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  1. No, they don't. I main Ivara. I run two or three full-stealth Focus farm runs on Telesto nearly every day. I've studied the mechanics of Sleep Arrow for months to optimize my Focus farm runs. Enemies that are put to sleep do not have their alertness state changed immediately. They are simply vulnerable to stealth finishers. Their alertness state drops forcibly upon waking up down to the mission's current alertness state, except for a few enemies that usually don't drop their alertness state for whatever reason (most Ospreys and Rollers do this, for example). Their alertness state can drop
  2. I always put Nullifiers to sleep before stealth finishing them, but that's obviously not an option for Loki or most other Warframes. I agree that's it's dumb that enemies become alerted in the middle of the stealth finisher animation. It doesn't affect counting for your stealth combo, but it does do stupid things like cause Nullifer bubbles to start growing from a previously unalerted Nullifier. Until this is fixed, the only solutions are to either put the Nullifier to sleep, use a ranged weapon, or use a standard melee attack instead of the stealth finisher. However, you may wa
  3. I can probably work out a more efficient farming build after I play around with my mods a bit, but that gives me something to work from. Perhaps I should actually Forma my Banshee sometime since I've been using her more often, though with Banshee Prime all but confirmed around the corner, decisions decisions... I guess I have some things to play with after work tonight. Can't wait. Modding Ivara for maximum power range and positive duration does more than enough for me. Using Enemy Radar as your aura helps you spot enemies that threaten to become alerted by your kills so that you
  4. Takes me about 20-25 minutes tops (3 runs, 7-8 minutes per run) with Ivara to cap out focus on either Telesto or Adaro. If it's taking hours, you're probably doing something wrong. That's typical of an Ivara farm. That said, are you using an affinity booster for your numbers? Do you have both the Sobek and Banshee equipped with lenses? Probably doesn't matter too much, but what build are you using on Banshee? This sounds fun, so I'll probably try it out when I get home from work.
  5. It's neither. Displaying power efficiency above 175% in the Arsenal would be misleading for abilities that don't drain energy over time. The background calculation for drain-over-time ability costs that doesn't cap power efficiency until the end of the calculation is also completely intentional. If anything, the only thing that would make sense to be done would be to have an additional stat in the Arsenal for channeled ability power efficiency on Warframes that have at least one channeled ability.
  6. Please use line breaks. Paragraphs are a thing. The arsenal UI never once said the weapon was silent. I assume the Sonicor was made properly alarming at the same time as the Latron Wraith, which was relatively recent. I believe the Latron Wraith was the only one mentioned in the patch notes, though. Nope. It definitely alerts enemies.
  7. If you're looking for a semi-automatic weapon, try the Burston Prime or Sybaris. If you have it, the Dex Sybaris is typically considered the best of the hitscan semi-automatic primary weapons. For automatics, you can't go wrong with the Braton Prime or Soma. If you have access to it, the vaulted Soma Prime is a direct upgrade to the Soma, but the vanilla Soma is still at the same level as the Boltor Prime. The Ignis and Amprex can both hold their own as continuous weapons. Note that the Amprex has horrendous ammo economy. If you don't mind using a secondary weapon as your main w
  8. For stars, I've had good luck with Exterminate on the Corpus Gas City (Jupiter) tile set. The Gas City tile set has the most orderly and most densely packed lockers, making it easy to go around opening all of them. For sculptures, I like running low-level Exterminate missions with Ember or any Sabotage or syndicate mission where you're going to be turning the mission upside-down and shaking it like a piggy bank anyways.
  9. Can we also have them stop falling through the floor? Pretty please?
  10. An R5 Fusion Core is exactly equal to 77.5 Endo. Endo rewards that replaced R5 Fusion Cores were rounded up to 80 Endo for obvious reasons. Ranking a legendary mod to rank 10 was exactly 528 R5 Fusion Cores. Exactly 528, not 527 and some change. 528 x 77.5 = 40,920 Endo, which is exactly the amount we need currently.
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