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  1. passive: The broken warframe's energy supply and shields are fused with the very void energy that holds it together, allowing it's power strength and shield regeneration rate to rise and fall based upon how full the energy meter is. (To clairify: while high energy boosts power strength and shield regen low energy reduces both to about -25% maximum giving a warframe a semi high risk play style that requires players to play closer attention to how often they use their abilities as to not leave themselves vulnerable while not being too punishing) 1st: Theory of Forms: Cast while aiming at an enemy to steal aspects of their metaphysical form, damaging them in the process and granting a buff that boosts maximum health and armor based upon 10% of that of the enemy the ability is used on, stacking up to a maximum determined by power strength if either recast, used on enemies effected by Quantum Entanglement, or both. If damage is taken while the buff is active it will drain a percentage of itself to restore health. 2ed: Quantum Entanglement: The broken warframe casts a salvo of energy threads that seek out targets and connects them and their fates together, any damage inflicted upon a effected enemy is chained to all others connected by a percentage based upon power strength while buffs, debuffs and status effects are also shared with somewhat mitigated effects. Charging before casting boosts it's range at an increased energy cost, while recasting while enemies are still effected simply replaces the previous instance of the ability effect with a new one to prevent connecting every enemy in the mission via spamming. 3rd: Matryoshka: Sacrifices a portion of your health to create a stationary Totem of multiple layers of spare parts orbiting a void energy core, enemies that venture too close are pelted with said orbiting parts, taking slash and impact damage and removing a layer of the totem in the process, when the Totem runs out of layers the void energy core becomes exposed and emits a series of pulses that can restore energy before dissipating. 4th: Sundred Star: Summons a vortex of cosmic energy, parts of lost and forgotten warframes and their shattered exalted weapons that can be used as a glaive. When held it absorbs incoming damage in the direction the broken warframe faces, collecting said damage to boost it's size and damage at the cost of increased energy drain. Recasting while it is thrown will cause the vortex to explode in a shower of radiation and shrapnel, dealing massive aoe damage, said explosion can also restore a layer on active Matryoshka totems provided they are in it's range.
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