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  1. Welp, life doesn't end on Warframe. There are many other entertainments or games.
  2. Thnx for great rework with Latrox Une! Finally we got what we deserve! Before hotfix: - task with collecting too long After hotfix: - task with collecting still too long - impossible bonus task, drone don't regen not only HP but Shields too - can bugged and task doesn't end
  3. Make this mistake few times. But support helped with this. When explaining the situation that I mistakenly bought a skin instead of bundle (deluxe for example), I got a refund.
  4. I can confirm this. It's give 6k mastery points.
  5. After playing for several hours on Necramech, I had only one question. What is Necramech for? As transport, it's very slow and not mobile at all. As combat unit is weak both in dealing damage (I am sure the bug with the ultimate ability will soon be fixed) and in survivability. It's useless to go through the vault in the fight against other Necramechs (maybe I'm doing something wrong with my party members), since it is impossible to break through the invulnerability of the enemy Necramechs with your own. There are no unique activities. For example, when the Archwing
  6. Can someone explain to me? We use standing and resources to increase rank in Cetus and Fortuna Syndicates. But to increase rank of Deimos Syndicates, in addition to standing(in the form of Tokens) and resources, we use blueprints purchased(or obtained) from Entrati. What is the point of this slowing down of progression? Doesn't this look like a bribe?
  7. When will new achievements be added to Steam?
  8. Lored

    Oberon God

    Some Quick Thinking + standing on energy shards in Simulacrum?
  9. 1) Very interesting list of abilities, a lot will be interesting to use with other warframes. 2) Hmm ... Yes, that's fair. Avoiding imbalances. 3) It doesn't bother me, because the complaints "I accidentally fed my warframe to the helminth, plz help" will be read later support, not to me. 4) Just nerf all infused abilities. What is the point of nerfing only half of the list of abilities? As result only few people will use more useless ones. This does not equalize them in terms of usefulness. PS. If there are mistakes, forgive me for my bad english.
  10. These ideas are too commonplace for new WF's. And you already can do this, there are a lot cosmetic in game. Some Frost with Icy Avalanche or Nezha with Safeguard + sword shield weapons. Valkyr, Volt and others + any of Nikana or Two handed Nikana weapons. Any WF with Scindo.
  11. If you banned on twitch, you should contact twitch support, not warframe. I think you were banned via twitch filters, not personally warframe moderators on twitch.
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