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  1. Wevi

    Help please

    what are your computer specs? well you can always send DE a support ticket with your ee.log they will walk you through it. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  2. Wevi

    Help please

    optimize your game cache through the launcher. run the game in borderless windowed
  3. death to the lotus death to ordis death to the void demon Kneel upon the starchart like that of old
  4. Asseral softlocks your game when you try to pick another warframe during the quest During the last objective of the quest after meeting ballas and killing the sentients the game softlocks. there is no interaction to what to do next and the objective goes away. when backtracking and touching to door you came from the battle music starts back up like there is a missing enemy left. even if it did spawn you cant kill it since all your weapons is locked.
  5. Wevi

    Equinox Rework/Tweaks that need to be done.

    instead of it being like limbo it could replace something like back/forward flips and side roll dodges make ability 1 replace ability 2 have ability 2 be a charge like duration (longer you hold it the more duration you get) to where equinox can hold both forms and use both powers for a set amount of time in turn with a bit of an energy drain. so when equinox changes forms passively with 2 active it would be more like a rubberband effect. metamorphosis augment would cut your max duration in half but allows a 2nd clone of yourself be up for x amount of time rather than the small 7 seconds
  6. if you traded with someone and they did a backcharge on their plat purchase it takes away the plat from whoever he traded with. send a ticket to support if that's the case.
  7. Wevi

    UI Redesign: Information & Timeline!

    So all the panorama displays will be removed?
  8. good bye old bless methods good bye link bombing all 3 stages where people rediscovered it why not just redo her entire kit at this point
  9. Wevi

    Tennocon 2018 predictions

    Battle royal conclave on the plains. i would try to say ha ha just a joke but remember that lunaro is a thing.
  10. Wevi

    Warframe concept: [PH]SoonTM

    you need Scott. not Steve
  11. Wevi

    Excalibur Prime... Founders chim in!!!

    the forums is a sensitive place for the like 300 people that actually use it. you should see threads about making lore connected to darksector. its amazing how much backlash you can get.
  12. Wevi

    Coming Soon: Devstream #112!

    Can we get the old starchart music back?
  13. Wevi

    Excalibur Prime... Founders chim in!!!

    $300 just to have something for 7 days? Not even EA would do something like that, yet.
  14. Wevi

    Mallet nerf?

    So its line of sight even though sound bounces off surfaces and reaches a much boarder range. sounds like someone didnt want it to be an afk type power but at the same time kept ALL of her powers duller than vauban's. you can try to complain about it being restricted to LOS in the next hotfix thread but you probably wont get far. Good luck.