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  1. also bugged no wind on cetus or vallis and oberons freyarch skins skirt still has that statick corner wich looks ugleh need my faw frame to look flashy not trashy
  2. best thing bout this is even if you hide the nikana while not in use the sheath and the dangly things wont dissapear. this combined whit a back holster and you can say good bye to aiming down cause it kinda blocks the wive
  3. Well now i regret going out drinking.
  4. Hm you got a sharp point there. Guess il ask my friend if shes up for a drink or somethign
  5. If so something has gone Realy wrong Last what de said they had bout 8ish hours work left on tursday and its now wensday my dudes (AAAAAAAA) If they release today they cud fix stuff tomorrow and friday fast ish? And come swinging back on monday. Dunno im just impaitent and bored
  6. Sss bout 10 am In Canada theres still time for a gas leak
  7. Yea there are😅 aint got money to buy em rn tho. If i had em then and there i wud not have a gash size of my pinky on my knee. Thank god the chain was dull (dull chain does not cut deep) Remember kids/Men keep that chain away from yer hands and feet
  8. Gah its been raining and thundering the whole ruddy Day AGAIN. Enyways eny news on the update than that 1 tweet. And how does one do wood work while it rains. Dont want to break my chainsaw or my knee again
  9. Thats the way some ppl i cluding me like it. I also enjoy trash talking whit friends. It sustains me
  10. I do belive cynisism thru text only apears jerkish. Like sarcasm thru text can be intrepeted(realword?) to be dushe like behaviour
  11. Didint some one In This thread say that if you leave the Launcher open it wont activly look for updates?
  12. Apologies for derailing but i learned something and burt my fi gers on my toast. Microwawd cheese is super Hot (just installed a intregated microwawe whit my mum)
  13. They work shorter days and less than here In finland🤔 but if im rigth theres still bout uhhhhhhhhhh 3h of EFICIENT work time before end of work. IM starting to Learn thees time zones. Day not wasted when i Learn something
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