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  1. I observed this as well, sometimes I needed to hack 3-4 Bursas to finally bring Razorback down once. Even if they shoot him nothing happens. And in one of my runs I had no issues at all, it's very random right now.
  2. As the title states I've encountered a couple of places in the reworked Corpus Ship Tile Sets where Ayatan Sculptures and Syndicate Medallions can spawn but the player can't get to. Today I found this spot to add to the list: As you can see the Ayatan Sculpture spawned in one of the walls in the holding cell of a Rescue Mission. I have seen Syndicate Medallions spawn at least twice in this spot near the extraction: The Medallion would spawn directly under the pillar (as seen to the right of my Warframe) in the middle of the room. Of course there's no way to get to that place. Unfortunately I didn't take any screenshots when it happened but I could clearly see it on the map.
  3. Thanks for your quick reply, I guess I'll keep running Iso Vaults until I finally drop the scene 😆 Buying would be way too easy of course :p Edit: I finally dropped it after about 8-10 T2 Iso Vault runs, since they have a guaranteed locked door room. The grind was definitely worth it, the scene looks amazing!
  4. Did you drop those Heart Scenes from the Iso Vault, or from the locked door rooms? Because I did a lot of locked door runs and only got the other 6 scenes so far (up to 5 of each, but no Deimos Heart Scene of course :D) Would be nice if you could help a fellow Tenno out ;)
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