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  1. Title says it all. It's kind of absurd to have to travel to a drydock to manage the people part. Checking with Ticker, then having to go to the Dojo (or another hub) just to end existing contracts, then go back to Ticker to replace them... is a bit much. There's a lot of needless zone changes happening here. We should be able to pull this up on the fly. Similar, changing a crew assignment via the tactical map during a railjack mission isn't permanent, which is fine. But having access to contract management via the escape menu so I can on-the-fly fix that "everyone's a pilot" mistake I keep
  2. Absolutely thank you for this. However, it's not working on the floor around the Reliquary Drive and ceiling of the room with the two turret stations.
  3. I'm seeing this too. Has happened 3 times. Twice with 1/2 and once with 1/3.
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