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  1. Interesting, energize price is rising. You forgot DE deleted all duped items in those accounts, at least all those items you just get, without abusing an insane currency amount. They removed teh extra SE for example, 'cause there were really big numbers in some accounts, but all the stuff bought with them have not been removed or reverted, 'cause obviously it didn't even got tracked probably... And whatever if economy will be influenced or not, this is still a bad message suggesting players abusing future glitches, 'cause the punishments almost doesn't exist, while other players
  2. Bumping this... No news still? I left this nw act behind on purpose, and I will avoid it 'till standing amount will be fixed, otherwise I will complete it on the last day of this nw intermission.
  3. You well know this time isn't so simple, and the consequences were kinda obvious, I never "whine" for no reasons, and like you I can talk about stuff even if I'm not involved in it. (riven economy in this case)
  4. Spread the message... DE needs address this for real, totally unfair and hilarious...
  5. Having godlike rivens rolled 999 times isn't good either, so yeah your idea would be great, but I fear they will just get away with it
  6. I wonder about SE used to get kuva that got already used on a riven case, that one seems the most annoying to deal with... Would suggest check if players with higher SE amounts got in small time, bought kuva with it and used that kuva for a riven, then remove SE, kuva, and delete the entire riven mod from inventory
  7. If you are on this exploiters list your inventory needs be checked and every insane number of items got in short amount of time removed, while trade-banned. But with that attitude you might deserve a real ban actually...
  8. Trade ban is useless, there are players who got 50 milion Steel essence, what if they already spent it for kuva, and used that kuva to roll rivens? What will be removed? A item dupe glitch that big is the first time happening, it could be used everywhere, every drop that falls on ground could be duped
  9. Yeah I agree, I hope DE will be able draw a line and ban or remove the excess items before they spread around...
  10. Following those cases as well, people surely got tons of formas on lua music room and SE (there was a screenshot around with 50 milions SE). They will just get a trade ban and everything's ok?
  11. Ok will try more with contagion, hope it still works Tried once more, and the color appears just after pressing the mech 4th ability, even with no shooting, you have to be at a certain distance, but considering it happens in shield phase as well, I don't really know what's supposed to represent officially. Considering we agree on 3rd point, if they let use that "archgun" like it's supposed to work will be great. Considering mechs aren't that easy/quick to get would make sense and give players another reason to use them/invest making them. I don't have much more to say, so thanks for t
  12. I tried some PTs just now 1) Tried those aoe weapons under the head, can't damage it, so make a video otherwise I will trust my tests where is still impossible damage it with AoE damages, contagion makes blast on hit and direct hits works,, the viral dmg is from AoE and doesn't work, tried aiming under head as well. 2) Had no idea that bug was addressed, visually at least, but it still makes no sense, like you said and from my tests you can damage shields with arquebex as long as you have the right dmg or the blast one. Guess what happens? PT changes color while hitting the shields, so
  13. Sorry but I totally disagree 1. No splash damage weapons work at all with PT shields, as confirmed by that old post 2. With certain colours you can't even see the current element he's vulnerable to, not so sure that's purposely made to make it look invulnerable, seeing 0 dmg number is enough to show that, otherwise that color thing should be applied everywhere and everytime there's something invulnerable, and have no records of this happening outside PT. 3. Trivialized? You are forgetting something: PT changes element so the dmg you could do to shields is still "controlled". I add
  14. I really wish we will be able "play and rank up old nw series in the future, I missed the season 1 entirely, and surely there are people who missed both S1 and S2, basically losing Saturn Six Fugitive and Devotee and Zealot Proselytizer codex scans, also it's really pain inducing see the NW series screen with all series with really high rank and then you see missed series sitting on 0... completionist players will suffer everytime that menu is opened
  15. I agree, let us rotate or 180° flip it. Btw it's based on direction room is facing, if you make one on the opposite side you will see the planet
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