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  1. http://en.wikipedia....eons_&_Dragons)

    Mimic says hello.

    Also, lol @ this thread. It's like, "Let's take stuff from RE and L4D and put it in WF, this will make the game much more engaging and not derivative at all."

    And then Excalibur presses "4" - or better yet, "1" and doesn't even care.


    In all seriousness, yes the infected/infested need a redo, but ripping off other games is not a solid foundation.

    No. Noone's talking about those two absolutely not scary games/series. Please keep it on-topic, atleast if you're gonna complain. And seriously. Scary stuff existed before those games, especially ceiling crawlers. You must be living under a rock since you make such a statement.

  2. So people think ceiling crawlers would slow the game... Well that's exactly what I would like. I'd like everybody to actually play the game, search rooms, eliminate mobs and overall get in the military feeling of the game, not just rush like crazy, melee anything as fast as possible and go to the exit.

    That just makes it boring and average. I'd also want the game to be a lot harder, not in the sense that you make enemies HP x 10, just more of them and more dangerous.

    I love infected missions with that dark light and stuff, more scary things lurking around those levels would be great.


  3. Man, I didn't sign up for this game to get the pants scared off me.

    With all these suggestions, solo infested levels would be an experience practically straight out of a Dead Space game.

    With the environment and atmosphere Infested maps have right now you would think the intend of them is to be abit spooky. So yeah, add some real spooky to it.

  4. i spent it because i belive in this game but if ima give 100$ of hard earned money i want something back and something unique that people qho didnt pay wont have.....whats the point of spending the money if people are gona get the samething for free at end of beta?wtv change of subject Where is my squirel with a cape and a AK?

    You're not gonna get a different item at the end of closed beta than anyone else. The items within the specific founder packages are what you get.

  5. If there's one thing, and the only thing, that makes me S#&$ my pants, it's things which crawl on all four, on the ceiling and on the walls, and which also wants you for dinner.

    Not an enemy which adds a slow pace to the game. These could be fast, stealth/semi-stealth, ranged or whatever. Adding an enemy like this would be totally awesome, and scary.

    Right now it's pretty trivial and boring, which Cedric described in a perfect way.

    Well, currently Infested are a gang of angry joggers with partial body odor issues and violent gas. Not too scary. The darkened light helps, but not that much. Giving them more bite (hurr durr) and horror feel would be highly appreciated.

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