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  1. Martijn felt sheepish next to the other two. He didn't have any big reason for it that wasn't self serving or virtuous. It was plain and simply wanting to learn more about what he had become. Now just to say that... He really never was good at talking when it wasn't about animals. "I... Mostly wanted to know if you all offer training to help us control this infection?" He asks, holding up the metal cat by the scruff of its neck. "Like... I know Maya here is great for a fight but... I don't know how to make her change into her... wolf form?" Now that was a weird sentence to say. Introductions right, Tara introduced herself but the dutchman hasn't and neither has Karl. Might as well make all their names know. "I'm Martijn by the by, that's Karl." He states, gesturing to the man who just spoke of redemption. Well good to know even an apocalypse won't help his social skills get any better.
  2. Martijn was paying more attention to the leftovers of the stores around him as he trailed behind Karl, paying little mind to the loud voices. In moments like this it was so very easy for the Dutchman to just... drift off. There were two things that snapped him back into reality. That was Karl announcing he wanted to be an operator, and the painful surge of claws pressed into his neck as the infected feline resting against his neck got startled by Tara’s appearance. ”Ow ow ow” He whines out as he pulled the cat away and simply tossed it down to the ground. He’d have to clean the little injuries later, now... now he had to salvage his introductions. ”I’m here for the operator thing too.” Martijn quickly blurted out, not wanting to just stand there. “Unless you guys think it’s a bad idea?” ... first impressions never were his good point.
  3. Alright, so with your proposal I assume you are hoping to avoid getting something that snowballs like Saryn did during ESO release, and with your current setup that might be very hard. Warframe is still very much a horde shooter, and I can imagine it being quite easy for these projectiles to find another enemy within 5 seconds. I think it'd be more effective to limit the total distance it is able to travel or on how many enemies a single projectile can affect. I want you to keep in mind that, unlike Saryn and Garuda, Oberon seems to be designed as a bit of a jack of all traits master of none kind of deal. He offers healing, crowd control and a small amount of damages, as oppose to Saryn who is designed as a damage dealer. It might be more effective to replace Smite with a new ability all together then try to make it something it isn't supposed to be.
  4. While summoning an ethereal specter sounds really neat, I am not quite sure how well it'd work in practice. Assuming that the Specter attacks enemies, it'd break stealth, which is needed to trigger the mod in the first place, giving you very few chances to utilize it at best. I think it might be better to change the requirement and tie it to a weapon rather than a frame. You could tie it to headshots instead of stealth kills, but considering the image you picked shows two melee finishers, I'd recommend tying it to that instead. Those finishers would be easier to get by a few frames, and still remain obtainable after the specter has spawned.
  5. In regards of the railjack crew there is something in progress for this. The Commander intrinstics are focused on giving you NPC allies that help you out on your Railjack. It has not shipped with the mainline update due to DE wanting a focus on the co-op aspect. Currently we don;t have many details on this beyond that some of the NPCs that will help us are converted liches. It is entirely possible that they are already considering syndacite based NPCs! I myself do agree that it'd be great if we got a variety of different NPCs, although I don't think they should be quest bound. I think that it might better to toss them into the buyable items a syndicate offers. It'd give them some new value for old players.
  6. Martijn looked after Karl leave. He was the only one that Martijn had talked to that seemed to have a similar interest in the Operators, and he had hoped to get a conversation going at least before Dino insulted the man. This was just great. With a sigh he pushed himself up from his seat, picking Maya from the ground and setting her on his shoulder. He considered staying for maybe a minute or two more as a question fell from Gabby. He might have stayed to listen to the answer too, if it wasn't for the fact he had already gotten up, and felt like it was too awkward to sit back down to listen for the reply. Thus he'd simply go on his way, trailing after Karl. "Hey wait up!" He called out.
  7. Martijn barely felt like he was there, in the mess hall, eating food. His mind was far off as he was eating his meal. His thoughts were lingering with the unusual infected activity that was mentioned the speaker earlier. To call the hyena like monsters that chased them was an understatement, but it made feel the Dutchman just a little more lucky to still be alive. Luck wasn't something he should rely on though. With how lucky he had been ever since he got infected it was bound to run out. That question pulled him out of his reverie, making his attention shift up to Karl. It was a good question. "I'm thinking of checking out that operator initiation. It sounds interesting." He admits as he looks down at the infested tether on his hand, still binding him to the cat that was simply laying on the ground below him. "With how those showers are set up I hope they can tell us a bit more about well... the whole being infected thing?"
  8. Alright, we're just going with arms popping off now. This is fine. Then again these people probably saw more infected coming through here. The amount of outfits she listed was astonishing, and Martijn frankly had trouble keeping up with everything she suggested. He had a hard time considering which of those outfits he did like. Mostly because with the word barrage she was spitting out he had no chance to visualize any of the looks she suggested. "Are you a fashion designer?" He asks, hoping that the question might slow her down a little, and maybe to start a conversation that goes two ways instead of one.
  9. "We've only been here for a day after surviving for weeks and the first thing that gets mocked is our clothes? I'll take it." The dutchman hums as he listens to the replies of the other people. It was a fun thing to consider it as a compliment like Cyriann. "He's right though, getting a new set of clothes would be great! Much better than staying like... this." He hums as he trails after Dino, the woman and Gabby. Hopefully Dino didn't mind being dragged along though.
