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  1. What happen to most of the older media on warframe.com news articles? Most of the hosted images and videos on everything before July 05, 2016 are 404. https://www.warframe.com/news/tenno-reinforcements-70 https://www.warframe.com/news/marketplace-redesign-coming-soon https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-53-overview https://www.warframe.com/news/new-spy-vaults-preview https://www.warframe.com/grineersystems
  2. every primed frame after ember prime and before hydroid prime have been extremely overdesigned. just bad all around. im glad they gave the option to use the vanilla skin on a prime frame as for valkyr i just use the bastet helmet or the vr one. of course i only use valkyr to level melee weapons so not enough to warrant me caring too much. The person you are mad at no longer works at DE and i doubt DE will pbr most of the models that do need to be reevaluated.
  3. i have listen to harsh noise (an actual genre of music) that sounded better than this. No I dont have a distake for industrial either since i still listen to neuropunk and some really heavy breakcore. but this SHOULD NOT be clipping this badly. It should never be a solid chunk of sound like this
  4. its the bike meme dude. im sure reddit has picked it up by now
  5. balancing mesa should be top priority tbh. No interaction at all just hold the mouse button down and things die. really takes away the immersion of this game.
  6. i guess the "x frame is useless because lel meme" will die soon?
  7. this is bait you know what's worse than expecting disappointment? Hyping and hiding disappointment.
  8. other than the meat and potatos of warwithin nothing seems of significance during that week.
  9. Sorry. getting hyped over skins and a single custom mission just doesn't do it for it. Enjoy the free dark colors i guess.
  10. people come back around major updates and events only. The clan is dead every other time and DE keeps making these high costing build cost. the 1000x multiplier doesn't help.
  11. Problem::Research build requirements. You see that gap between 300 players and 1000? yeah that's a problem and my case is only minor compared to other barren moon clans. I am currently in a moon sized clan with 600 registered players and only 20-40 active players. For the latest arcwhing, Amesha, is still lacking a massive amount of oxium. Solution #1 Building clan tier multiplier should be changed and determined by the amount of active players in a clan per week. So if there is a moon size clan that equals the activity of a storm size clan for an entire week the build r
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