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  1. Nacond

    Polarity slot rework

    To be honest I don't have a single wf where my polarity slots are bad for the modding Usually 1 D, 1 V and 1 - is all I need. (health/shield/armor, duration/strength, energy/efficiency depending on frame) Sometimes another one. Maybe a second. Yeah in some cases I use mods on wrong polarities but it never limited my use... Only made me use another forma. Only thing is my umbra Nezha but that's because of umbra mods and not because of the other polarities
  2. Nacond

    Polarity slot rework

    Or just build the warframe a second time 🙂
  3. Nacond

    More Loadout slots

    Ok thanks. Yeah that sucks a lot... Would be more useful than more slots for me (at first)
  4. Nacond

    More Loadout slots

    Maybe I just haven't found out. But is there a way to change order of the slots? ^^ Although in fine with more than 30 slots I would also be fine with even more 🙂
  5. Nacond

    Best frame

    In my opinion... Baruuk Because you have to farm standing to get him which takes quite a while... I also really like him so yeah...
  6. Nacond

    Did DE even playtest profit taker bounties?

    I really understand it must be hard... But some things that are just clearly bugged (or solved in a bad way) when testing... Or that you can't skip cutscenes after the 3rd time... (as far as I have read) I don't understand why these things aren't eliminated before release... Other things like Umbra mods not usable overall, Ember changes etc... I'm fine with that ^^ even if I don't agree to the solutions
  7. Nacond

    Did DE even playtest profit taker bounties?

    Seems to me like D3 when blizzard increased the damage of one skill from 100% weapon damage to 1500% (in a time where the set boni where much lower) So you got a mobility skill which killed everything faster than any other skills... One test using the skill would have shown the immense power...??? Sometimes I don't understand game developers... For the new content... Can't say. Didn't farm vox Solaris standing oO Now I have to farm... Grinding for weapons and such stuff is ok for me... But for new content? That's somehow... Suboptimal in my opinion
  8. Nacond

    Mesa Build

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions
  9. Nacond

    Mesa Build

    Hi! Now that Mesa prime is out I wanted to know about your builds. I would like to use her 3 and 4 most often and also waltz. At the moment I'm using Steel charge (because of points and polarity), fleeting expertise 5, Streamline 5, Vitality max, Primed flow 8(atm), Primed continuity max, Intensify max, Narrow minded max, Mesas Waltz max Forget the last one but I'm not at home so I'm not sure about it... What would you change at my setting? Also the weapons are built for critical damage because of the low status chance. What do you suggest for the pistols? And how important is range? I don't use her 2 often or at least only to buff me and not debuff enemies. Her 4 doesn't seem to scale with range. Her 3 has a range of about 3-4 meters. Is that enough or is it too low? If to low why? Thanks a lot for your help and have a nice day 🙂
  10. I would suggest calm like a bomb from rage against the machine 🙂 Keep up the good work
  11. Nacond

    We Need A Werewolf Warframe!

    But I would support furion
  12. Nacond

    We Need A Werewolf Warframe!

    So valkyrs warcry, khoras venari, Inaros passive?
  13. Nacond

    Conglomerated Wukong rework

    Don't know what's so bad about him. I really like the ideas. Yeah he could need some love but the setting and style is really nice in my opinion
  14. Nacond

    Fortuna Requirements?

    For Xbox they said around 4 GB but don't know for PS4. Will be similar i think