  10. The sight of the metal pipes didn't make Martijn recoil as much as he had expected, part of him had grown accustomed to the sight of strange metal-flesh that just grew on its own (what a surprise when one of such growths is coming out of his hand at all times). Unlike Karl though, the Dutchman decided that showering and then getting back into dirty clothes was probably not the best idea. Instead he'd do a quick wash up of his feline friend to at least get some of the sewer's stench away. With the metal creature now nestled against his neck - after drying the cat off of course - Martijn set on his way through the mall to find some clothes.. Maybe a bag too. Having something to keep the cat in while they walked around. He felt uncomfortable about the idea of having the creature just roam on its own. Clothes first, bag maybe, shower after. That would be the plan for now. Once that was all done he could hopefully finally get some sleep. No wait, food first, then sleep.
  11. Food, that was a... strange prospect to have again. He had scavenged bits and pieces here, and he had seen Maya devour a rat or rodent a few times, but he never really had felt hungry despite all that. Maybe it was the adrenaline of the last few days that finally wore off to reveal that nagging feeling in his stomach again. He didn't like the idea of having to wait a hour more until they could get something to eat, but at the same time. He still reeked of the sewer, and he wanted to have some cloth bundle to wrap Maya in too. Not everyone might appreciate a metallic creature roaming around. Not that the cat can roam far. Gabby rambling about chocolate didn't help lessen his appetite. "I'm sure they'll have something sweet for you." He chimes out. First things first, a shower. "Anyone want to tag along to those rooms they talked about?
  12. Martijn walked as one of the last in line of the group. His own mind drifting far off. He didn't mind the stench. When people bring half-dead animals to you in the hopes you can save it you get used to things smelling horrible. It was the lack of color that bothered him. It was something that always bothered him no matter what situation he was in. Repetitive paths. To have it give way to something so... bright was a pleasant change for the Dutchman. The two man approaching wore outfits that looked about as dull as the sewers when it came to colours, but at least the guys in it looked nice. Learning their rescuers name was a pleasant thing. Yeva, got to remember to thank her personality after introductions are done. "Martijn Koning." He introduced himself as, maybe a bit too formal, but it felt right. Although maybe a bit disruptive as he stated it right after Cyriann's question. He hadn't even thought about asking anything about this whole place. It just felt like it had an inkling of safety to it. Something that was a very welcome change after all that happened.
  13. Just hearing those sounds made Martijn tense up. He understood they weren't real. He was able to put together those strange orbs were the source of the noise, although Tara's Lasrian explanation made it all the more obvious. Yet he couldn't help but feel unsettled. That unsettled feel gives away to worry the moment that the doctor dropped to the ground. He took several steps towards the duet but before he could do a thing Karl was already helping the doctor back up. One of them looked better at least, that was something.On the other one of them passed out, making him wonder just how taxing the Trinity's 'gifts' were to use. That was something he could consider a blessing of his mutation at least. It didn't seem to tax him physically. "You sound a lot better." The Dutchman remarks, again his attention shifting away as another one speaks up. "Seems like good news to me that one of the fighters is up to snuff again." He comments to Dino. Somehow he guessed that Karl and Dino were going to jab at each other a lot the coming few weeks. "Sounds better than no distraction, and I don't think anyone was planning to stay here to hang out with the dogs." Not that hyenas are canine, but he doubted anyone would put up an argument over that right now of all times. He plucked his feline companion from the ground by the scruff of its neck, something he knew most cats didn't like, but this one paid no mind to it - although frankly at this point he felt like he could toss this off a cliff and it wouldn't care.
  14. It seemed Martijn was the only one who registered Karl's situation, but having the person in question clinging to your leg does make a lot of difference if you notice in between the strange lady walking up to the kid, the not very well lit pathway only lightened up by green electricity from a crystal and a flashlight, and... well there wasn't much else that seemed to be trying to do anything here right now. No rats, no weird sewer animals. At least that was one positive. The Dutchman averted his gaze, mostly because having someone coughing heavily into his face sounded very unappealing, as he pulled Karl up to his feet. The item was something that Martijn had noticed too, although his attention of course was grabbed away by the fact Karl was half-collapsing against him. But there was still curiosity, and this curiosity was something that made the small technocyte cat move closer to the small girl and the 'Batwoman'. It almost seemed ready to pounce up at the lady's hand to try grab one of the spheres, but thankfully it only seemed to meow up at her. It wasn't a pretty noise, a very throaty meow that had a slight undertone of metal scrapping past metal.
  15. The moment of tension that Martijn felt at the presence of this newcomer collapsed oh so quickly under Gabby's question. It was a simple question, childish. The type of thing that always snapped the Dutchman out of any bad situation he was in. Certainly useful in situations like this, as his emotions were obvious to read from the hissing cat that soon turned docile, if not still alert. It's ears perked up at the stranger. The same alertness was still visible on Martijn too. His stance stiffened with stress. Thinking he could start to relax when they arrived in the sewer seemed to have been the wrong call. "... I am starting to question just how rare staying sane is."
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