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  1. Specifically with Wukong's Iron Staff/Primal Fury. It's basically the new melee system demo, and I do like it. It's smooth, and transitions into the different 'combos' and almost lets you create and mix and match the moves together. Though there's one thing that's kind of annoying, and I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue. Some of the moves require the Right Mouse Button to perform, but this also has the additional effect of ADSing your guns. I personally find this extremely jarring and even a bit headache-inducing. So I'm wondering if we can get the option to only swap back to guns on firing, not aiming?
  2. I think there should be the option for RMB in melee mode to block even with other weapons in your loadout. More options for this system is a good thing forplayers who use more bizarre controls. I have a friend who had melee as his RMB for a while.
  3. I pretty much like everything here. Build combo attacks with light hits, then spend the damage in a heavy unit, like a Bombard, Tech, or Ancient. As the the blocking side, parrying or the counterattacking needs to be more functional, as it seems kind of random at the moment. Also for blocking attacks, ranged or otherwise, maybe the dreaded little green bar should come back, JUST for that?
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