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  1. Sereena nodded to what Tara said. The merc was right about it being better to destroy this... whatever it was. The Banshee looks over to the pressure valve. "Should I open it?" She asks to the other two. It was maybe not the best idea of hers to be the one freeing the possible beast while being the squishiest of the bunch, but she felt slightly comforted by the idea that Tara and Cyriann would most likely shoot the thing down before it could strike her... hopefully.
  2. Breathing... a heartbeat... it was alive. Oh how great it was a living thing. Even as Sereena stepped away from it, its presence still clung to her. Why did it feel so familiar? "They're keeping something alive in here. I think it's an infected." She speculates, although the fact that the living thing is infected would probably have been obvious. It was still hard to figure out what entity it was. It's breathing was too heavy to be a howler, she knew that. Just the familiar feeling of it made it feel like it couldn't be a howler. There were only two things that could bring this sense of familiarity to her. It was either a Chroma or... "It might be Mimas."
  3. While Cyriann was off tending to that odd suitcase, Sereena paced towards the large container. It was hard to maintain concentration with the, to her loud, engines rumbling outside the plane. She slowly walked around the container, looking to see if anything else was on it besides the label and the valve. "Do you think they keep anything alive inside of this?"
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