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  1. Title. I've noticed this mostly with Nikana Prime, but the other versions work. Some other weapons are total wildcard and I can't replicate, but Nikana Prime is consistent. To be more specific, the holster option is just straight up missing.
  2. Yeah, I've got this to, can't get rid of it. It makes fashionframe very difficult.
  3. Nice, thanks. I love using finishers as insta-kills, sad that Ancients are immune.
  4. I've had this to, but in just a regular mission, and I can give more information. I summoned an Archgun (Dual Decurion), fired it a bit for fun, then recalled it. I found my melee like OP was broken, and just not working. Both other weapons worked fine, and resummoning and recalling the Archgun did fix it. I posted a video to YouTube showing how to replicate it.
  5. Yup, I got this to. I tried fixing it by trying other skins, but that coat is stuck good.
  6. I’ve noticed that certain frame and armour parts that were metallic now look...well, not metallic. Spiritsail armour set and Hydroid both had metallics, but now it just doesn’t.
  7. My issue is that I both like and dislike the insta-swapping between melee and firearms. Mostly the block/right mouse button combos, as this can sometimes cause you to aim in the middle of a combo, letting a sneaky bombard missile to get in through your auto-blocking. The other thing is that the sudden aiming in the middle of melee is quite jarring and even headache-inducing, at least to me. I would like an option to prevent aiming from swapping to guns again, and only the fire button can do it instead.
  8. I think there should be the option for RMB in melee mode to block even with other weapons in your loadout. More options for this system is a good thing forplayers who use more bizarre controls. I have a friend who had melee as his RMB for a while.
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