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  1. You put a lot of work into that. I like how we both independently came up with a solution that overlaps in the fundamental part - a system where players control the difficulty and can increase/decrease the scaling. I like how your system also borrows some of the elements of disruption mode, with mini bosses and environmental effects. I think you have a lot of good ideas there, and perhaps since both you and I have come up with similar ideas, maybe DE will pay more attention to this and possibly implement it.
  2. You guys deserve some credit on this. Disruption is a great game mode, it gets all roles involved, it rewards team work, it rewards active gameplay, it's got a strategic element to it, and more. What I really like about it is that it gives reason to play roles I normally wouldn't, or at least that I would and not really feel useful in any other game modes. I've been wanting to play support roles lately and I have found that these roles can often fit in quite well in this game mode.
  3. Your speculation of what it's like to be in the top 5% amuses me, and illustrates a lack of understanding. If you are not in the top 5% then you are not in a position to properly diagnose the problems that the top 5% are facing. I have said it again, and here I shall repeat myself - it's like having a very fast car and nowhere to drive it. That's what it feels like. Now I have suggested some solutions, and I have agreed with other players proposed solutions in other threads on these forums. I have adapted my proposed solution in response to the feedback that posters have provided here: give us control of the scaling, similar to how we can control the "threat level" while in the Orb Vallis. That way we can quickly ramp up the difficulty to the point where we like it, and if it's too difficult, then we can drop it back down a notch or two until we are happy. Problem solved. Unless of course someone can point out any further problems with my idea.
  4. You make some really good points. Honestly I would just want forma blueprints.The only real way to get forma blueprints right now is to farm relics - which is kind of nice because it gets you out there playing various mission types and all over the star chart. But it would be nice to farm them in a more challenging mission type, like the 3x multiplier one that I'm suggesting. Fortuna's alert system comes to mind again. Perhaps giving players a way to control this difficulty would be a better implementation. Maybe introduce a similar system where you are notified that the difficulty is about to increase, but you have control over whether it does or not, and you have the ability to bring it back down again if needed. Perhaps have it tied to a console, hack the console to decrease it, ignore the console to have it jump up. Then even if you're playing with other players, everyone of the players needs to agree on allowing it to become more difficult because it only takes one player to hack the console and prevent the jump in difficulty, or bring it back down to baseline. The main change I would make to this would be to remove the cap on the 4 star wanted system like GTA, and have an unlimited number of "stars" possible, each one bumping up the scaling of the enemies.
  5. I think throwing rivens out there as a reward for that much time would be a temporary solution because eventually everyone would have every riven they could want or need. There needs to be some other reason to do it. I liked it when forma blueprints were in the C rotation on MOT, but they're only in relics now. Anyway it would be nice to be rewarded handsomely for going 60+ minutes/waves, but I would rather hit the difficulty point within a more timely fashion. They do have leaderboards which is...honestly kind of a fruitless adventure. People can easily cheese it and go for as long as they're able to stay awake in these missions. No sense in competing in that kind of arena.
  6. I would love that. Oh but wait, the tears of the casuals. Oh the tears would create a saltwater river flowing through the forums and it would get nerfed, as they do.
  7. Wow you hit the nail right on the head. They did the same thing with loot frames, and in doing so, limited our options. Players lashed back when the "module drop chance booster" was released and DE reverted the change. They thought that allowing the synergy between the different frames created a situation where players options were limited (which I certainly did not feel at all). But what they did was actually the opposite and created the very problem that they were trying to avoid - limiting options. This is why I say that if people want to break the game with Limbo, just let them. There are players like me who will try it once, realize how stupidly broken it is, and then go back to using stuff that feels more fun. Another example: Some people find it fun to farm for resources. So if someone wants to use synergies between loot frames to farm up 1000x Sola Toroids...let them! If I want to use the loot frame synergy to do as little farming as possible for this item... LET ME! I'd rather get my farming done and over with so I can move on to the next thing that I actually enjoy - creating powerful builds and testing them in a challenging environment....which leads to my problem... Someone said earlier that the solution was for me to just do missions with no mods equipped. That's not the answer man,..not for my problem anyways. I don't think anyone who suggests that really understands my problem. I'll repeat it one more time in case they didn't get it. Having an extremely high DPS build and no enemies worthy of using it on is like having an extremely fast car and having nowhere to drive it. The answer isn't to just drive a slower car. I got the thing for a reason, and now I need a highway to use it on.
