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  1. /Warframe - The Jovian Concord Launcher Webm/ https://gfycat.com/SelfassuredInexperiencedDarwinsfox /Warframe - The Jovian Concord [New Logo] Webm/ https://gfycat.com/opulentsnarlinggreyhounddog
  2. Equinox prime launcher Webm Note: Anything that I have uploaded using mixtape.moe is now gone. The site got shutdown.
  3. Buried Debts Update: Launcher Webm Launcher logo webm Launcher Update Sound -------------- Update Puzzle Part 1 Update Puzzle Part 2 Update Puzzle Part 3 Update Puzzle Part 4
  4. @[DE]Taylor What happen to all images on warframe.com news articles? Most images on everything before 07-05-2016 is just 404'd. https://www.warframe.com/news/marketplace-redesign-coming-soon
  5. What happen to all images on warframe.com news articles? everything before 07-05-2016 is just 404'd.
  6. Sacrifice Hypesite ____________________ Fortuna Hypesite Fortuna pre-hypesite (mini-game) Fortuna Hypesite (EasterEgg) Fortuna Launcher Webm Fortuna Logo Webm Fortuna Launcher Sound
  7. Chorma Prime Launcher Webm https://my.mixtape.moe/giujih.webm
  8. For the love of god please give back the old nezha's warding halo effect? believe it was removed because it "it caused someone to become nauseous" so it was removed and replaced with 2 very dull versions: one that only spun in one direction with the energy effects faded out and the other that just a static hoop around his waist with the energy effects even more faded out Here's what it looks like in his original profile video
  9. Sacrifice logo Sacrifice Launcher Webm Vlad Launcher Webm
  10. im honestly surprised there was an update this week
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