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  1. Every time an enemy with a unique behavior gets added the community just complains until it gets nerfed. The last unique enemy that was added that caused a threat was probably manic but they hardly spawn anymore. Nox got power creeped fast. Sentience with status immunization just got power creeped. Archwing on land takes some of the same issues from the original space version. People are going to get a pretty rude wake up call when railjack comes out because they do not control the same.
  2. Please make the drop the lotus ephemera. Twitch drops did not work at the time despite watching the entire tennocon day of streams.
  3. I would use her as a team buffer support but thats probably not the answer you were hoping for. and she is about to get nerfed again so there goes your entire thread.
  4. Whats the question? If there is armor on enemies then your fire is useless. my build is super energy hungry and needs constant energy orbs to drop (made much easier with arcane energize) to keep up with world on fire drain, mid to high ability range and some duration to keep up accelerant. if you can find a way to self damage with heat proc thats even more energy for you. This is normally good enough for infested below level 50.
  5. As the title says every time I want to launch the game the launcher is flat out required to be ran through administrative privileges. if you deny it upon it asking it will spit out a windows firewall error. Deleting the in and outbound rules set from the game allows it to generate new ones when you launch it (thanks to some people with the same problem all the way back in 2013) only temporarily fixes the problem until i turn off my computer or just put it into hibernation.
  6. I wish the lotus ephemera could drop from the next prime time.
  7. //Gauss Launcher webm// //Saint of Altra launcher update sound//
  8. Where is my block button? eletromagnetic shielding and the aggro draw mod are completely useless right now.
  9. /Warframe - The Jovian Concord Launcher Webm/ https://gfycat.com/SelfassuredInexperiencedDarwinsfox2 /Warframe - The Jovian Concord [New Logo] Webm/ https://gfycat.com/opulentsnarlinggreyhounddog
  10. Equinox prime launcher Webm Note: Anything that I have uploaded using mixtape.moe is now gone. The site got shutdown.
  11. Buried Debts Update: Launcher Webm Launcher logo webm Launcher Update Sound -------------- Update Puzzle Part 1 Update Puzzle Part 2 Update Puzzle Part 3 Update Puzzle Part 4
  12. @[DE]Taylor What happen to all images on warframe.com news articles? Most images on everything before 07-05-2016 is just 404'd. https://www.warframe.com/news/marketplace-redesign-coming-soon
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