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  1. Twin Kohmak, Kuva Twin Stubbas, Aksomati Prime, Prisma Twin Gremlins. One of these, probably.
  2. How would this change contribute gameplay exactly? The whole thing reads like an inconsequential cosmetic change encroaching on gameplay for no tangible gain or benefit.
  3. I'll take work for controlled outcome over doing something "fun" to roll on an RNG box. This.
  4. What grind, exactly? Getting 30k Simaris standing takes ~5-10min, at most.
  5. Due to how the Railjack missions are structured and the amount of transitions between objectives that take place, this is arguably the most sensitive content in the game when it comes to Network stability and hardware performance. Anything bellow optimal is going to lead to a deteriorating experience. I wish we could fine tune the matchmaking specifically for Railjack, make it more restrictive with who we get matched, to ensure we get optimal experience rather than just finding a match (the former being a lot more important in this particular context) For whats it worth, here's an anecdot
  6. This was hotfixed with update 30.0.2, on the 14th, so unless it was re-introduced again, it should no longer be a thing.
  7. It's not just a F2P thing, it's MMO/online games thing, even subscription based ones. It's exists to both prevent the players from blowing through the content in a single day (or few days) *and* to prevent them from burning themselves out (thus retaining them as concurrent players/customers)
  8. Just dropping this here, in case some people missed it.
  9. I didn't get personally affected by that issue and only learned it was a thing after the fact, so no prior bias :P But both for you (assuming you are still farming for Sevagoth parts) and other people in this thread who are still working on their sets, a small PSA: Nu-Gua Mines, Neptune Proxima is the fastest Sevagoth farm if you can catch it when it is up. The drop chance for all 3 blueprints is the same as with the nodes at Pluto Proxima or Veil Proxima, while being RJ Extermination with no yellow POI (only the white ice mines POI which can be skipped if you don't want/need Nautilus parts
  10. Those mods were made exclusive from each other with the Railjack Retrofit. You can only have one of them equipped at the same time.
  11. That's unlikely, unless the issue was re-introduced through the hotfixes. I farmed a full set of Sevagoth in a single session (without returning to the dojo), by running the same node for ~hour and a half.
  12. The Grineer can hardly form simple words and you want them to write verse. The vast majority of the Grineer population is illiterate, resulting to grunts for communication. This is apparent even among their higher echelon, with only characters like Tyl Regor or Kela being sufficiently verbose (Vor and Hek as well, to a degree, but the former is insane and the later is a troglodyte, so) I faction simply has no penchant for artistry.
  13. What I find funny is that in this whole thread nobody brought up what is arguably the most powerful thing about Trinity's Link - the fact that it can do this: Trinity is one of the select few sources of full armor strip in this game, after the changes to Corrosive Projecting and Corrosive procs armor stripping. It is invaluable tool when needed, especially now that full armor stripping is not so readily available. She is also one of the more diverse frames when it comes to building due to how Strength, Power and Range interact between all her abilities. I'll admit that her 1 is virtu
  14. Filled out, left the participation field blank. Hopefully a newcomer who needs free slots gets them.
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