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  1. This'll help but this doesn't feel good enough. Considering the amount of time one invests in Liches, receiving duplicate Kuva weapons feels like a Primed Gut Punch. Might we ask to be able to dismiss or reroll or literally do anything about not having to invest several hours to kill a Lich who has a gun we already acquired? Maybe just cut the lifetime it takes to kill one Lich by a dozen hours? Still haven't warmed up to melee. One sided nerfs aren't the solution to power creep, and a lot of stance combos feel off. Please playtest more in the future. Edit: Thralls dropping mods would had been a great way to cut the grind time, but I guess you think you know better then. Quoting every early birds empty words on update replies: "Thanks." I feel with this, the Requiem Relics should use Kuva to radiate instead of Void Traces. Just to make sure we aren't royally screwed over when next we want to farm Primes and find out we don't have any traces banked up.
  2. Once more, do you lot not know how your game plays? I hate how I can never shake this thought whenever you proudly present a larger update. While the whole concept is neat and novel, the grind is ruthless. Too many steps with a bunch of RNG. Takes a full day to slay a Lich. You'll get one likely sub-par gun re-skin. You've got to sink in a bunch of Forma on them to reap full mastery. It was novel when Paracesis was introduced, but I dreaded this would happen again. Not to mention that sword was practically handed to us after a Skyrim sneaking section. I had comfort in thinking you really, REALLY wanted us to use it later on a quest or something and that's what gave it the special treatment. Now I live in fear you'll spit out a shoddy gun that is overshadowed by the other Big Berthas bestowed upon us by power creep two years ago and forcing me to spend a bunch of Forma for a meager 1,000 mastery, which of course I'm itching to acquire because I'm a damned addict. Speak of power creep though, you know us taking on level 100s like it's no big deal doesn't translate to fighting level 40+ enemies without any mods or the kiddo for the cheese revive being a breath of fresh air. That Grendel farm either stands proof that you don't know just how it is down here or you really want to slap us about for using mods and guns and mechanics you've given us as they were intended. I'll let you pick the lesser evil. I can't complain about melee just yet, thought I have a bad gut feeling. My cynical radar is being disrupted by the rest of the mess like it's chaff.
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