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  1. Make sure the URL ends in a picture file format (*.PNG, *.JPG, *.GIF, ect.), that's what I mean by direct link. when you click on the image on the image hosting site, make sure you copy were it says "Direct Link" Then paste that into the URL thinger's pop-up under Insert other media -> Insert image from URL
  2. Upload your image to imgur or a image site like that; then go to "Insert other media" once you click into the message section (way down below all the posts). From there under "Insert other media" ->Insert Media From URL. Make sure the url is the image's direct link and presto, there you go-o!~
  3. So like Rhino but with a belly? Sounds interesting to me! That one foe in Fist of the North Star comes into mind (the one with the belly that takes a whole lotta punches to punch past that big belly). The power set could be this: Passive: Iron Stomach- Impact damage is reduced by 70% for one hit, then 40% for the next, then 15%; then temporally fades for 5 seconds after (kinda like adaption for impact damage, but the more hits, the weaker it becomes) 1st Power: Grapple & Slam- Pick up an enemy and slam them on the ground, making them lay still on the ground for an extended amount of time! 2nd Power: Cannon Ball Press- An AoE cannon ball jump on the floor/enemies, with a interesting knockdown effect on them. Works great after using Grapple & Slam (doing so for increased damage on said enemies). 3rd Power: Steel Orb- The "tummy" shoots out as a iron ball, dealing great Impact damage to those who dare enter his path.~ 4th power: Rolling Strike (Exalted weapon)- Like Atlas' stone wall's 2nd cast, rolls about, but you are the orb of doom, Tenno. Bowl down your enemies with a thunderous strike!~ ...Ya, I'd totally play that frame!
  4. Will we see the new Corpus enemies in other modes? I find them to be challenging and would like to see them in Sanctuary Onslaught or a similar mode; or will we see sorties and other mission types utilize Orb Vallis?
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