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  1. So glad you took the time to not read my post.
  2. Remember when rework was something positive? now its associated with nerfing a warframe into the ground so it will never see the light of day for the next 3 years. The situation was only made worse when even DE saw the outcome of their actions so they kept rewording it to the likes of "Re-do, Re-make, Re-visited" etc etc. The same exact thing will happen with how people distinguish warframe's updates. Mainline sounds like content with significant value such as fortuna. Was Mask of the Revenant [1 warframe, 1 gun, armor bundle, and a not-quest] a "mainline" update? Or what about Beast of the Sanctuary [1 warframe, 3 weapons, and a new gamemode]? At least what is suppose to launch this week is a little more significant than Mask of the Revenant in terms of new content. Giving your semi- content updates the name of mainline will get treated like rework when people are dissatisfied with what the update brought.
  3. Where the ducates?
  4. Wevi

    how to fix too many failures log in?

    your account is looked for awhile. you can try again in 20 mins or you can change your password
  5. Chorma Prime Launcher Webm https://my.mixtape.moe/giujih.webm
  6. The new deluxe skin for Nezha is amazing but there is one thing I would suggest changing. Could all the dangling bits be an auxiliary slot? This would include: Both of the knee danglers Both thigh knotted ropes Both of the head pin danglers
  7. Wevi

    The issue with an endgame system

    unless you are doing solo, after warwithin its been easier than ever to revive people if they are down. even with no focus trees maxed to you can walk as cloak as your operator and revive. as for the reward for the increasing visual effects of the item if it isnt like how the celestial syadana works then it will be a slap in the face for conclave.
  8. For the love of god please give back the old nezha's warding halo effect? believe it was removed because it "it caused someone to become nauseous" so it was removed and replaced with 2 very dull versions: one that only spun in one direction with the energy effects faded out and the other that just a static hoop around his waist with the energy effects even more faded out Here's what it looks like in his original profile video
  9. Any tie in to LoR?
  10. Wevi

    Slash proc too OP?

    Instead of asking for a nerf for something that somehow survive 2 entire damage passings how about you come up with buffs for puncture and impact.
  11. So if you build all of vlad and go back to the plains at night does it prompt something else? or does buying him with plat not count? I was only getting blueprints of him and nakkak sounded like she was wrapping up the quest. is this bugged or is there nothing else?
  12. Sacrifice logo Sacrifice Launcher Webm Vlad Launcher Webm
  13. im honestly surprised there was an update this week
  14. Wevi

    Nvidia RTX

    a winter waste land doesn't scream extreme lighting. the sky distills the sun so lighting is mostly evenly lit
  15. Wevi

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #115!

    Any chance we can have bumpers or rails to set up our own race tracks on these large maps. I was messing around before when you first added those text sign things. i went into the planes captura and started making a course. I was 40% done with making a track but then there was a hotfix to limit the number of textsigns you can have out.