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  1. Havent played eny battle royales In my life but a battle royale In valis or plains wud be cool
  2. What elements do the stubbas have? I got a riven for that weapon If its good id like to take that lich from you
  3. So do the damn animals die or not? Univeraal reavaken wud be dope and not as an mod. As an fokken feature
  4. Discord clan mate said something bout pet status being remove. What does that mean? Kubrows and cavats cant die enymore?
  5. Wasnt there some politicks involved whit Rail battles?
  6. I fougth on some Rail figth and it was fun. Then i got opticor and destroyed the core from afar whit few shots. It wud be nice to figth on the rails again How do the dark sector ownership change thees days or has it been remove?
  7. If you bad reload mods it reload the weapon fast enough so you can shoot whit out reloading. That whit crit and hunter munitions is what i ran. But it does jack shait againts boarding parties. Migth still be drunk or just sleep but shedu Aint killing fast enough and im an idiot
  8. My tenno and orbiter are red and edgy. My frames are bigth and colorful IM two faced?
  9. Yo uh what weapon is best suited for shooting down missiles In railjack?
  10. Eny info bout the breach quanta? Drops from veil proxima from a figther
  11. I do not know. Maybe solid fuel or a gas fueled reaktor that shipons gases from space. Havent had to refuel R.J Paavo yet. There cud be lore. Whit scematicks so i can build a real railjack and yeet my self of This planet
  12. Reaktors reakt to tors? They give more avionics space and flux energy
  13. Found eny intresting enterable places? Best over all weaponry? How to deal whit the healing enemies and Wich enemies do the healing? Will you Maybe take me To veil proxima to Explorer stuff?
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