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  1. Sereena was caught off guard by the amount of footsteps. The amount of noise mixed with the still rumbling engines wasn't pleasant at all. Before her attention shifted to Tara, she let out the short barely audible echo that marked her sonar ability. It was unlikely that the guards would pick up on it, and they'd think it was just the wind... hopefully. She gestured to Neewa, motioning for her to follow behind Tara before shifting her attention to Cyriann. "You keep an eye on her? I think it's best if I stick to the back." She whispers out to Volt. "I... might have a trick that works best if I am last in line." Banshee quickly explained.
  2. It took Sereena a few seconds to process the message the group just received. In part because it seemed to be a lower volume than Tara's speech, yet much clearer over the engines rumble. Once it clicked that it was from Annika it made much more sense that it was so clear. That half-plead made Sereena think of a small plan. The chances of working was slim, but... could be worth a shot. Banshee barely held herself from shouting out the question. It certainly didn't help that to her the engines seemed so much louder, but she didn't dare hinder her hearing, not now that it could be key to hear footsteps. "Is Helmie alive? I might be able to find him." She suggests as she gestures to her helmet-covered ears. She had heard the breathing of the kid, so maybe she could hear the breathing of this 'Helmie'. On one hand it felt like a stupid idea. This place was full of crates and she had to push her ear against Neewa's cage to pick up her breathing. What were the odds of her picking out the right sound in a full warehouse. "Why'd waste that time? Kill the kid seems easier if we want to stay alive." Zek chimed out in the back of Sereena's mind. The suggestion startled her. Her brainmate had stayed quiet for the last few minutes and now he came out with that suggestion. It wasn't pleasant. "Hayden told us to capture or kill her. I think he'd much rather have the first happen if he learns she's just a kid." She didn't allow Zek to protest it. She had learned to wrestle some control from her virus in situations like this, forcing Zek to remain silent. For now.
  3. Sereena followed the example of the others, taking off her helmet and flinching as the noise was no longer filtered by her helmet. She nodded lightly to Neewa and forced a smile on her lips before putting her helmet back on. It hadn't even crossed her mind before that precautions would've been taken to not be overwhelmed by sound. It had seemed to startle Zek into silence too. At least the engines did seem softer sounding now. That was a pleasant change.
  4. Sereena took a step back as Tara stepped forward. It seemed better to not intimidate the little kid by gathering around her while she was still hidden in that container, actually no, cage was the word she was looking for. Her attention drifted away lightly as she looks out of the plane. The rumble of the engines was starting to become unnerving, made it hard to hear if something was approaching them. She didn't like it.
  5. Sereena nodded to what Tara said. The merc was right about it being better to destroy this... whatever it was. The Banshee looks over to the pressure valve. "Should I open it?" She asks to the other two. It was maybe not the best idea of hers to be the one freeing the possible beast while being the squishiest of the bunch, but she felt slightly comforted by the idea that Tara and Cyriann would most likely shoot the thing down before it could strike her... hopefully.
  6. Breathing... a heartbeat... it was alive. Oh how great it was a living thing. Even as Sereena stepped away from it, its presence still clung to her. Why did it feel so familiar? "They're keeping something alive in here. I think it's an infected." She speculates, although the fact that the living thing is infected would probably have been obvious. It was still hard to figure out what entity it was. It's breathing was too heavy to be a howler, she knew that. Just the familiar feeling of it made it feel like it couldn't be a howler. There were only two things that could bring this sense of familiarity to her. It was either a Chroma or... "It might be Mimas."
  7. While Cyriann was off tending to that odd suitcase, Sereena paced towards the large container. It was hard to maintain concentration with the, to her loud, engines rumbling outside the plane. She slowly walked around the container, looking to see if anything else was on it besides the label and the valve. "Do you think they keep anything alive inside of this?"
  8. It was difficult to keep up with two conversations going on at the same time. It would be something Sereena failed at if it wasn't for Zek softly chiming in that he'll listen to the engine inspector's words. Despite the engine's rearing in the background, Sereena felt anxious that she might speak too loudly. "The hazmat team is late because of a missing jeep." She explains as Zek seamlessly chirps up when she falls silent. "That guy thinks the engines might overheat." he says as he takes control of Sereena's arm, raising it to point at the engine inspector. The movement was a little awkward as Sereena resisted it a little, which was more from not knowing what Zek was planning than being afraid of what he'd do.
  9. Sereena's attention was turned to one particular noise as Cyriann asked if she found anything. She barely had gotten to sending the low echo pulse out as a new noise graced her ears. It was a low rumbling, or to her it sounded like that as the others most likely couldn't hear it. "I do hear something... Might be an engine? It could be the plane." She hums out as she looks to Tara, awaiting her orders on what to do next.
  10. Sereena came to a stop a few steps away from Cyriann. Tilting her head slightly as she listened to the distant conversation going on. "Not sure if this is the best timing to look around.", and as if on cue she'd feel the familiar touch of Annika's ability. "Seems like little Serenity is right." Zek butts in after Annika's message reached them.
  11. "Nothing more we can than hope." Sereena whispers in a reply. The silence was unsettling, but the echo from Sereena's sonar would reveal nothing. She looked over to Tara after Cyriann asked his question. "I don't feel anyone nearby." She tells as she shifts, wanting to reach out to the new bow on her back just in case. The bow was heavier than her original shortbow, and was currently folded up on her back. She hadn't gotten much practice with it before the group left, but it had felt natural to use. The bow itself had taken to the metallic grey of the infected. The string of the weapon breaking the trend as it appeared to be made of sinew and was a dark red. It had surprised Sereena that there wasn't a stench emanating from this bow string, although it still was quite a disgusting sight.
  12. Sereena felt anxious as the duet waited in the truck. Not as anxious as she would have been in the earlier days or without Cyriann, but it remained there. She took a deep breath as Zek let out a wave of sound, although humans wouldn't be able to hear it, a dog might hear it. Maybe it was an unnecessary risk, but at least it'd give her an idea how far Tara is and if anyone else decided to strut in.
  13. Sereena gave a quiet nod in reply to Tara's suggestion, and as Tara let Cyriann test the taster, Banshee would be occupied trying to silence her own footsteps fully. She didn't get the tune down exactly but it should help her remain quieter than normal. Now hopefully that'd be quiet enough once the coast was confirmed to be clear.
  14. Sereena had trailed close behind Tara once Cyriann made his intend to be last in line clear. She hummed softly to herself as they moved, trying to get a beat on how to 'mute' other sounds with her humming. It, along with Zek's gentle cooing towards her, helped her keep her nerves in check.
  15. "I should be able to quiet down your shots, can't guarantee they'll be completely silence." Sereena replies to Tara, turning her attention to Alpha afterwards. "We're on the team with the cat?.. Honestly I shouldn't be surprised at weird things anymore at these points." She hums to herself.
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