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  1. @selig_fay all of your points are good. I remember seeing on a recent devstream where even DE Steve made a short side comment about how players have access to energy easily now, compared to the way it was before. Energy used to be a valuable resource that you would rarely come across, and using your ultimate was a big deal. Actually I remember it now, it was the devstream where they were talking about the helminth abilities and they noted that frequently players are replacing 1st abilities with abilities that cost more energy, and that's because the energy costs for casting abilities is practi
  2. Another reason they've painted themselves into this corner is because of the spiral of powercreep where whenever they nerf something, there's community backlash, and then the devs are less likely to nerf things again. But when they buff things, the community cheers them on (like backseat drivers who keep cheering you on whenever you keep accelerating a car). They need to start drawing lines and saying "look, if you don't like this nerf, too bad. Deal with it." and that's part of the reason why I initially supported their decision to nerf healing on defense objectives. Did they over-nerf it? Ok
  3. I blame gross ranges of DPS. There's too many multiplier effects to have a fairly flat damage profile across various warframes and weapons. When you stack all the multipliers up, things get so exaggerated that the gap in damage output from one build to another is such orders of magnitude that it breaks the game. They've painted themselves into a corner by catering to the players who like seeing bigger numbers on their screen.
  4. I noticed this too. When playing solo I can actually just stand there and watch my abilities and interact with the enemies and content. When playing with others, it's just speed racing RUSH RUSH RUSH to the finish line. I had someone telling me that my build was underpowered because I put mind control on it. I've got over 3,000 hours into this game. After a certain point, you stop caring about min/maxing and you just want to do stuff that's weird and unusual for fun. Like couch oberon. Or just stand there watching enemies do the ants dance in a scarab swarm.
  5. I'm disappointed with some of the decisions they made with the recent rework. I don't know why they buffed viral - it was already good. I can understand why they buffed heat, it sucked before, but 50% armor strip for a single proc steps on the toes of corrosive and makes corrosive less valuable. Why did they cap gas at 10x stacks but leave electric and heat to have unlimited stacks? Why did they make it so that elemental mods don't increase gas damage but they do increase electric aoe damage? Why give the same damage bonus both for viral and magnetic, even though magnetic's eff
  6. Several players and I have tried going to eachothers dojos and going to maroos bazaar to trade. Wherever we go, we are invisible to eachother. And when I go to maroos bazaar, I can't see anyone else. This has been an issue for weeks if not months now.
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