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  1. I went through my forum activity, and it was gone there, too. So, it was removed rather than moved, and with no notification or explanation. It was a reply on someone else's thread, and the thread itself remains there with every other post intact, including the ones surrounding mine. I'm going to start backing up my forum posts locally now as well as every post on every thread I ever make, so that if they are removed without explanation, I can repost them until someone gives an explanation, even if it's at the expense of warning points against my account. The explanation is more beneficial than the warning points are detrimental, after all. I managed to recover the post in particular, about an hour or two ago, since I wrote it on a laptop and put it into sleep mode with my browser still open on the same webpage for a few days, and it was still there when I opened the lid. Though, I didn't manage to save it with the proper formatting, so reposting it would be nightmarishly time-consuming. Oh, I didn't realise that the Community Inbox was for things such as these. Thanks for the heads up. Though, I'm not sure about contacting someone at DE randomly about something specific that they may have no idea about. I'll eventually make the General Feedback thread when the feeling of 'there's no point in posting on these forums because it'll just get deleted' wears off. It's like the Saryn rework megathread all over again.
  2. A post of mine was removed without any notification, and no action about/against my account in terms of warnings/bans. I've gone through the community guidelines several times trying to piece through why it happened, but haven't found any guideline violated, which is strange. I was going to suggest that, when a moderator deletes or hides a post without any action taken against an account, it should go into a hidden subsection of a 'forum feedback' category where the poster could at least access it to back it up instead of losing the post entirely, and preferably have a reason listed as to why it was removed (to know where the post went wrong, to improve the quality of that user's future feedback by not making the same mistake twice). Heck, I'd rather have action taken against my forum account by a moderator, but at least know what happened. This just feels like censorship, and I don't have the information about actions on DE's end and only my imperfect memory of what the post was, to confirm or deny that. I was looking for a category for forums feedback to suggest the 'hidden subsection of a 'forum feedback' category' suggestion, and asked this question to lead into that.
  3. Hmmm... while I'd agree General is currently the place for it, I'd still say we need a 'forum feedback' category. The reason for this being, that people look in general feedback for in-game general feedback, and any suggestions about the forums would likely be buried under the sheer volume and frequency of general in-game posts in general, making forums feedback put there practically useless.
  4. How ironic, this thread was moved to 'players helping players', the place where it is least likely to ever be addressed by someone who knows the answer to the question for certain, and who isn't stuck speculating like us regular forum users.
  5. I was thinking the same thing, but am still confused by the lack of a dedicated place for forum feedback. I'm not certain if this means that DE does not want any feedback on their forums, or if they intended for Forum feedback to be in another category without directly stating it.
  6. That goes to both Trinity's Energy Vampire doing % of max enemy health per hit (spamcasting with high strength, which can even nuke assassination targets), and Covert Lethality with Ash's Fatal teleport.
  7. All of those, except for Nyx, are Warframes worth getting for use. If you're going for mastery, pick up Nyx, too.
  8. I'd have to heartily disagree with you about DE Pablo, on account of Nidus and Harrow, who DE Pablo had a heavy hand in designing. Those are Warframes who fit a theme and fulfill a definitive purpose, as does Saryn. In addition, they have a great deal of synergy between all of their abilities, making every ability worth using and avoiding the one-trick-pony role that many non-Pablo Warframes have fallen into. However, those two unarguably don't "dominate/shut out other 'Frames on smaller maps", as you put it. Nidus? A Warframe who wields the Infestation as a weapon to both support his fellow Helminth-created Warframes and kill enemies. A hybrid of support, utility, and nuking Warframe. Clearly not a Warframe that you would even think to call 'OP'. Harrow? A dark priest who specialises in supporting rituals (generally based around some sort of sacrifice), and lives up to the description. A support Warframe, through and through. Also, clearly not a Warframe that you would even think to call 'OP'. Then there's Saryn, a Warframe who 'fights fire with fire', and 'combats plagues with the deadliest of plagues', in the words of Ballas (Saryn's prime trailer). Saryn is designed to have fast-spreading infections that put all infected enemies on death timers, worthy of being titled 'wielder of the deadliest of plagues'. She lives up to the title as a nuking Warframe, through and through. I can't make many statements regarding Nezha, because I honestly don't know much about Nezha's origins other than that it came out when Warframe expanded into China, like Wukong. I know what Nezha (the Warframe) currently