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  1. Same here, can communicate through chat both ways. Restart did not fix.
  2. I take extreme care when in public matches. I personally will never use my operator if I see a MR6 or lower. And even then, unless I see someone use operator first, I will only use mine for a split second to try and avoid detection. The Second Dream opens up the entire game, completely changes the feel of Warframe. I very much respect the notion of leaving things unspoiled for newer warframe players.
  3. As a background, I nearly exclusively use melee weapons on all the frames I play. Specifically Limbo with the Nikana Prime and Baruuk with a Zaw polearm. Through months of building and testing, I had a fairly viable, conventional(Non spin-to-win) play style that was fun and rewarding to play. However, it took me a whole hour and a half to recognize what type of play style is incentivized, and that is heavy attacks, almost exclusively, actually. Before, light attack combos benefited greatly from things like: Combo counter multiplier, Blood Rush, Condition Overload, combo counter decay reduction(Naramon/Body count). Now light attacks either do not benefit from these at all, such as the multiplier and decay reduction, or get very little boosts from, concerning Blood Rush(Which applies now only to base crit chance and now has diminishing returns) and Condition Overload(Which also now gets diminishing returns). This, on paper and in practice, makes purely light attacking(comboing) more effective at lower levels(Due to base damage buffs across the board), but much less effective as enemies scale up. The solution now to high level and high armored enemies is: Heavy Attack spamming. Heavy attacks not only benefit from the combo multiplier and combo decay reduction, but also more effectively from Blood Rush than light attacks do now. However, heavy attacks use 100% of your combo counter to execute. The solution to this? Combo efficiency mods and Zenurik, allowing you to only use ~10% of your combo counter when heavy attacking. Not only does this allow the spamming of high damaging, AOE(At least to polearms), 12x multiplied and crit boosted swings; whenever you execute a heavy attack, regardless of hitting anything, your combo counter decay timer is reset. That's right, Zenurik is now better for melee than Naramon, the supposedly melee-oriented focus tree. So my rivened polearm zaw got it's ranged reduced from 18m to 8m, and now performs worse at high level UNLESS I heavy attack spam, then it works decently but sucks all of the fun out of the style I had made work before. And I am bitter.
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