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  1. I kind of prefer it without too many gaudy lights. Don't get me wrong, but a single simple visor strip for the eyes plus monolithic metal is the Corpus standard. I like minimalism. 🙂
  2. I think the box needs to stay in *some* form or another... *all* Corpus equipment has at least some right angles. Without some hard edges somewhere in the design, it would look like an odd Grineer skin or something more generic I feel.
  3. Actually an Ivara Cropra skin with Alad V's coat style texture on the skirt pieces would be really neat...
  4. Honestly I like the large helmet. Reminds me of Songbird from Bioshock: Infinite.
  5. Good fixes all around! Also, tennogen when?
  6. In general as far as Corpus helmets go, I'd like to see more based on the Scrambus and Comba type units. Angular, but more room for variety. This one is easily my favorite. I like the vertical slit visor and the overall shape. Would make for a really good Vauban look...
  7. Ash would do well with Corpus stylings and Perrin Sequence colors, go for the 'covert tech operative' look. I loathe the aesthetic of the infested, so no comment on Nidus and no preference either way. Volt would look great as a Proxy of some sort what with his odd protrusions and... kind of birdlike features, not to mention running the Amprex on him already feels really thematic and nice. Harrow would be an odd choice, but I can see it? Go for a blend of Alad/Nef Anyo? Vauban is hands-down *the* most Corpus looking frame already, so that's a no-brainer. Decent list. Harrow wearing the sort of 'plated coat' like Alad V and Nef Anyo do would be REALLY rad I think.
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