does, but I have no idea what, thematically, the name 'Nezha' (in terms of what Nezha did in whatever folklore it was pulled from) means that Nezha (the Warframe) should do. Additionally, Pablo's 1 for 4 on creating 'map nukers', that 1 being Saryn. That's a 75% track record in favour of what you call 'balanced', as Nezha only has that functionality in limited situations, with very weak enemies on small tilesets (such as Hydron) with the method of nuking that you described. Even then, Saryn's not overpowered in terms of killing potential, nor is she really much of a 'map nuker' - the content we currently have is just pathetically easy. In higher-level content, such as waves ~10-12+ of ESO, she's not a nuker, but a debuffer that strips armour, does a medium amount of damage over time, and hands out viral procs efficiently. The problem is that there is not enough efficient and rewarding high-level content to keep Saryns engaged in, to the point where Saryns are stuck flexing on helpless enemies in low-level missions with kits that are clearly designed for tougher content. And even then, Saryn doesn't 'shut out other players from contributing in meaningful ways to defensive missions' - players can still contribute with support abilities (ally damage buffing/enemy debuffing/energy giving), more nuking abilities, and utility abilities (speed Nova, Nekros' Desecrate, etc). You still can 'meaningfully contribute'; even though it may not be in a way that you want to contribute, you can still do it. If you choose to be useless, that's your own fault and your own problem. The reason that Saryn's rework made it through with little criticism, is that it approximately coincided with the release of Sanctuary Onslaught, which her reworked kit was practically tailor-made for. However, DE then went on to impose artificial limits on how far players could mechanically advance in ESO (much to the chagrin of players, by raising the efficiency drain/second to be faster than instantly killing every enemy as they spawn at higher ESO zones, making it physically impossible to pass a certain zone threshold in ESO), immediately decreasing the necessity of such abilities. And so, here we are with what we have, now. Personally, I'd like nothing more than for the Pablo touch to turn my favourite Warframes to gold. At least then I'd have a reason to pick them over the best-choice Warframe for a given mission type other than 'I enjoy playing them... even though playing them is a severe handicap'. My favourite Warframes, Mirage (a strictly inferior, half-arsed Chroma wannabe that should never be picked over Chroma under practically any circumstance) and Ember (recently trashcanned by DE), could very well use some buffs. However, I understand that Vauban is first in line, so it's going to be a slightly longer wait.
  9. That's rich, coming from the person who ignores the majority of my points and expresses that they clearly did not read my posts, based on their responses. It's not indignation, so much as it is my disappointment in you, as a member of the Warframe forum community. I tend not to reply to conversations solely between other people - I'm not the one being addressed in them, and I generally only respond when either addressed or responding to core content such as the original post of a thread, or similar replies to said thread. If you would like something to be addressed by me, the best ways to ensure this happens are to put it in your OP and/or address it specifically to me. Additionally, just because I have read your replies on this thread that mention things you would likely think to be 'counterarguments' to my arguments, does not mean that I see those points of yours to be valid in the first place. As such, until you direct them to me as counterarguments, it would serve no purpose to address them. Plus, what's the point in addressing every word you say, just so you can turn around and say one sentence in response and justify it by saying that 'you don't want to annoy people on this thread with a long post in response'? You've made such things pointless, by your own words and actions. This results in lowering the overall quality of conversations that may be had on your thread, when you practically prohibit any discussions at length. Could you have done so, and responded with your own quotes for that amount of posts? Let's see it, then - respond to all of my posts on the past two pages, using only direct quotes (in context) of yourself from this thread. I think the better question at that point would be 'why haven't you already been replying with just your quotes, if the option was available?' It would surely save you some small measure of time on the little amount of typing that you do in the first place in response to what I say, anyways.
  10. Your post was crammed full of them, and I had the decency to bother, with you. I guess you're just not in this for an actual discussion - you're here looking for people to agree with you, or idiots who are stupid enough to disagree with no logical basis for their disagreement so you can thrash them. And when someone comes along and presents an argument, you slink away and cover your ears while shouting 'blah blah blah' so you can pretend it never happened. Thanks for enlightening us as to the type of person that you are. Just an afterthought, but if there are so many fallacies that you saw at the light glance you took at the post, then wouldn't it be quite easy to mention them? How lazy does one have to be to not even type a few small details?