  8. She says: For ten years I have been polishing this sword; Its frosty edge[4] has never been put to the test. Now I am holding it and showing it to you, sir: Is there anyone suffering from injustice? Does she have [North Wind[ and [Buzz Kill] modded on it?
  9. I agree with this. I have a build that is overkill for everything on the star chart. Only after an hour of survival against Grineer in arbitrations does the build *begin* to shine. It's like having a really fast car, but the only place I can drive it is an hour away, and I can only go there once in awhile if I'm lucky. 😞 So there are benefits of having even higher level enemies, because it gives us opportunities to utilize our most powerful tools. Right now, it's like we're in a sandbox with only 6 inches of sand; most players are using hand shovels and some of them have full sized shovels that they're carrying around but the sand isn't even deep enough to use them.
  10. I like your idea of the alert levels and it's one of the best things DE did when they introduced Fortuna - they gave us control of the difficulty. Here's what I'll say about cheesing, and I've been of this opinion for awhile now. If people want to cheese the game and make themselves invincible, just let them. I know a group of players who's version of fun is breaking the game. They figure out ways to make themselves invincible, how to turn on permanent radiation procs on themselves (to enable pvp basically), how to go through waves of defense in arbitrations in seconds, and so on and so forth. There will always be players who break the game, and at worst - who use hacks/cheats. In my opinion, if they want to do that stuff, let them. Because as soon as you try to stop them, they can simply create a new account and get back to entertaining their version of fun - finding new ways to break the game. I choose to simply not play with them, because that's not my version of fun. I think the game is already too easy so I feel almost no desire to participate in making the game any more trivial than it already is. ***Tin foil hat time*** Maybe DE doesn't make the game more difficult because they're afraid that if they do, exploits will run rampant through the playerbase and deligitimize their game. It's a valid fear, because people like to take the path of least resistance, if you give them something that's challenging and there's an easy way to do it by utilizing exploits...it very well might become a problem. 😞 Hmm...yeah it's a tricky problem.
  11. Also, Nightwave used to have things like survive 1 hour on kuva survival without activating life support. I liked this challenge. But then people cried 😞
  12. I like this idea. And yes, Warframe is too easy. I'm at a 2% failure rate (most of it is probably sortie spy missions) and I would like it to be 10%.
  13. Yes you are right. They are too weak. The entire game is full of easy-peasy enemies. I posted a thread elsewhere, of having optional missions where enemies have 3x health and 3x damage scaling.
  14. Finally, some like-minded players. The powercreep in Warframe has trivialized much of the content, and made it less interesting. This is why I think we need enemies that scale 3x as fast in both hit points and damage. That way we can hit the sweet spot sooner. But there is a problem with 3x damage/hit point scaling...you're within the sweet spot for 1/3rd of the time than if the enemies scaled at normal 1x speed. So it's a give-and-take, on the one hand, you don't have to wait as long to hit the sweet spot, but on the other hand, they scale outside of that spot much faster too. (Could also be considered a good thing if you're looking for a challenge). There's gotta be a way to solve this. And in case anyone is interested in what inspired me to make this post - I have an absurdly high DPS build for my Harrow+Knell, with rivens, and arcanes. The build is absolute overkill for everything on the star chart. I have to survive for 1 hour on an arbitration before the enemies have enough health+armor for the build to BEGIN to shine. I don't like having to wait that long. I want to take my incredibly powerful build and USE IT SOMEWHERE! It's like having a really fast car, and no where to drive it. It's like taking a #1 golf driver club to a mini-putt. It's like taking a gatling gun to shoot at squirrels. I want to USE MY BIG SMASH STICK! But I don't have anywhere to let it truly shine. That's what I want, a place to use it. Even in the Similacrum, I can spawn enemies at high level and I can only get a taste of the power potential that my build has. It's disappointing to have nowhere to use it.
  15. I would like to see more mini bosses too. Like the toxic grineer gas mask guys. Something that has a lot of hit points.
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