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  1. The fact you claimed they put the cap so high on previous season on purpose, but this time they let people hit it a month before intermission ended and didn't even bothered raising the cap once more :) And this thread quickly shifted into a feedback about how NW prestige rank caps are managed, so it still has a lot to do with the current intermission. But you failed to see that point behind this thread apparently, should I change the title to make it more apparent?
  2. Apparently DE forget already to make the next intermission like that season 3, we hit the cap so easily and even have acts left to do... How can you explain this? 'cause if DE managed the S3 like that on purpose something similar should've happened in this intermission :) @SneakyErvin@PhiThagRaid@(NSW)BalticBarbarian Interested in knowing your opinion this time!
  3. After all this time I learned to consider and respect minority groups in this community and their suggestions, reports. I'm glad you figured by yourself, this will help in future topic discussions there will be, hopefully others reading what happened here learned the lesson as well. I 100% agree with this, I don't like how DE manages bug fixes/suggestions and how they "listen" to their own community, I had faith in the design council for years, but it seems this community needs stand up and be more loud about about issues in a more direct way than having such "council"... I would love to talk with some design council members myself to learn how DE manages bug reports and suggestions: priority, some kind of gerarchy within the council, how the bugs and suggestions are took from the forums area (I can still see 3+ years old bugs unresolved...) So I don't like how DE made stuff behind the scenes with no feedback whatsoever and just throw it at community, for example the Helminth invigorations which is the worst thing being added in the updated by far. I can get used to tweaks/nerfs/rebalances, but pseudo warframe rivens are a joke and an insult to the entire community!
  4. I don't agree with some players' attitude I spotted in this topic, both ways, so yours included... My first suggestion is to never claim stuff or talk in place of DE, when DE itself then makes your points invalid like dust in the wind Second let's focus on what matters, what's good and wrong in the update, address those, and be as a community able to report them making DE actually tweak/remove/revert them accordingly.
  5. Curious to see this 2nd life for bad frames, if there will be and how long it will last... Spoiler: stats buff wont save frames with bad abilities and no general usefullness in missions to begin with
  6. Next step is turning them into rivens 'cause they want more players use this buffs Install new abilities also works I suggest this instead using the invigorations nobody asked for
  7. Yep, precisely, no script for those who subsumed everything already, I'm not one of them but I agree that's a bad move to do. Invigorations randomly appeared, 'cause I personally never heard of them before this post, I would like to talk with some design council members actually if someone knows one of them. I wanna see if those invigorations have ever been discussed and why this idea even started to begin with...
  8. thing is priority speaking they should've done this the other way around, reworks first, then this system eventually, I can't see their current logic at all to be honest... Feels like a lazy band-aid, not helping heal the wound itself.
  9. Totally agree on everything, let's see how long it will last ingame before being tweaked or even removed
  10. I think their spawn system is similar to kuva lich larva, at certain time you get a little flashing effect, doing certain amount of kills in the right time will make the acolyte spawn. That would explain why sometimes they don't spawn at all, but that looks like bugged, considering they would still not spawn on the next "rotations".
  11. Frames themselves like I stated needs a rework to begin with (one frame reworked every 3 months for example), those upgrades even increasing stats by a 10% would be better than a 200% buff, I would also add defensive upgrades and utility: like higher "vacuum stat", more energy/health gain from one orb, more ammo drops, more movement/parkour speed, convert part of shields in more health or other way around, higher enemy/loot radar, adding new specific map icons for rare caches/kuria/containers (even be able see lockers would be great. If DE would decide going that way I am sure we would see even better ideas and suggestions, nobody here wants break the game even more than already is, DE's doing it this time!
  12. I also want those frames being useful and meta with all the others with they pro and cons, but I am sorry DE this is the wrong approach to the issue! Only serious way is a well thought rework... Speaking of invigorations turn them into a stable passive way to boost frames even more, with a point system like intrinsics, maybe make each frame "upgradable" and each with unique upgrade choices and u can select and interchange 3 specific buffs (like runes work in Doom Eternal for example), is up to players unlock each different one, unlock the 3 slots and eventually spending time with their helminth friend, give more variety to building thanks to them, and together with frame reworks make them actually usable. There are so potentially good ideas, if you DE staff would look at all the comments, and focus mostly on those made by players who actually care about game experience in its entirety. My suggestion is to go back to the drawing table. Being so close to warframe rivens, will surely harm the game more than everything.
  13. Most old players on pc are done with arbitrations, simple as that, sometimes they do a defence when there are specific tilesets to "speedrun" it. Ofc missions played more will have a different result. And still speedrunners and leadeboard players will massively get issues after this update, for the sake of DE trying make people use low-usage frames. But this "sacrifice" will be pointless 'cause those frames will still be left behind.
  14. Yeah the recruit part, which was only one of the several issues I listed, and still you can't predict exactly how recruiting will be affected as well, but I agree that's the "weakest" point I made I'll still ask what you think about this system, a feedback is needed this time, the more people will express themselves the better
  15. I don't understand tho why you trying debunk people worried about this system. Do you think this will be a great addition to the game, will make people use hydroid everywhere? You either say you agree with our concerns or just say you got the exact opposite opinion, DE needs understand if majority of players agree or not. I can only pray they will read all those comments Arbitrations? True and they always use meta frames despite the ones currently buffed there, pointless isn't it? And the average activity is very low, lower than normal SO actually But this was DE's goal with this system, so why even add this if will not work?
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