  11. 1) Incorrect. Do tell me who enjoys playing the Exploiter Orb fight on repeat, endlessly. Do tell me who enjoys running Hydron over 1000 times to level crap weapons, while only using mainly weapons with minor ability usage. Your argument basically boils down to 'Warframe content is repetitive to the point of being inadvertently boring, so players should be forced to play less efficiently so their boredom lasts longer, or leave the game behind entirely'. Which is nonsensical. You call it 'immersion and engagement'. I call it devaluing the time of every player, due to forcing the same missions with the same rewards to take longer. 2) You're incorrect in multiple ways. It depends on the content. If we're talking about a Capture/Exterminate/Assassinate/Rescue/Sabotage/Spy missions where the mission is not static, then mobility will be more useful than radial nuking, no matter what the case. With speed Warframes, I can outkill radial nuke Warframes, or make them irrelevant entirely (make them unable to contribute even slightly to the objective). That is, of course, because the enemies spawn at a distance, and the first player to cross that distance gets to kill the enemies. Now, if we're talking about set-piece content, duration AoE weapon spam (this can be aided by Mirage) of weapons such as the Simulor and Zenistar, can kill faster than radial nukes, if applied liberally to maps. 3) Incorrect. You're missing the point, something that appears to be a habit. The same player who has another player willing to taxi them in the first place, would likely have that same or another player willing to taxi them through those first 4 planets. Would it screw the people who don't have friends/aren't good at making friends out of trading for a longer time? Sure! But those people are not the ones we're talking about, here. You suggested this as a 'solution' to taxi'ing, but it would only intensify the taxi'ing. 4) Incorrect. Here's 6 examples of you being absolutely wrong: Ember, Mirage, Ash, Mag, Nyx, and Titania. Ember Prime sold for 900 platinum per set back in the day when the Axi E1 relic first became vaulted. Hell, people were trading Ember Prime sets at the time for Maiming Strike, which had an identical price. After the unvaulting, her price went down to 500 platinum, still a respectable amount. But all it took was one nerf for her trading price to fall under 100 platinum, because nobody wants her for anything other than mastery, anymore. Don't believe me? Here's a recent post that I grabbed from trade chat: It's not hyperbole if several examples of precisely what you call 'hyperbole' exist. 5) Incorrect. Affinity farming is the most efficient place to use these AoE damage abilities, and the proposed nerfs would gut affinity farming. So, this is the exact right place for a discussion on affinity farming, in the context of AoE damage abilities (where it belongs). 6) That's blatantly false. 'Efficient completion' in Warframe, is when the objective is completed as well, and if there is no quality rating, then as fast as possible. So that's exactly what AoE damage abilities enable to happen in ESO and defence missions, where killing as fast as possible is the sole mission objective. A '-hybrid- shooter'? What's that? If that's apparently what I signed on for knowingly when I installed Warframe, then how come the term is entirely unfamiliar? I signed up for 'Warframe'. That's the name of the game. That's what I'm here to play, and that's the main focus of use in-game, not weapons; Warframes. The majority of Warframe's weapons are uninteresting. Most are reskins of other weapons with tweaked stats. And it is not fun to use a mastery weapon that is a downgrade to a better weapon in the player's arsenal. Multiply that by about 300 mastery fodder pieces of gear, and you've got a recipe for guaranteed boredom x300 missions at least. AoE damage ability Warframes help to decrease the time spent in boredom by using affinity share mechanics. You call that a 'bad' thing, I call that a 'godsend'.
  12. Thank you for ignoring the entirety of what I said. I appreciate it greatly /s Nukers have nothing to do with the goal of getting all modular weapons as fast as possible. There is no farm for any of those pieces of gear, that may be aided by a radial nuker. That grind that I've set upon myself was only mentioned in relation to the discussion of an endgame, and an example of a mission where rewards are a function of time, by the way. As I've already mentioned before, defence and Sanctuary Onslaught are where radial nukers shine, and that is where they remain necessary. No player wants to use the ~400/500 useless weapons, to level them while feeling powerless. So, radial nukers help teammates skip over frustratingly boring content by allowing them to powerlevel. It's great to see that you're, again, taking my words out of context in a way that I clearly explained that they were not intended to be used, to suit your purposes. In the post before this most recent one of yours, you already acknowledged that this is not what my argument boils down to. That alone is evidence enough that you're trying to distort my argument. I've never said 'if you don't want to be powerleveled, then tough S#&$'. You can play solo if you want to avoid radial nuke teammates, or can requeue repeatedly in public to eventually get a squad without them. Just because a player wants to be inefficient, doesn't mean the whole playerbase should be forced to play in the same way as them. How many times do I have to say the same thing over and over again until you don't ignore it, and instead find a convenient line to twist and attack? We'll see, I suppose. Not that you read the entirety of my posts anyways, even though I always do you the same courtesy. But, I suppose that's lost on you. When this thread eventually comes to the point where I can respond to you with my own past quotes because you don't read my replies, it will become undeniable. And we're well on our way there.
