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  1. Can you lot give us the option to downgrade a ghost clan into a strict solo clan and then cut costs of things by say a quater? Or do we continue with the "screw the solo-player" format?
  2. Your new cables are a mess. The prompt says grab despite zip-lining being a far off memory at this point, and actually getting on those damn things feels like it's upto luck. Old wires don't feel as broken as these. How did you even manage this? Edit: Also if you pause the game, as in press esc when solo, during the long-arse animation of mounting the Ropalolyst the mission softlocks because the bugger doesn't move forwards. All you can do is look around and jump off. Tried to mount again but no, I could no longer drive it to the pillars and was left with no choice but to quit. No clue if another player could still get on, or weather this bug can even happen in multiplayer since pressing esc doesn't pause the game. May I ask you don't forget us solo players? I've got a feeling you neglect us a lot. Another edit: It's infuriating when it camps the damn console when you play solo by the by. You've got to shoot it from afar so it wont grab you, but by the time you hit the console, it gets up and thus the phase isn't over and you're out of cover. If you get in there before shooting, it grabs you and you die. Guys come on. We all would really appreciate it if you remembered solo is a thing beyond a select few quests. And another edit: God damnit guys. Upon the final hit of the plot-cannon the thing is supposedly dead. Yet something kills me at the same time as the little cutscene plays when you're warped to near extraction, I revive myself and I'm roughly 1,300 meters away from the extraction point. Since I didn't bring a Zephyr, I'm S#&$ out of luck. I have to quit the mission. Do you even playtest? Is this the playtest? Can't the players playtest if you really don't feel like it?
  3. Can you stop with the weird feet? They kind of butcher the skins you let that happen on. I'm not judging whoever made these on their take on the foot fetish, but this is starting to hurt.
  4. I'm sorry, but you lot should have someone on your team actually play the game. I figure this could bridge the gap between the team and us players, since as it is you bunch don't seem to understand just how tedious some of your choices and designs can be. There was nothing broken about Octavia. Mallet worked just as intended. Can we stop indirectly nerfing non-meta warframes just because it makes a boss tolerable? I mean the bugger is already immune to so many other warframe abilities, along with it's kiddos. Instead of stomping a clever use of an ability in a manner that is perfectly within the parameters of said ability without any real glitch or bug being at work, why not let that slide and then make sure it won't work on the next grindfest boss you squeeze out. Let's call it a difficulty jump for later on the game. I know you dislike us veterans, why else would you add new resources every time you add a bunch of gear instead of using the ones we've gathered millions of? Fancy you being afraid we got a head start in a co-op game. Not every update has to be available for the guy who made their account a day after an update as a youtuber cashed in on the update "hype." But tl;dr Can you not make non-meta warframes more useless? Please? If not for your pride of "we don't want bosses one shot, unless it's Sergeant" then why not for the "every frame has a use"?
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