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  1. It is also happening in-game, on the News board.
  2. You could have taken responsibility for your initial approach and go with the initial result. As it is now, this auction is a liability and the auctioneer unreliable.
  3. +1 Efficient and principled trader. Would do business again.
  4. I'm on atm, most likely will hang around for another half an hour.
  5. The art of auction sniping. I'll leave it up to the OP to decide how he'll handle it.
  6. As the title says -- MAX Fleeting Exp -- 40p MAX Rage -- 25p
  7. Yeah, I'm kind of trying to compile all the data on the net about kubrow breeding and figure out what factors in and what doesn't. Can you tell me how the body shape works and whether the imprint order is relevant in that regard. I'm trying to get myself a bulky kubrow. P.S. Appologies to the OP for the hijack and going OT.
  8. How tall is the bulky one? If it is above medium height, I'll consider it.
  9. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/289205-wts-hyena-pattern-big-bulky-sunika-kubrow-2x-imprints/ For relevance and transparency.
  10. Just for the record and for the sake of transparency -- You owe me one more imprint for the price of 25p.
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