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  1. 1 hour ago, Drachnyn said:

    Marked for death was never overpowered, the range and line of sight restrictions have seen to that. Instead of punishing people for finding a use for this ability outside of your narrow vision, promote the playstyle you want by buffing it. You want it to be used primarily on heavy targets? Make it so it has more range when used on something like a heavy gunner. With your changes you made it basically stupid to use in a team setting where other people are also trying to kill. And no, damage dealt has never meant the same thing as health removed. The ability reads damage dealt, so it should be that.

    Dont punish players for finding ways to use this ability that you did not envision, revert the nerfs and then look at constructive ways of encouraging the envisioned use. As long as MfD cant kill the targets in its AoE reliably, it will never be worth putting on a frame.

    You "fixed" mods applying twice but not armor applying twice, which in turn also greatly reduced the resulting slash proc. So much for DOTs being the "envisioned" use for this ability. The vision DE has for this ability right now seems to be for it to be worthless garbage, never to be used in any good way.

    Please, please, please make it do what the description says again: make it transfer actual damage dealt (which has always included overkill damage, the damage numbers are not for nothing i hope) instead of health removed. The ability wasnt even too strong when it came out but it should atleast be strong. Afterall it is locked behind a high rank in the helminth system, which you intended for experienced players. Yet you treat us with such a garbage ability.

    stop copypasting this wall of whine

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  2. 54 minutes ago, StickyBaseline said:

    I returned after like 7 months and I laughed out loud when you still don't get nightwave progression if you forma a weapon in the simulacrum. 

    Did you just sweep that under the rug? :p 

    Nightwave cleary says that applying forma should not be in a Simulacrum

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  3. 4 hours ago, ...huh said:

    I farmed A LOT of daughter tokens before this hotfix, and I used way more resources than they cost now. Can we get those fish parts back now?

    You agreed to pay the price, what's the problem? You're not asking your money back when something gets its price reduced irl

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  4. 1. Equip your Heavy weapon;
    2. Waste some ammo to add to a cooldown timer (this part can be skipped);
    3. Use an ability that removes weapon model from your hands (for example Protea's grenades or dispensary);
    4. Equip a gear item (for example Synthesis scanner);
    5. Equip it again to go back to your heavy weapon.

    Result: Your heavy weapon is reloaded, an archgun cooldown timer is triggered so you can call another archgun whenever you want. Also you can use melee and aimglide without penalty.


  5. On 2020-08-13 at 11:13 PM, Hawkeye2404 said:

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but whatever. Why make Wukong's Cloud Walker not be affected by sprint speed? Also, why is it still being affected by things that slow you down then? For instance, I have the Hobbled Dragon Key on, and my Cloud Walker can literally only go 1/8th of the disntance it usually can. This is ridiculous. Either revert the nerf, or make it not be affected by slows please!

    It's affected by warframe speed (which is separate from sprint). It's not a bug

  6. Lazy to report and it's also not too important to fix right now (in my royal opinion):

    - Kuva Ayanga projectiles collide with the camera view (camera changes the angle like we are close to a wall), with themselves and with a Warframe, dealing damage to myself;
    - K-Drives can drop you off when you spawn them or attempt to get on them, happens quite a lot to me. This is not a keyboard or any other input issue;
    - Protea's shield grenades are too bright. Effect brightness settings are not a solution since all other abilities look perfect;
    - Protea grenade casting animation should not make her jump, it just messes with our aim and often grenades can hit the ceiling, the sentinel and other obstacles because of that;
    - Spoiler Demons can't dash when standing and aiming below 90 degrees, it just glues them to the floor and wastes their energy without applying focus school effects (heal, stun, energy field etc);
    - Grineer Drone from Plains of Eidolon bounties can take infinite amount of Protea's shield grenades, stacking its regeneration rate;
    - Grineer armor can still scale with levels, while it should be percentage based without scaling

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  7. 1 hour ago, captainHalide said:

    Protea's grind is painful.  If the enemy spawn is unfavorable, you're just hooped and you lose the coin.  If your squadmates aren't sticking together, they start trawling opponents all over the map and you blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 

    Stop spamming this

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