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  1. Entering my half-leveled Voidrig Necramech, and I get locked into the Necramech, unable to use abilities or leave the Necramech until it dies. This is obnoxious, as the necramech is slow and weak without its abilities, and getting locked into something slow and weak sucks. This is very reminiscent of one of the bugs that has plagued Eidolon hunts for ages, getting locked out of abilities and operator mode permanently.
  2. Not sure if this is a UI bug or an Art&Animation bug, so I'll be putting it in both subforums for the time being. Here's what it looks like:
  3. Not sure if this is a UI bug or an Art&Animation bug, so I'll be putting it in both subforums for the time being. Here's what it looks like:
  4. With the Deimos Arcana update, there was a change made to every UI screen with a search bar where, upon loading into the UI, the search bar is instantly prioritised, as if it had been clicked. On UI's with a bulk of similar items with the same appearance, such as the Void Relic UI, this change is relatively helpful as it saves the player a click each time (as the player was likely going to use the search function, anyways). Where this is NOT helpful, however, is the mid-mission and end-of-mission UI screen. For my purposes as a solo player, it forces me to do an EXTRA click, as the spacebar I
  5. Well, here we go again. On a positive note, though: "Fixed the Latrox Une “Sample Collection” Bounty phase taking longer than intended to complete due to the samples not dropping in their entirety. We found that 20% of the time a sample was meant to drop, it wouldn't."
  6. Before today's update, the Syndicate console displayed the NUMERICAL AMOUNT of remaining daily rep. Now, it does not: Before today's update, the Mastery Rank symbols looked nice. Now, they look quite bad, in-game: On top of that, the size and colouring of booster icons have been changed, even though my UI scaling has NOT been changed in a way that would affect the size of the icons. That mod drop chance booster is barely visible at all, and the other booster icons are also smaller than they were before. I already had to strain my eyes to see them - I did not need
  7. Can we just stop this thread? This is like making a list for DE, doing all the work for them, for nerfs.
  8. Oh, it's clearly objectively superior to the bronze Forma. Split Flights at 300 ducats. A steal for an item that, like Jolt, sells for 60p. Trying to stockpile for when the price goes back up, since people are already undercutting.
  9. Oh, DE very clearly does NOT care about our feedback. Agreed, to hell with the melee "rework" (almost universal nerf) and the UI "redesigns" (nerfs). Half of the melee weapons are practically unusable now, due to either locking the player in place with every single combo in every one of their stances, or having garbage stats across the board. For instance, never in my wildest dreams did I think that Iron Phoenix would become the only usable single sword stance remaining in the game, due to being the only single sword stance to have a single combo that is not a momentum killer. A single combo
  10. While this Foundry rework idea has some potential upgrades to the current Foundry system, I am not a fan of the current iteration of this Foundry rework idea. I like the idea of a 'Favourites' Foundry tab, for sure. I like the idea of 'Ready To Build' as a toggleable 'radiobutton', rather than as a Foundry tab. The size of this Foundry rework idea's tiles and text are, in my opinion, too small. My eyesight is not great, thus making small text difficult to read. This is one of the reasons that I also dislike the current end-of-mission UI screen, as all the mi
  11. Obligatory disclaimer: I think the Void Relic UI is solid as-is. It displays most of the pertinent information a player could need, as well as streamlines access to said information. It (thankfully and rightly so) always has labels on, even when Item Labels are turned off. Again, the Void Relic UI is solid as-is. I am not asking for a rework of the entire Void Relic UI screen, as it is currently fine. The reason that I feel that such an obligatory disclaimer is necessary, is that I do not want to be a part of the 'players complaining about the Void Relic UI on the forums' group that DE wo
  12. The change was originally made because every fish drops Fish Oil and Fish Scales in some combination, but only Fish Scales were used for the overwhelming majority of all Cetus blueprints that used either of the two resources. So, in farming the resources, people would end up farming a ton of fish, but ending up with a stockpile of useless Fish Oil, while having to grind fish purely for Fish Scales. That is why, with this change, Fish Oil also became available to be sold for credits. Agreed, if DE says it's an oversight, then it's an oversight. Until such an occasion, it remains what it cu
  13. Back in U24.6, during the PoE Remaster, Zaw Grips/Handles had Fish Scales removed from their blueprints, being replaced with Fish Oil. However, it would seem that Plague Zaw Grips/Handles were not adjusted in this manner, as we can see in the current Naberus shop: Additionally, the Shtung (which can not be abbreviated to 'Sht' when naming a Zaw, since apparently that's too close to being profanity. I name Zaws based on their modular components, which is the only reason why I've seen this in the first place. Thought it was interesting, so figured I'd mention it) has not undergone the
  14. This thread reminds me of: I'm too lazy to edit it myself, so I'll just describe how it would be edited to fit the situation: -Replace the ID in 1-1 with Plague Star drops in Naberus -Replace the ID in 2-1 with Forma being a Plague Star drop -Replace 3-1 with 'Naberus gives Plague star drops. And if that's the case, it must also give Forma' -Replace 4-2 with 'Naberus doesn't give Forma'
  15. So anyways, we oughta take some of the RNG out of the pricing for Entrati tokens. Here's an example of how moronic it can be, sometimes:
  16. -Master's Summons I'm a fan of this ability, actually. It not only heals but also INSTANTLY REVIVES your pet from a distance, teleporting it to you who is outside of danger. I use it in Iso Vaults in place of Octavia's Amp, for when the Necramechs kill my Smeeta Kavat with splash damage. Grate Prime (my Smeeta) has the bad habit of charging the Necramech as it throws out grenades, you see, and I can not convince Grate Prime to do otherwise. So, revive spam ability, it is. We all know what's going to happen if your version of Master's Summons makes it into the game - time to spam Smeeta'
  17. Update 18.13 was pretty bad, in terms of community outrage. It was the update with the nerfs to Trinity's Blessing, Mirage's Prism, Valkyr's Hysteria, and other frames (Mag and Mesa, maybe?) I can't remember. Volt also got a rework. It was the update where DE nerfed the players before addressing the ridiculous enemies. Raids were... interesting, for a while after that... to say the least. The forums were on fire, too.
  18. Always has been. *hears crack of gunshot from behind*
  19. The spawn rates for organic Conservation spawns need to be adjusted. Vizier Predasites, Sly Vulpaphylas, Burrowing Crpytilex, Common Avichaea, and Purple Velocipod should spawn most commonly. Pharaoh Predasites, Crescent Vulpaphylas, Septic Crpytilex, Sporule Avichaea, and Green Velocipod should spawn uncommonly. Medjay Predasites, Panzer Vulpaphylas, Caustic Cryptilex, Viscid Avichaea, and White Velocipod should spawn rarely. - Looking at this data taken from a run I did of almost an hour of nothing but organic Conservation with max efficiency, we can clearly see that
  20. I think that DE needs to fix the Conservation spawns so that the rarity of each animal makes sense. For example, here's the result of a purely 'organic spawn' Conservation run: Looking at the numbers, only 3 species of critters spawned commonly/consistently: Burrowing Cryptilex, Pharaoh Predasite, and Vizier Predasite. 56 minutes of Conservation grinding, and due to the lack of variety of critters that spawned, I obtained not a single Son token for my efforts, since tags from 2 creatures are required and the odds of a token buy consisting of 2 of the only 3 to spawn at a decent rate are e
  21. No, thank you. Sounds nice in theory, until you realise it decreases the efficiency of farming capture missions to intolerable levels. Plus, DE is notoriously bad at rewarding players, so I doubt they can come up with a reward for these caches that would warrant the time spent hunting them down.
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