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  1. Here is the completed 3d printable Sybaris.!. This was fun to work on and I still have a ways to go to finish the final product. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5018485
  2. Everything’s fits perfectly. Technically have one more piece that goes on top still printing. Files will be up to download later this week.
  3. Barrel of the Sybaris is done printing. Got the Stock going now.
  4. Barrel is done. Already started printing while I work on the rest of it.
  5. While my Mesa Prime Cosplay is on hold till I can afford the materials, I am going to go ahead and start on the Sabaris which I will be using as my primary with it. I'm posting this as a separate development thread since this is it's own stand alone project. If you want to see the Mesa Prime stuff you can go here: I am just doing the normal Sybaris instead of the Dex Sybaris or Sybaris Prime because they have a lot of thin structures that would most likely just end up breaking and the game files for the normal one are already provided by DE for tennogen. This just save me half the time making a base mesh, keeping in mind that I will still need to clean up topo, remodel the hi res details, and make it printable. So one of the main things I want to do with this as it is a lever action rifle is to make the lever a moving part. this will just be a simple action, nothing to complex. I thought about making it so you can reload with the removable cylinder but after reviewing the in-game animation, a lot of game logic and sci-fi shenanigans goes on, and I said F that.Starting at the base, I modified the point where the main body attaches to the stock to make room for the house and mechanism for the lever. These pieces will be held together with a hexagonal peg. The cylinder in the center is actually the ammo cartridge in game, however since I don't plan on making any sort of reload action it will serve as the housing for the lever mechanism . It will also help reinforce the area where the stock and body join. I'll use a rubber band that loops over the top of the housing to pull the lever back into place. There is plate on the outside of the cylinder that in-game rotates freely in the opposite direction of the lever. For mine though I'll going to attach it at the top to the lever and have it rotate with it. I moved the piece that hovers above the gun a little close to where its touching and will use a small peg to hold it in place. since they are almost touch anyway in this area it still kinda look like it's floating. This is what I have for now. it's all pretty simple as far as to how much work i have to still do and shouldn't take me much time. the body will be broken up in 3 parts for printing and the stock will be broken into 2 parts. I'd need to take a second look at it but since it's literally just a pistol version of this gun I may also make the Zylok. For my build I will be following the color scheme in the initial screenshot to match my Mesa Prime.
  6. Finished the Mesa Prime Regulator Pistols. Getting some whip practice in!
  7. Finished with the arm mechanic, just need refine the mechanism and practice more with it. https://twitter.com/leonbreakre/status/1437961696480579586?s=20
  8. Finished with the prototype rig for the arm brace. Just need to get it printed for testing. The gun will be held in place by magnets in the elbow and chamber pieces. Once I refine the mechanism I'll remodel the parts to fit more aesthetically with Mesa.
  9. Test print done took about 24 hours total with my settings. Supports did not want to come off the chamber so it looks a little chewed. It's a little small for my hand but I'm just going to leave it as is for this version. for the arm mounted version I'm only going to increase the scale just slightly as I don't want it to stick out to far past my elbow. I got a pretty good idea how I'm going to do the joint and brace. I the joint will be about 2 inches pinned at the bottom back end of the grip, magnet on the bottom side toward the front of the chamber with another magnet on the brace at the elbow. I'm still going to do all the sanding and finishing work on this though since I already have it printed. It's still a nice piece.
  10. Mesa prime's exalted Regulator Pistols are done! Now you too can embrace your inner aim bot and be the most Rootin' Tootin'est Tenno this side of the Origin System! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4951076
  11. Coming along super fast on the Regulator Pistol. Almost done! It will be separated into 4 parts: the Grip, Chamber, Cylinder, and Barrel, which will be skewered on a cylinder shaft to assemble. I'm working on a joint that will allow me to whip them out on a swivel from the arm position (held by magnets) to my hand. The same cylinder will also be used for the the numerous ones that are placed all of the her body.
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