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  1. Well the Empyrean or whatever its called will come out with the improved engine. I'm gonna go and guess between early December to early March to be honest i don't really care for that ship, I hope i can use my Liset and go from nice gameplay between Archwing, Frame/Tenno, if we have to use a lame whale ship to do stuff Man that's gonna suck. There goes my dream of going between missions and different gameplay without going (loading in and out) out and in of a mission. I would love to simply do a survival that moves from archwing into the ship, while my friend sneaks around steal stuff and has the chance to choose a roll or something, between 3 pools of drops, like Mods and so on. Still I'm more interested in Engine improvement and the gameplay streamline. Would be nice if DE would gave a clap about Founder's stuff. Why they have not remastered and made the old Founder's stuff to look up-to date.
  2. its not about frames its about the easier porting to other platforms. on off-topic, if the upcoming consoles won't run on Vulkan its not worth to bother buying them. I'm tired of monopoly by companies. look at Dx12, only crappy Windows 10 and Xbox One. Still as long as the game uses more up-to date technology, its still a plus. even if that "up-to date" technology is 5+ years old
  3. Hey there. So i heard in the TennoCon stream that WF will have a new Game Engine (or most likely updated version of the current one) Does anyone know if its gonna support Vulkan?
  4. Towik


    Jupiter was remastered nicely but Dark sectors are using simple Jupiter tilesets without any infested on walls and so on The Game has not really improved much in the last 4 years, its been 6 years and slowly but surely the quality is going down, Invasion missions still use the same tileset, no matter were the invasion is happening (NODE), i could go on and on about stuff but simply put its not getting that much better. Look at weapons, we are at 26+MR now and we are still stuck at stuff that barely needs MR16 to be used. Weapons still use a single modding system for different type of firing, like Fulmin, it should have a shotgun/rifle, DE could remove Config C and allow for modding weapon with different type of firing but blah blah... My game acts bananas still... if I don't use AMD optimized shaders, the game will stutter so hard I'm not gonna even mention all those old mods that are still not remastered. I do understand its not that easy to keep some kind of balance but its been far too long I know i got off-topic but had to get it off my chest I would love some remastered gameplay on old tilesets, still at least i no longer see holes on maps 🙂 those were funny times
  5. Are you 250? and cannot learn a new thing, just look around and do it
  6. Not sure why but this update has restarted all AMD settings related to Warframe, as all control for AA and so on and even Chill settings. yay for ALT+R! (not sure if thats the default shortcut)
  7. Maybe DE should start putting a price on dlcs because the quality over the years went down so much 😖
  8. So i was doing a kuva survival with 3 random Tenno and we kept getting teleported to the extraction. Cannot really say more... Have anyone had this?
  9. I think i never posted in hotfix threads but yeah thanks, this might be best hotfix ever all around fixes and game experience update is always welcome 😊
  10. So Khora and Nekros don't stack? if i got ti right, Khora's additional loot happens at the moment of death, so it does or not stack with Nekro's desecrate?
  11. Good afternoon. Could someone point me to the patch notes were it was specified that different Frames farming abilities don't stack anymore? I could not find those ntoes.
  12. So me and certain someone played for some time. I got 2 new mods (at least for me) and 6 Vega Toroids (3 drops) I walk into the elevator, since the enemies kinda started getting big with HP pool. so 2-3 seconds after i walked into the elevator the game crashes. i did rejoin and extracted together but i have not received any items at all https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762744626 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762744668 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762744733 I hate Windows 10, this OS has the worst memory management i have ever seen or its Warframe and W10 combined efforts?
  13. Do Aura mods work on enemies that are hugged by the drones? Like Emp, CP and so on...
  14. If I have +300% damage for Nekros and Hek, does that mean Nekros Prime and Vaykor Hek will receive those buffs?
  15. May I ask what are you talking aboot?
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