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  1. Props to all the other people giving their tenno disfigurements. I hope we get more of those. I always imagined Tenno as people with scars from their exposure to the void and the experiments. It's the true way.
  2. Hopefully the starmap changes will reduce the primary reason i think people do like press 4 to win, the fact they're grinding the same map repeatedly and just want to kind of play without much attention. During Viver i used to just watch tv while pressing 4 at my computer to get rep.
  3. Considering how long it takes DE to balance weapons, are they really ready for the largescale changes to game balance this will require? People always put multishot on everything.
  4. Y do you always do these when im working three 12 hour shifts in a row. :( : (
  5. Tentacle swarm is such a random messy power that everyone still waits for the tentacles to kill people because you can't really keep track of who's tagged or not. It's 100% nerf and a rather useless change.
  6. I'm just surprised they haven't learnt to 1. Announce changes in advance and explain them, the fact that this would be deeply unpopular had to been known in advance, unless the dev team really are out of touch with how people play the game. 2. Not throw in changes then not explain them and then let the community fest and feed the fire. Especially don't pretend they aren't nerfs, which is how this came across, even if thats inaccurate. 3. Stop trying to get rid of loot caves.
  7. The big irony here is, thanks to the changes pilfering swarm is no longer going to be bothered with. Hydroid's tentacles were a bit of a difficult power to begin with, now people will just switch to desecrate.
  8. It's taken the worst aspects of hydroid, ash and Zephyr and merged them. It's very noisy and the design doesn't appear cohesive.
  9. Keith thompson is involved in Warframe and borderlands. I'm not surprised they both have his aesthetic.
  10. I'm sorry to say you have the sad honor of creating a better looking Warframe than DE did.
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