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  1. Hyperbolic, again. And the weapons you brought up. Those are not the rule. Those are again exceptions. If every single Kuva Weapon was like that then I'd stand corrected. And you also are mistaken: The Panthera Prime and the Kuva Karak are Primary Rifles that have Automatic Fire. I compared an Automatic Priamry to an Automatic Primary, I don't see how it's a bad comparison? And also: 100x stronger? Please prove it. All you're doing is saying hyperbolic statements and not proving anything apart from exceptions to the rule. Also: Excuse me but I wasn't comparing the Baza Prime to a Kuva weapon,
  2. If Warframe is a power fantasy already there would be no need to constantly nerf things then. I guess people would complain if no nerf was done...but whatever. And yes I noticed your set up doesn't include that many Primed weapons but that does not somehow disprove what I suggested. If many people would back you up on what you said I'd like for them to speak up instead of someone else speaking for them. And your phrasing seems very hyperbolic. Also: Rivens? Really? Those somehow compensate for lack of fun mechanics or gimmicks? I'm sorry but even with a Riven, Prisma Grakata's kinda boring. It
  3. I also must mention that strength does not dictate the weapon's quality. No matter how strong any current existing non Primed and non Kuva weapon, they will still not get used as much as Primed weapons, with Kuva weapons being a close second. Not without a proper incentive to go full in. I'm unwilling to simply accept "but these weapons are already powerful enough" as an arguement when the usage of them doesn't take into account their power. A set bonus for certain weapon Suffixes will encourage more build diversity for other Warframes, like Ash or Ivara for more stealth orientation for exampl
  4. Tell me, what kind of game do you like to play when you are playing Warframe? I know this question is odd, but bear with me. Do you want a challenging game or a power fantasy? And despite those nerfs, that doesn't mean those Warframes still don't nuke the battlefield. And also: Octavia still exists. And so does any other Warframe that deals insane/massive damage. I understand where you're coming from on the Primed Weapons already being overpowered, but I'm one of those weirdos who thinks Rivens were a mistake (possibly) and I more side with people like The Reaper Hunter or Cephalon Jizo who wa
  5. While I can agree they are a bit over the top, the problem is if you apply very minor or basic effects, or just fashion effects, the weapons would still not get used very often. The highest used Suffix weapons are Primed weapons. Others get used less often, even Kuva weapons. I do notice Kitguns and Zaws on occasion but not enough to typically be more used than Primed weapons. And I also think it's a bit strange to worry a lot about challenge and balance when Warframe seems to be in a power fantasy state. Someone else said this but you can't have both large levels of challenge & balance an
  6. Good day, everyone. I've been playing Warframe for about 3+ years, and there's a lot of weapons in this game I really like. But I've noticed that there was varying weapons part of a series, with a suffix typically (An exception would be the Lesion. Even though that's technically a Mutalist weapon in my opinion, it lacks the suffix). So I was thinking of set bonuses for these weapons that affect your Warframe and if all three weapons of the same suffix are equipped. However there is a concern from me that a lot of these suffix weapons that you can buy with Platinum, in particular Primed Weapons
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