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  1. That's cool, but it's pretty clear that the devs don't favor it at all, and they're making the changes they view necessary to address that, as made evident by LOS restrictions and skill being shuffled around (I.E. Radial Javelin becoming Exal's 3rd and not 4th, and taking a nerf to go with it).


    Hopefully the starmap changes will reduce the primary reason i think people do like press 4 to win, the fact they're grinding the same map repeatedly and just want to kind of play without much attention. During Viver i used to just watch tv while pressing 4 at my computer to get rep.

  2. On the long run, the Hydroid changes are actually buffs. Your "end-game" weapons actually do more damage compared to a maximum power strength swarm. So basically, just wait for the enemies to stick to the swarm then blast them with Tonkor or your strong weapon of choice. You also have freed up mod slots if you choose to reduce equipped power strength mods since they don't affect swarm that much anymore.


    Tentacle swarm is such a random messy power that everyone still waits for the tentacles to kill people because you can't really keep track of who's tagged or not. It's 100% nerf and a rather useless change.

  3. I'm just surprised they haven't learnt to


    1. Announce changes in advance and explain them, the fact that this would be deeply unpopular had to been known in advance, unless the dev team really are out of touch with how people play the game. 

    2. Not throw in changes then not explain them and then let the community fest and feed the fire. Especially don't pretend they aren't nerfs, which is how this came across, even if thats inaccurate.

    3. Stop trying to get rid of loot caves.

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  4. The big irony here is, thanks to the changes pilfering swarm is no longer going to be bothered with. Hydroid's tentacles were a bit of a difficult power to begin with, now people will just switch to desecrate.                                         

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  5. I love Mesa to bits, but i really wish she had a more biomechanical look to her. You can see she has a warframeish spine, but thats it. She looks like she is wearing clothes over the warframe.


    The vibe of the warframes that are the background of this forum, do not mesh with later completely cloth frames. The burnmished metal look of loki and ember are very cool, but not something translated into the game.

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  6. Here are some handy stats to guide further questioning about Companions - hopefully it can assist in questions reflecting true player choices/preferences instead of guesses. (Thanks to Gavan for graphs)


    Time window: December 19, 2014 - January, 7 2015












    I'd be interested in further breakdowns  such as by mastery rank and mission type (i bet carrier just dominates in all endless missions) because this is a shock to me. I play regularly with randoms, clan and alliance, and carrier dominates, yet its only 11%? I'm wondering where all the wyrm prime players are because i can't remember seeing once recently.

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  7. Not sure if this has been asked before but..


    Any plans to introduce a more living world aspect to various missions, with corpus scientists, grineer civilians/workers doing stuff in the background as you blaze by. 


    Also, any plans on adding the colonies to the game as something to protect in missions?


    Archwing is very promising, but suffers from any tiny enemies and the only real solution is to bash melee. Any plans to add larger enemies such as ships and/or make some enemies that can be larger, larger?

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