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  1. I never see this because sandstorm is the ability I replace with something from Helmiuth. Interesting.
  2. So, what was the martyr symbiosis value once you were a couple hours in? 20 points extracted from every nearby corpse. I have no idea how hard you tried to die, but you might have had 50k points in martyr symbiosis. 20k per thousand enemies. Wow, that might give me time to, um, wash my hands... I don't see a bug here, unless you report that the Martyr Symbiosis value has been drained and you are still immortal.
  3. z48I Just as an example, when there are fissures in orb vallis, put in 4 coolant raknoid drops, cast Amesha's decoy over the crack and watch the fissure. It will turn dark (a dark ball) periodically, which is a radiation effect. A stray burst fired by a tenno at that point will kill the thermia. Try using mesa's 4 then, bet it breaks the thermia canister. You might be able to stop and let the decoy heal the thermia once you stop shooting.
  4. Chances are they threw down a radiation carpet and you one-shotted the objective. That happens to me all the time, tenno weapons do silly damage as compared to enemies.
  5. Part of the issue is that "ping" is an absolutely horrible way of predicting what your play experience will be like when playing with someone. The fact that they use it at all to decide who you will be matched with means that, at best, you will almost randomly have a good or bad experience. I think I could design something better in 10 minutes and something that actually has a chance of working in a couple of days. Some kind of history, a load test that is more realistic than a single packet response time..detection of lag and remembering that this host seemed to be a laggy host so that
  6. Today I was running vaults with a couple of my buddies. Our intention was to run all of the vaults, open all of the vaults, and then run one or two of the second line bounties. We expected to take a bounty, kill one mech, open one vault, take a bounty, kill two mech's, open one vault, take a bounty, kill three mech's, open one vault, then do one of the second line bounties. What happened was that we ran one bounty, opened one vault, and then we got a vome/fass transition. According to the patch notes, this shouldn't matter, we should be able to just proceed with our sequence.
  7. Obviously another single person testing bug, the rare vapos Aquila only appears to the mission "1". I have seen this twice now. 1 sees the fighter, gets the scan, I have been 2 in one mission, 3 in another. In both cases the 1 could enemy mark the fighter, so we knew where it was, but could not scan it since being unable to see the fighter caused us to not be able to track it. The bug is that the art is rendered for the mission 1, but not others. This is just another of the many bugs (like no automatic rejoin after a short interruption) that make warframe better to play in solo m
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