfully applying their efforts. There's no skill or tactics in Empyrean, and rewards are dismal at best. How can you even call it a 'challenge'?
  3. Railjack seems to be conceptually sound, until you take a close look at it. Starting out, you learn the basic control schemes and mechanics. But then, there's nothing to do but wait several days until you get the next tier of pea-shooter from the unskippable research console that lets you breeze through the next level of content. I should probably mention that I don't play in public squads, as every time I have tried to do so far, my game has either crashed or the host has bugged out, left, and the host migration either crashed my game or reset the mission progress to zero. I've been doing Railjack missions in a duo, and while everything is fully manageable with only two people, the starting guns being pathetically weak is what leads to a feeling of 'difficulty' in the mission, as weak guns result in the ship getting swarmed while the players fire ineffective rounds at enemies, and are forced to sit and watch as more needy repair modules pop up, over and over. It's come to the point where one of us steers the Railjack, and the other one stays in Archwing to kill the enemies. The Railjack guns are just that pathetic. We've done the entirety of the Earth Railjack mission set by generally ignoring the Railjack itself, as it is squishier than an Archwing. A few hits from a crew ship later, and it's "catastrophic failure imminent". If the Archwing person goes off to kill the crew ship, the Railjack gets swarmed by fighters and killed because there's no Archwing defending the ship, using Amesha bubbles to make up for its pathetic defences and shooting the enemies down with infinitely more effective Archguns. Using the artillery to kill the crew ships is wasteful, for starters. It requires the railjack to stay 100% still while the artillery locks on, which can lead to the railjack dying to fighters due to its vulnerable state. Having to maintain the ammunition is a pain in the ass, too. Additionally, all the materials inside the crew ship in the loot containers vanish into the void, then, it seems. Which leads me to my next point. Having to manually pick up every goddamn drop feels like not having Vacuum in a regular mission - it's absolutely terrible. [EDIT 1: Look, DE, we know you have a vendetta against all viable forms of Vacuum. We get it. You want to slow down player progression, and this is how you intend to do so. But, shoving it in the players' face is not the right way to go about it, and that's what you're doing. You're knowingly creating your own backlash. What you could do instead, is to lower drop amounts, but make them instantly appear in the players' inventories. In the end, this likely balances out to the same amount, and on top of that, satisfies the player by not creating a feeling of 'missing out', but at the same time, still keeping the rewards per time about the same. THIS is why I originally wrote that whoever designed Vacuum in Railjack needs to be told to their face that they are an idiot, which I will amend to 'they need to be told to their face that what they did was stupid' - because the positive alternative is so obvious, that some random person on the internet can think of it on the spot. Again, not an attempt at devbashing- it's purely constructive, and not meant to be insulting. It's a call to put thought into such gameplay mechanics.] Seriously, they need to understand exactly this, not the watered down version of feedback of 'the players don't like it', because it does not seem to have sunk in. All drops from dead enemy ships should instantly appear in the player's inventory. We shouldn't have to spend more time than we spent in the mission, picking up drops after it. Especially when enemies don't drop their drops on death, but many seconds after, after spinning out and exploding somewhere else, making it more difficult than it should be to track their drops. ESPECIALLY when half the drops fall to the floor of the map and don't render in at a distance, so the player has to search the entire bottom of the map boundary manually for the things that fell down to it. Railjack is too large in scale for any player to be arsed to even collect drops after the mission, and having to manually collect them all during the mission ruins whatever fun is left in Railjack. Railjack maneuverability is a joke. Even with speed enhancing Avionic mods and Pilot Intrinsics, it seems so slow. The way it handles is also counterintuitive. It plays as if the player were using a controller with a sticky joystick, even with keyboard/mouse. I would prefer full keyboard input if the players are being forced to use an adapted console-controller control scheme on keyboard/mouse, and cut out the mouse. In terms of Archwings, by the way, only the tanky ones are useful. Itzal is not a viable option, even though it has Vacuum with Cosmic Crush, since the range on that compared to the scale of the map, is miniscule at best. Elytron is not tanky - it's a glass cannon in Railjack content, which is useless. Which brings us to the two remaining Archwings - Odonata and Godwing. Odonata can survive until the going gets tough and the first ability doesn't do anything to save it. As for Amesha, well... Godwing is Godwing. The only annoying part is that crewships' explosive shots can damage Amesha through its healing bubbles. Which brings us to Archguns. The ones with closer range falloff, such as the Corvas and Larkspur, are worthless here. The Fluctus, Grattler, and Kuva Ayanga have too slow of flight speed to matter - they may as well be archmelees, for all intents and purposes. The Velocitus, Cyngas, and Dual Decurion do not have the volume of fire to keep up with swarming enemies taking evasive maneuvers. That leaves the Imperator/Vandal and Phaedra as the only viable Archguns for Railjack content. The mission to steal the prototype enemy crew ship is bugged, by the way. Every time, the crew ship spawns in a wall, leaving the only way to escape being the omnitool recall from one of the intrinsics. If the player does not have this, they have to abandon the mission on the spot. Additionally, if they do not destroy the crew ship before they recall, then it will be glitched in the wall, invincible, preventing the last crew ship fro being killed and forcing the player to abandon the mission. Fix it, DE. This is a progress-halting bug that should not have been able to get through QA, let alone into the live game. [EDIT 1: Resources should not double-dip, between Railjack part upgrades. Armaments and Components should NOT draw the same resources to craft (i.e. Titanium, Pustrels), as well as to repair. This forces the player to choose either one or the other, and since Railjacks are so pathetically squishy that adding any tank to it is laughable, it leaves Railjack guns as the only content worth grinding. Making a major part of Railjack building worthless like this is not good design. And don't even get me started on Rush Repair Drones. They cross the boundary between paying to speed up the grind, and paying to remove the grind. Since the entire game is a grind, removing it is not good. Also, the owner of the Railjack should be allowed to send the Railjack to another sector in the middle of the mission, when not in pub squads. This would help to prevent potential for rampant abuse. Since Railjack missions are all-or-nothing, in that the player either successfully completes the mission and obtains all rewards, or fails the mission by having to abort if the objective glitches out or watch their ship burn if they run out of repair materials, there should be an option to leave mid-mission with the current cargo. This would forfeit end-of-mission bonuses, but still keep the current drops obtained in the mission. It is incredibly frustrating to watch the ship burn and be able to do nothing about it, knowing that the player is about to lose everything they just spent time to obtain, and have to call all that time spent, a waste.] [EDIT 2: If the Railjack's owner goes through all their revives and dies again, the remaining crew should be able to use navigation to bring the ship back to the Dry Dock. As-is, if the owner uses up all their revives and dies again, it's game over for everyone in the squad. In the 'disable the pulse cannon' objective, the 'enter ship' on the objective marked ship does not work, resulting in a guaranteed mission loss due to being unable to board the objective ship.] Just a bit of feedback, in no particular order.
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