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  1. I know, right? It sucks that our stats get completely messed up by such a stupid bug and then even 5 months after the update nothing happens... not a single statement of the Devs regarding this issue. Of course this is by far not the most important bug to fix but it's still annoying as heck to me lol.
  2. I just checked out the New Ash Leverian and found his Prex Card right behind his statue. After I checked my Codex to see whether or not the Card would appear in my Codex I saw that the image on Ash's Card is a little bit distorted. It seems like you accidentally used the full-sized image of his Prex Card for the Codex Entry as opposed to just using a little snippet of the image as is the case with other Prex Cards, which of course distorts the image since it's a little too big for the small box in the Codex. Furthermore I discovered that there are a few duplicate enemy entries in the Codex that you might want to remove 😉 Said entries can be found: - between Crewman and Crewman Eximus - between Elite Crewman and Elite Crewman Eximus - between Moa and Moa Eximus - between Nullifier and Nullifier Eximus - between Prod Crewman and Prod Crewman Eximus - after Shield Osprey - after Shield Osprey Eximus Now, of course these might just be new enemies from the current Nightwave (I guess we're about to find out) but I just thought I might as well point that out 🙂
  3. Can confirm this for the Helene/Hydron tileset as well. Really annoying since I had to abort twice before realizing it might be bugged...
  4. Host Migration problems or Host problems (i.e. ping spikes) in general have been a part of Warframe for as long as I can remember. Even if you adjust the ping limiter accordingly you'll always get a really bad host at some point, which in normal missions can be dealt with to some extent, but in Railjack missions it's breaking the game in so many ways it's not even funny anymore (this event is no exception obviously). I would really like these events to be held on dedicated servers, which would eliminate many of the issues... the host system as-is is just very, very bad and it makes it annoying sometimes to even play with other players. Since this is a coop game, you should take a look at this. Seriously.
  5. Thank you for those lovely credits in my inbox, this is definitely a step in the right direction and is much appreciated 🙂
  6. Same, I want my 10k Credits please 😧
  7. I've gotten over 7k in one Relay and got only emblems, this is a joke...
  8. Same Problem here, it was an extremely laggy session (due to a S#&$ty host), we should have gotten 775 but i got only 90 or so...
  9. This might have something to do with the fact that sometimes people spawn on your Railjack as opposed to your Dojo's main hall. It happens to me quite often and an easy work-around is to just tell them to use 'Fast Travel' (in my case to one of the labs that are nearby) so that they're close enough for you to trade with them. Works all the time 😉
  10. This is a huge problem for me currently during Eidolon Hunts. After I land from Archwing I can't use weapons (can't aim, can't shoot, can't switch weapons either) or use abilities, most of the time I can't even sprint as well. Only way of fixing it for me is dying and that only resolves it for 5-10 minutes if i'm lucky.
  11. As i reported earlier this year under the 'UI' section and in the Railjack bug Megathread, there was a bug where you would gain one cipher failed in the stats section of your profile for every time you interacted with the Forge Bay in the Railjack. That means if you interacted 30x with the Forge in a single mission you would accumulate 30 failed ciphers (--> the stat directly below 'Ciphers Solved' in the Stats section) which of course made no sense whatsoever and got fixed a couple weeks after I first reported it. The problem is that I played A LOT of Railjack (mostly as Engineer) so obviously I had to use the Forge literally thousands of times. And that of course resulted in my 'Ciphers Failed' Stat increasing from probably 300-400 before the launch of the Railjack update to now over 3500 failed ciphers, and I really would like to get my old stats back since it made no sense from the beginning why the use of the Forge would even result as a failed cipher in the first place. So please, as I asked probably 3 times already, are you aware of this issue and are you planning to run a script of some sort to remove these failed ciphers from player's stats because this is bothering me quite a bit and I'm definitely not the only one who's got this issue.
  12. Can confirm this, happened to me yesterday. They work once and if you can't scan all four spots on the Simaris Target because you get knocked down (e.g.) the Traps you use after the first one don't work as they should.
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