  13. When I am progressing to definite goals (that are not RNG-based grinds, but predefined grinds), reward is a function of time spent. Nobody wants to do 50 hours of Exploiter Orb fights, or to mine for 200 hours. But that's the reailty for me, trying to obtain all combinations of all modular weapons - a necessary mentality. So, speeding it up is what needs to be done - not only to lessen grind time, but also to avoid burnout from repetitive content. The same goes for leveling weapons and Warframes, grinding credits, etc. You say that 'running around, shooting dem monsters' is playing the game, but I disagree. Playing the game when the game in its entirety is a grind (a grind to get and level gear to get and level more gear) boils down to just that - grinding. Running the grind at peak efficiency, is then the same as playing the game in its optimal forme, and I can't see anything wrong with playing the way that best works with the game's mechanics, themselves. Bringing 3 nukers will be wildly inefficient for the nukers, when it comes to leveling their weapons. They can not both reliably nuke and level their weapons at the same time, due to the way xp is earned. Which defeats the entire purpose of farming Sanctuary Onslaught. That one, dedicated nuker is necessary to keep the farm efficient, because fewer players are looking to focus farm than are looking to level weapons, but that's fine because only 1 out of every 4 is needed to do the nuking, and it all works out in the end since everyone walks away with what they came for.
  14. Here's your OP (and yes, I've read it before): I'm telling you, that the entire mission itself (of Hydron, which is basically the content you're referencing in your OP, as those are the results of applying those nukes there), is boring. The enemies there are weak to the point where, if I wanted to, I could kill them all efficiently with my 6-Forma Mk1-Kunai. Every one of your nerfs does what was done to Ember - reduces her overall effectiveness to the point of trashcanning her. Perhaps with the exception of Equinox, and I'm not going to comment on that because I'd rather not accidentally tell you how Equinox's mechanics work so you can find a way to trashcan her, too. The main reason why I'm against your nerf ideas, is that it will increase the time spent in the given mission, while decreasing the rewards obtained per time spent. I don't want to be in that low-level content any longer than I have to be, and that's why I run a Speedva on such missions - to speed up slow enemies, increasing the rewards obtained per time spent. How could I possibly be in favour of ideas such as yours, that devalue the player's time? As a player who puts my time into this game, I have a clear investment in the outcome of this. Map-wipe Warframes that kill enemies faster than waiting for them then killing them when they approach, inherently put more value in the player's time, as they make the player obtain the same mission rewards and enemy xp in less time. Your suggestion of what to do for ESO is pointless. If your desired nerfs were to happen, there would be no point to bringing multiple, or even any nukers to ESO, as they would not be effective at nuking the Onslaught tiles. The player's best bet would be running Speed Warframes to close the distance for quick melee. Plus, your suggestion is contrary to your ideals - bring 3 nukers and a battery. With your suggestion with your gutted Warframes, everyone stands still spamming a few buttons, the same as they would now, with the same squad composition. Plus, it would be adding insult to injury to hear Simaris give the player S#&$ and adding cooldowns, for casting such garbage abilities. Firstly, for a thread titled 'Uncooperative Multiplayer Shooter', making the game 'non-trivial' seems like an unrelated purpose. Secondly, it's not that the game is trivial, it's that DE keeps creating content that necessitates the powerful Warfames we have now, but removing it and casualising it, leaving the players with only low-level content to do with powerful Warframes. Every couple of months, or maybe every year or so, we get something 'difficult' enough to be called endgame for about a week, and then DE takes it away. Two posts ago, I described how this was done to ESO, and that is the example that I would reference here. ESO is not difficult, and does not require nuking Warframes to complete. However, it requires a max-level Warframe to be equipped to be allowed entry and has the greatest amount of enemy spawns per unit time of all currently existing mission types. So, it becomes the best place for leveling weapons, which is best done through shared affinity (75% to weapons, as opposed to a kill with that weapon only yielding 50% xp). However, killing enemies with a Warframe gives 100% of the xp to the Warframe, and none to the weapons. Which creates another conundrum that promotes leeching (AKA either 'doing nothing' or buffing). Rhino is my most-used Warframe, from the years I spent not knowing that mods could be ranked up or that mastery rank was a thing. So, I don't think it means terribly much, especially when most-used Warframes can be easily changed by AFK'ing in Relays, which counts as playtime for that Warframe, for some reason.
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