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  1. I have 1,300 hours in Warframe. I want to go into a mission and have the enemies be level 200 immediately.
  2. Yeah I think you get it from Plague Star, which will probably come back since it's done so before. I just tested it out and something doesn't seem right. I've allowed the Djin to die like 5 times now and all it's dropped was a pistol ammo pack. I'm just testing it out in a controlled environment before running around with the Djin + Spare parts, expecting it to work. It's not really working. Yeah I just went back to the game and recorded this last one, I think this is the 6th time I've let the Djin die and it didn't drop anything. So 1/6 times I've gotten an ammo drop, and 5/6 times I've gotten nothing at all. It doesn't seem to be effective. At this rate, I might be better off using a Kavat. *update* yeah I just did it again, 7th time I got nothing to drop. Dude this mod got nerfed HARD. *8 times now. Still nothing. Might not be worth using Spare Parts at all. *9 times - nothing. I'm going to bed.
  3. I don't know, I'll give it a try and test it out. 🙂
  4. That's actually a really good definition and it does include what was being done. I'll give it a try and avoid killing bombards. Thanks for this.
  5. I'm not playing dumb. The patch notes didn't call it an exploit. So why are you calling it an exploit? What evidence do you have to support your claim?
  6. The method was to shoot at the ground with a self-inflicted damaging weapon, forcing yourself to go down and your sentinel to explode, and there was a good chance that an Orokin Cell would drop. You'd team up with 3 other players, and run something like the assassination on Ceres (each boss has a high chance of dropping a cell), by the end of a single assassination, you'd have like 8-12 Orokin Cells (if I recall correctly). So what specific definition of exploit is prohibited in Warframe?
  7. I miss being able to farm 8-12 Orokin Cells in 2.5 minutes with my friends. When you nerfed this, you said: "Fixed the Spare Parts Mod triggering from self-inflicted death (Lenz, etc), which allowed it’s chance function of dropping a Rare Item to trigger repeatedly at your leisure." I'm not sure if this is because I have a small sample size, but I just went solo into a game with spare parts on my sentinel and allowed the enemies to down me like 6 times in a row and I didn't get ANY drop from my sentinel. Is this working as intended? Now I can get around 2-4 Orokin Cells in 2.5 minutes. So I spend 3 times as much time to get the same amount. Was it really that big of a deal? Were you concerned about some social media saying "Warframe players kill themselves to avoid grind" or something like that? I could certainly understand why you'd worry about the public's perception of Warframe. But that's not what it says in the patch notes. When I see "at your leisure" I have some interpretations....I'm sorry but I play Warframe in my leisure time, and I prefer to fill my leisure time with leisurely activities, not work-like activities like performing the same repetitive task for a trickle of reward over hours on end. If nothing else - the Spare Parts method of farming Orokin Cells was a welcome form of variety that scaled well with teamwork for me in my playtime. 🙂 Perhaps using the kill yourself method was moralized as being wrong therefore should not be allowed in the game. Here's a couple links to some other discussions on this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/230410/discussions/0/1742231705659986020/ <--"Well, it was fun while it lasted. Surprised it took them this long to fix it."
  8. I'll be working and I'm thinking about starting to exercise at the gym again after work. 2 weeks into night wave I realized that I simply don't have enough time to play and obtain the limited time stuff. I decided to get rank 30 in night wave (currently 26 and on track) but honestly...it's going to feel relieving to hit rank 30 and then just stop pressuring myself to log in to stay on track with anything in Warframe for awhile. I need to focus on my real life like making money and taking better care of my body.
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