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  1. Hihi! Long time lurker, first time poster, and I've got a suggestion; (besides cleaning that first post up) Maybe also have them arranged by Tileset, with photos instead of links, that are in spoilers so we can open the photo if we want, but won't have a long list to go through. Also, If you wanna send me the info for all of this, I'd happily BBcode it all, clean it up and such. I'm fairly proficient in it, or so I like to think. PM me if you wanna take me up on this. Like I said, I'd be glad to help ^.^ By the by, in the first post, Corpus Gas City Tileset is called Grineer Gas Mi
  2. Gigantic great bow.. All I can see is Rhino, Iron skin being peeled off by a heavy gunner as he slowly and powerfully draws this monster, lining up the shot at the Grineer assassination target, and Volt galvanizing the arrow as it's loosed, sending a thunderbolt streaking across the battlefield to strike down the target just before he gets to safety, completely punching through him, a lance-like arrow of energy pinning him to the wall, dissolving and letting his lifeless body crumple to the floor. Gods that's a scary thought. Can we please have, DE? Pretty please? I'll never complain about
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