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  1. I have always loved crows & ravens. I thought a warframe theme such as this would be really cool. Been kicking around the idea of a female frame patterned after these birds for a few years now. I always called her, Kavarah: The Corvus Queen. (Pronounced kuh-var-uh) She is tall & sleek with a modest figure, dressed in black garb with a large, feathered headress. She has an exulted kama that forms in her hand from the crows & ravens that eminate from her body. She gained an affection for birds from her mother. They used to watch them together. Being outcasts, the two felt a fellowship with crows & ravens as they are viewed as pests & birds of ill omen. They would feed them & the crows would bring them trinkets as crows do for ppl who treat them well in real life. They would even follow them around again as they do in rl. Kavarah lost her father when she was a youth so she developed a close relationship with her mother. Kavarah's mother was the strongest person she knew, not giving into despair but under heavy burdens & the debilitating weight of loss, not only raised Kavarah but supported them both financially as well. However, not long after Kavarah became a young woman, her mother was viciously killed by Grineer raiders. Kavarah, obtaining the same strong resolve & spirit her mother possessed, desired justice & revenge. When a predator is near, crows attack it in groups to drive it away. Kavarah constructed a kama, figuring it resembled a bird beak, dressed in black garb, & tracked the Grineer raiders to their camp where she attacked them. Her bird friends of course followed her & since crows remember ppl's faces, they immediately recognized the Grineer who killed Kavara's mother & attacked with her. As one woman, she would have had no chance but the crows & ravens swarmed the Grineer, pecking & clawing & causing such confusion amongst them that the Grineer began firing wildly in a panic, killing many of their own. Kavarah went at the Grineer with her kama, killing many before she was shot & hacked to pieces. What remained of her crow & raven friends were driven off. Many birds lay dead all about. The Grineer soon left. Besides Kavara & the Grineer there was only one other witness to this peculiar event. Legends speak of an old, bent over figure that slowly walks about the universe, appearing seemingly at random & leaning heavily on a thin, long walking stick. They say it's the Void itself in human form, forever walking & searching for something, something note worthy, something...different. Normally the Void walks past, passive, indifferent but what the Void witnessed that day grabbed it's attention. The Void saw more than just another mindless struggle. It peered into Kavarah's spirit & will. It saw something rather interesting. A seemingly unexplainable contrast. Such grief & turmoil held in check with such temperence. This young woman, thru an odd relationship with such basic lifeformes, kept all this grief & pain from crushing her completely. The Void had never even seen such inner strength in beings far greater yet here it was dwelling inside this human woman. A peculiar being indeed! The Void witnessed the whole battle, amazed at the level of control when everything inside her screamed in such pain. After the Grineer defeated her & had left, the Void stood over her broken body, severed in numerous pieces. The carcasses of her many friends, the crows & ravens, lay all about her. It was in this moment that the Void was actually changed itself. It was deeply moved by this simple, primitive being. Though unable to give her back her life, the Void knew that such a strong, still spirit should not be silenced in such a vastly dark universe. The Void, having touched this young woman's spirit, had been changed. It spread out it's arms, in a manner of speaking, & gathered the broken pieces of this woman's body together, along with the broken bodies of her bird friends & joined them all together into one body. Though now whole, the body was devoid of life. The Void, now changed, sacrificed a piece of it's own being & housed it inside this new body. Despite being dead, Kavarah's strong, noble spirit would live on inside this frame. It would go on & continue to fight to protect & bring justice to those who could not do so for themselves. Kavarah was an eternal guardian for her planet now. The Old War passed. A lone Grineer ship was passing through the system containing Kavarah's homeworld. A young Private Vor spotted an odd energy signature on his sensors. It was an strange object floating thru space. Secretly he brought it onboard. It looked to be a body wrapped up in a black substance. When he went to touch it, the substance turned into black birds that flew out & returned to the body lying there on the deck, absorbed into the seemingly dead body. As Private Vor drew near, the body suddenly came to life. Kavarah quickly stuck her arm out at Vor. A murder of crows materialized from her hand & swarmed Vor, clawing & pecking viciously, one of them taking his right eye. With her enemy dazed, Kavarah lept up & ran towards Vor. She stuck her hand out & a few crows & ravens emerged from her body to form a black kama. Kavarah slid low & struck Vor in the legs, cutting them both off at the knees. All the commotion hadn't gone unnoticed & an alarm was raised. Kavarah retreated to an escape pod & fled. Private Vor, though severely wounded got on the comms & claimed it was a deserter & that he needed quick medical attention. Vor didn't tell his Captain the truth. He had heard the stories, they all had. Vor knew he had seen a fabled Warframe. He later reported his findings directly to the Queens where he was promoted & given a new task. Hunt them down & eliminate them. Vor's experience with Kavarah is what prompted the Grineer to hunt the Tenno. Excalibur may have been the first to awaken but Kavarah never slept. The Grineer gunners promptly fired upon the escape pod, destroying it & sending the wreckage down onto a nearby planet. Kavarah's remains were found by a merchant who kept them on display in his shop for years. One day, making her rounds through the system, Maroo stopped by his shop in need of supplies. Immediately recognizing what he had she purchased the pieces. However, knowing their true value, Maroo won't let them go so easily. There are a few "items" she wants you to obtain first. Only then will she trade you the parts. Her name is Kavarah: The Corvus Queen. Possessing a strong & noble spirit, she brings swift justice to the battlefield, eliminating all who stand in her way to bring honor & justice to those who are unable to obtain it for themselves.
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