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  1. First, Thank you for all the replies. It's refreshing to see different views on the subject. Now onward! How is it that so few people know about the fact that even if you choose the single hunt, you can still access the second one? I didn't know until the group I was with decided to fight it. Ever since I occasionally try to see if anyone wanted to try, but I have had no takers. I would like to add that the group I was with was a pick up group, that is we did not form at the recruiting tab. Weird. @Lutesque Yeah, I agree with you. There should be more options. Would make it more fun, I think. @Nacyus That's sounds interesting, but do you think it could be done with the current code? @Reifnir I haven't used recruiting much. for the single hunt I just drop in and help out, and there is no problem, but for the multiple hunts I may have to use it for better results. But this takes some of the fun of the game. I like just dropping in and playing like a old west hero who just "passing by" and decides to help out. Sorry, if I missed some of you but I have to go to work. Thanks again for the responses, and take care.
  2. Hello, Look I play Warframe to let off steam after a hard day at work. I play a game. So why do people treat the higher Eidolon quest hunt as something akin to playing a 100,000 dollar contest? I have played a couple of the higher quests before, but this one was bad. First off in the other games I've played, the Eidolon shard that comes from the first battle are on the plains, not in the lake. Second, I am an older adult so my finger work on a keyboard sometimes fails me. I treat it as part of the fun. It is not fun to be reported for "not helping", especially when the Teralyst are targeting me with everything they've got. The entire point is to play the game and have fun. That's it. Not turning it into something like a competition or worse, work. I am just...just trying to get this off my chest, because I usually can't say what I would like to say to some of the customers at my job, and I said I use Warframe to calm down and have fun. Why is that so hard to understand? Thanks
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