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  1. its especially annoying when people join to refine your mats and leave
  2. would be nice to also block people from refining all of your materials, but yeah have had a guy who kept rushing crew ships and a ship killer and wouldn't get off when asked, just cursed us out for not being good enough
  3. indeed, the only thing keeping me forom using it dispite sinking 4 forma into it, the fx doesn't appear untill after you fire an arrow and its quite annoying when it endlessly flail the fx as you move
  4. i've noticed that as well however beings holiday you'll probably have to wait untill next month for a fix
  5. its a tad annoying but you have to rebind, you can find it with the slide/roll button
  6. yeah i've noticed that too but a issue i keep having is bumping into things i cant see
  7. or atleast an option quite akward to try and shoot while rotating the entire ship and bumping into every little thing
  8. Can you add a way to return to the free cursor piloting? its incredibly frustrating to shoot when you have to rotate the entire ship, as well as making it hard for gunners to shoot while you rotate if they do not have the upgrade
  9. Recently a hot fix on xbox changed the aiming of the pilot for the railjack to static, witch hasn't worked well it feels almost impossible to fight in tighter areas as having to rotate the entire ship to shoot causes one to bump into literally every rock and gunners are getting a little jarred constantly being rotated around so if it was possible to choose your aim option
  10. couldn't find the xbox megathread on this but would be most appreciative if the aim could be returned to how it use to be
  11. indeed now its just kinda jarring to gun without upgrades
  12. also to note some people are getting annoyed that the ship is turning so much
  13. As the recent hotfix made the aim static (not moving around the field) its been making some crew member alittle jarred going from being able to aim around in front to having to fully rotate as things move by, i have to ask if its possible to just get it as a toggle sorry for the post here idk where to really put stuff
  14. odd, have been messing with how they act, seem to have a quite higher awareness over every little thing
  15. have also noticed that i no longer get stealth bonuses on stealth kills
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