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  1. Wevi

    Nvidia RTX

    a winter waste land doesn't scream extreme lighting. the sky distills the sun so lighting is mostly evenly lit
  2. Wevi

    Another kicked to the nuts by DE.

    I wish DE would bring back events and tacticool alerts
  3. Wevi

    RailJack Good or Bad ?

    its friendship doors but in a different form. its not cooperation you just need to press a button when the other player needs you to.
  4. Wevi

    Vauban Prime Chassis - excessive Oxium

    purely defense. also i like how he said vauban prime looks amazing but then makes a shout out to a skin that can be used on the vanilla vauban.
  5. Wevi

    Vauban Prime Chassis - excessive Oxium

    just remember it used to be double the cost until people started complaining when he was released
  6. Wevi

    5 Players in one mission?

    Whats embarrassing is you think my post doesnt belong here.
  7. Wevi

    5 Players in one mission?

    stop making me miss raids. basically rubbing it in our faces at this point. far too late for people to be interested in 8 player missions
  8. Wevi

    kinda dissapointed in tennocon stream

    but its old news by then. people want to know this stuff now
  9. Wevi

    kinda dissapointed in tennocon stream

    they probably mean why arent they showing the other panels. we got done with the art panels and revealed a hand full of new deluxes and another new frame other than vlad
  10. Wevi

    What do veterans want from this game?

    Sorties is just stack mission modifiers not even a challenge or rewarding to be called end game - the rewards stop being worth it when they stop adding new stuff to it OS is designed for you to get to a certain wave number and quit. you can't go any further because your efficiency will drain before you finish the wave since there isnt enough enemies to kill - the rewards was stuff i already had, what was once a good alternative to using xp farming nodes was shutdown in a week tridolon is not fun and just mind numbing - the new focus system is barley worth using outside of hunting eidolons, arcanes arent new, transmuting rivens is worthless if i dont bother with sorties or even care for rivens you are limited to how many you can have any ways just get like a few for your favorite weapon and thats that There is no end game which is why people will joke about completely unrelated things being warframe's endgame and what i'm very afraid that venus will be a carbon copy of the plains. i dont want that. it will probably be zaw secondaries and more amp parts. no enjoyment just purely for mastery fodder then back to login in and out once a day. Just bring back trials or darksector. bring back the competitive events because we really havent had a real event in years.
  11. Wevi

    Frost Concept art for future helmte and skins

    that first one's artist already made an existing deluxe skin for him
  12. As far as i'm aware we have always been able to sell warframes for credits, even excal prime. Does this mean umbra will be a vital roll in the future and will we be stuck with just an excal version? would have been nice if we were able to pick what frames we wanted to be umbra, from the starter selection (that includes loki).
  13. Wevi

    (Spoilers) Umbra in the Sacrifice quest

    think of it as a hi tech helmet where the flesh and tech has advanced so far you dont need direct vision from your eyes to the outside. Dark sector implies it too but he retracts the helmet sometimes
  14. Wevi

    Help please

    what are your computer specs? well you can always send DE a support ticket with your ee.log they will walk you through it. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  15. Wevi

    Help please

    optimize your game cache through the launcher. run the game in borderless windowed