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  1. The fact that he's going so below the gear threshold for the content is sort of the point of the example though, even at the most barest of gearing, with intentional handicapping well below what any standard player should have at that point in content, at like the most extreme deviation to preparation for the content and making it pretty much as difficult as possible to tackle, it can still be managed solo. Like even in the utmost extreme outlier scenario where you are actively handicapping yourself you can still do it solo if you want, and realistically you won't be handicapping yourself and
  2. Or let's not have people waste their forma and time on potential bugs and misunderstandings and make sure things like this are sorted out as soon as possible for the sake of the least mess, instead of putting it off for a five second thrill.
  3. How would that operate on a multiplayer scale though? And how would the disproportionate power values between certain frames and weapons be handled with it? The problem with power creep isn't solely the impact it has on our highest net strength, but also how it can drive rivets in relative weapon balance and diversity. And then further fragmenting that with the splitting of available rosters for matchmaking is just...I'm not sure it'd be all that effective. Those are not remotely the only options and i cannot sincerely believe you do not know that, this hyper exaggerated concep
  4. I mean first of all you can't satisfy everyone, that's just the reality of a world with such varied interests, but also difficulty and engagement are again not inherently the same thing, easier content can be more engaging, harder content can be disengaging, it's all dependent on the approaches made and also the type of audience receiving it. That said lowering engagement just means making a game more boring. And that makes me simple too, I like just blindly bashing enemies to bits as well is a moderate to low effort environment, it's the entire reason I enjoy beat em ups and musou like
  5. To some degree yes, everyone needs some level of mental engagement in any activity to enjoy it, the range of what can engage someone varies certainly but there always needs to be some level of attention being prompted by an activity to keep it anything but mind numbingly boring. For some people Warframes increasing dive into very simplified gameplay can remove that engagement for players, it can also lessen the life span of when you do have periods of engagement since simple acts tend to over less diverse experiences and in turn make for a more repetitive experience through play sessions, whic
  6. We don't really know, he's just well...off somewhere plotting. We haven't seen suggestions of him coming back for the New War yet, but I'd hazard a guess he'll appear eventually in one way or another for his relevance to this whole plot beat, especially since he was arguably the first warning to the Lotus about this whole affair coming to pass. We're pretty early into the new War honestly, we still haven't even had space grandma shown in-game yet, so there's probably plenty of time to bring more characters into the conflict.
  7. Poor game balance is robbing me of my power fantasy so agree to disagree.
  8. Yet here we are. And lets be real, the mode is already forgotten, most people have already farmed the shedu parts in the first few weeks and the ephemera is a niche cosmetic with an extreme grind that only draws a selective few due to either aspects. That said as a teaser of sorts I don't think it's critical just yet for the sentient tileset to have high replayability, Empyrean is the content we're supposed to be soaking in, and the bulk of the update we our anomaly with, the ship is perfectly fine as a precursor/temp build up object. Making it as grindy as it is now though just serves to make
  9. I would, because I like cosmetics and am not so insecure as to put value into things based solely on exclusivity. Seems to carry through to others as well since there's a market for Lich Ephemeras, people put on a whole show about the ESO ephemera being too rare, and so on, which note are all far more easy to acquire than the sentient ephemera.
  10. heavy rng works like that, i haven't even found two red crates and i've been farming pretty hard since we learned about the anomaly, only just found my first yesterday for that matter. wish you better luck in your next runs though. congrats!
  11. None of that is canon though, the entire notion that the Lotus is a combination of Margulis and Natah is entirely fan speculation. So far as we're aware the Lotus has only ever tried to emulate Margulis' behavior based on what she's been informed on her and that is as far as their connection goes, which is why she can be surprised when new information is revealed about her such as when we learned Rell had been cast out by Margulis, something the Lotus received with disbelief since Margulis had always been touted as this saintly being who gave her everything to protect the tenno and her abandon
  12. That's sort of what is making them worse, they not only kept them as rare, but put a much more desirable reward in them along with much less desirable ones. Original rare crates while not hyper showy with their drops were just this nice better than a standard crate reward, the sentient ones range from really desirable to absolutely nonsense and that makes the process of getting and opening them so much more polarizing and unpleasant should it not deliver on the valuable end of the reward pool. I don't think I've ever felt disappointed or dissatisfied by having a rare crate spawn in a mission u
  13. congrats, i am both immensely envious of you for getting that thing to drop but also judging of you for also opening it alone, for shame
  14. Found a red cache in the broken bridge like area in one of the hidden rooms, got a fountain scene from it sadly and now i'm rather peeved so thanks DE on that prime time for rewards balance
  15. not instead, along with. they said they were going to bring up the other archwings but also that it was probable nerfs would be done to amesha as well as it seems they don't want them operating at that level of effectiveness. (amesha is effectively immortal, has infinite energy, a massive slow, and a bullet attractor, that's a lot for a single tool) they're planning to heavily rebalance the entire archwing structure to better fit railjack, it means bringing up quite a few options but it also likely means bringing down some too aka amesha.
  16. It is my opinion, which is why I presented it as such. Thank you for taking notice. And I just cited examples outside ESO as to why it was warranted, so thanks for taking notice of that as well. It is interesting you think this game would be slow paced if Saryn didn't have her exact level of uninteractive over killing capabilities however. Glad to see your willing to have a conversation again though.
  17. It's my opinion off of active experience with both versions of her kit. You can look at any number of videos of Saryn's potential and map clearing to see how she easily can invalidate group play. And they seem justified just fine to me, I think you're just a bit paranoid.
  18. Fortunately she has the greatest range in the game, is one of the faster frames in the game, and exists in a high mobility game system, so she's very safe in most instances. Yes if players split to every corner of a survival she can't kill everything, but that also not realistically common occurrence and effectively requires self sabotage to achieve by splitting up spawns in an unreliable and risky fashion. In defense it doesn't matter if her spores reset when they can kill just fine from the base damage for a majority of the games level scheme. Same applies to all those other missions modes.
  19. She was better balanced than she is now. And she Excels at effectively everything, to extremes, while invalidating group play where it occurrs, that certainly sounds like a problem. Also Pablo has been quite open about his opinions on Saryn's state for a while, that it only just happened to blow up now (because a clear misrepresentation of information to make sparks) has nothing to do with some sales strategy or whenever Saryn Prime was last available. None of the discussion is even in the works, or has a planned release yet even for that matter, it wasn't even an official statemen
  20. While I agree they shouldn't take so long to rebalance explicitly broken things, and their inability to just stick to a reliable balance structure is just awful and polarizes the whole situation of rebalancing to a whole new level, I also think it was a mistake to buff Saryn in the first place and I'll stand by them finally correcting said mistake no matter how long it takes. Two wrongs don't make a right.
  21. i'm just gradually gathering everything as time passes, not much reason to rush the system since i got lucky with the two i wanted early on (brakk and ogris) and its an okay activity to do when you've got nothing more to pursue
  22. To where we currently were/are has no end, being infinitely scaling immortals with spammable iframes, high range high damage high mobility low effort macro blenders, self heals and enemy disable buttons, amongst a number of gains, is not something that can be scaled to or balanced around without some form of nerfing or handicapping our capabilities. Being able to turn off enemies in fulls room in an instant just isn't a design principle that can lead to challenge, and the sooner you stop pretending to believe it is the better. If you don't want the game to be difficult, if you want to be able
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