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  1. I would suggest calm like a bomb from rage against the machine 🙂 Keep up the good work
  2. You can change hold/press ability in the settings
  3. What do you want? Update! When do you want it? Update!
  4. For me they are on the right side if you in the overview
  5. Feedback should still be the second area after the updates/informations. For me community and Bugfixes is far less important than the feedbacl
  6. What bothers me... The gifts look like it's tested against level 10 enemies... Would like to see a test against lvl 100 enemies...
  7. I don't like the change of his 3 and of his 2 in the case of the healing I would prefer a full halo which can get up back when you kill enemies affected by nezhas 2. Now to be viable (because of synergies etc.) nezha needs Duration for his 1 and 4, strength for his 3 (his 4 will always be a CC in higher levels). At least 100% range but more would be really useful. But he also needs health, armor and rage/maybe qt. So in my opinion you need at least Vitality, steel fiber, stretch, (primed) continuity, intensify, hunter adrenaline, flow/fleeting expertise/streamline If you want to give the halo to your allies too that are all slots except the exilus... If you really want to give nezha a damage reduction also make halo duration based... But the solution you are presenting looks really awful to me...
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