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  1. Dont you touch Nyx! >:O That augment mod just needs to be made part of the ability and DE needs to come up with another one that actually does something interesting. It's better to throw Archwing abilities into the room and then toss the whole Archwing idea in after them. Sharkwing too. I actually agree with Revenant tho. He's butting in on Nyx territory to the point he's a better Nyx than Nyx and I don't like that even a little. IDK what I would bring back from the room but it would probably go along the lines of "I want the lack of Archwing to come back"
  2. Wow. My experience has been the exact opposite. I'm always seeing happy friendly players in-game and it's like once in a blue moon someone decides to be outright rude or mean. The only consistent toxicity I ever see is here or really anywhere outside of the actual game. Even region chat never looks that bad whenever I look at it. Sure it can be insanity but it's not the hellscape of cruelty and anger people are making it out to be.
  3. I play Nyx almost exclusively and even I never use mind control for anything other than a short "stop bothering me" stun on particularly bullet spongy enemies or on mini bosses that the stun actually works on.
  4. I mean... I can see a mobile version of happy zephyr...
  5. The 6 dimensions isn't what gets me. It's the drifting into infinity they added around the same time. With all this super advanced technology we have you would think someone could invent a way to stop moving when you want to. Also being the pinball ball wasn't fun before they added drifting and still isn't fun now. It's actually worse somehow.
  6. Archwing. And Red Feil members. The red and black is just an afront to all things fashion.
  7. I say we skip the whole weapon thing and just get maggot pets! I'd love to see my Roomba follow it around my ship all day.
  8. If that Nyx rework hadn't been so lame Nyx wouldn't be seen so low on the totem pole. It was more like a Nyx tweaking with the exception of psychic bolts but even now you still have to mod specifically for it to make it useful and even then it's limited by the number of bolts and that randomness factor. It's only going to come in handy in high level play and if you care about min-maxing that much, you aren't modding Nyx for that anyway (if you bring her in the first place). It's not efficient in at all when you can just bring a good weapon to make up for the difference. Worst gripe with that rework was the complete lack of synergy between abilities. I was kinda expecting something to get added. Honestly it was all such a let down that the biggest news about her rework was the fact it didn't come at the same time as her new deluxe skin so any changes at this point would be soooo nice. I'd take anything out of here at this point.
  9. Banned because Umbra has a face even I wouldn't live and I'm an Excalibooty fanatic!
  10. Redtext will always be the best part of every update.
  11. Banned for having a glorious Excalibooty prime with those smooth cheeks and all that muscle... I'm not drooling I swear!
  12. You know, with a lot of these frames you're just going to give a target to all the people who don't want to get taken over... which is everyone. A real supervillain wouldn't make it obvious. A real supervillain wouldn't try to convince people to surrender by using a big army or just any "tough" frame. A real supervillain would just make people join them without anyone even knowing they did. A real supervillain would use Nyx.
  13. I'm a non discriminatory chaos spreader. I use max range chaos everywhere! 😄
  14. Friday plans just got Limbo'd?
  15. 😧 Nyx is my favorite! You know what? I choose your favorite frame and weapon to get cut. >:c
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