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  1. Account Management

    You will probably need to contact support about the issue. You can do so with a Support Ticket. If English isn't your native language, make sure to change the language/country in the upper right to your most familiar language, and fill out the ticket in said language.
  2. Chat access suspended

    The chat bot is regularly patrolled by DE staff. Cussing or verbally abusing the bot is tantamount to doing those things to an actual DE staff member. Long story short, you earned your chat suspension and now you'll need to wait for it to end. Use the time off from chat to reflect upon your actions and, once your access to the chat is restored, make more of an effort to adhere to the code of conduct.
  3. Kickbot is regularly patrolled by DE staff. Cussing out and verbally abusing the bot is tantamount to cussing out and verbally abusing a member of DE staff. Take the time off from chat to reflect upon your actions and, once your privileges are restored in a week or so, make more of an effort to adhere to the code of conduct. Rules are rules, regardless of how much money you spend on the game or how angry something makes you.
  4. Because stuff you buy in game is processed differently. Prime access is something you buy with real money (versus Platinum) and is processed differently than an in game market transaction.
  5. Excalibur Prime

    Excalibur Prime will not be returning.
  6. Can we get some update on the chat moderation?

    Locking, as the thread has run its course.
  7. Warframe randomly uninstalls itself?

    This can happen if you forget to install the game with administrator privileges. Make sure you run the installer as an administrator and install it to a permanent location (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Warframe\). Most importantly, make sure it's not trying to install to C:\Users\<Your User Account>\AppData\Local\Temp because that "Temp" folder is, as its name implies, for temporary files and will be periodically wiped by Windows; if your game is installed to there, it may get wiped out by windows every so often.
  8. A question to other founders.

    Closed beta ended in March 2013. The game went open beta after that point. It's currently considered a perpetual pseudo-beta (As major gameplay changes do occur from time o time, which completely overhaul/change how the game works). Having a closed beta key now does nothing for you. It only would have granted you access to the closed beta build of the game prior to March 2013. Lato Vandal was given to closed beta testers when the game transitioned from closed to open beta. If you did not join/play the game prior to open beta, you would not have been eligible to receive it (so you cannot receive it now). Braton Vandal was available only during the Open Beta Weekend on February 15, 2013 to February 19, 2013. If you weren't around to purchase it then, you can no longer get it. Whether the Lato/Braton Vandal will return is up in the air. No one knows for sure if they will return or not.
  9. Can we get some update on the chat moderation?

    Discussing and providing feedback on how chat moderation can be improved (i.e. messages to notify users when they're banned, how long they're banned for, and the ban reason, etc) is perfectly okay and fine and good. Using this thread to champion and encourage derogatory slurs, abusive behavior and disrespectful conduct towards others is not something we will tolerate, whether it's done on the forums or in the in game chat.
  10. Report a player option

    There is. You can report players for cheating/hacking through the support desk.
  11. The moderation of the forum

    The thread which I believe you're referring to was closed because it wasn't a discussion worth having, and it was opened with a fairly rude and very standoffish "I know better than DE's IT team" tone (and therefore not in keeping with rule 1 of the forums). When we remove a thread, we usually will not notify all users involved (the one who started the thread is usually notified through a verbal warning or a warning point for violating the rules). Notifying every user who posted in a removed thread would be too much of a chore as it would involve sending out several dozen private messages in some instances. Also, for the future, if you have a question as to why a thread you think was removed was removed, you should send a private message to a moderator to inquire about it.
  12. This is not a wise assumption to make. While it is certainly knowledge that all players should acquaint themselves with, not all players do. Instead of complaining, whining and ranting about how players don't measure up to your standards of playing the game, maybe you should take a moment to engage said players in a conversation to maybe mentor them? Perhaps they really don't know what weapon or status is effective for what boss, maybe your guidance would be greatly appreciated by them. I'm going to be locking this thread now.
  13. A few days, maybe a week at most.
  14. Suspended from in game chat

    "It's a bot so I should be allowed to say anything to it" does not excuse a user's abusive behavior, nor does having a rough day. If your day was so stressful that it compromised your ability to act in a civil and respectful manner, you should find a way to destress before you enter the chat. Your behavior is your responsibility. The chat bot is also regularly patrolled/checked by DE staff, so sending it abusive messages is tantamount to sending DE staff abusive messages. Your chat suspension is likely for 1 week. Use the time off from chat to reflect upon your actions and work on improving your behavior.
  15. DE removing Comments from People who asks about Raids

    Well, hotfix and patch notes are for addressing bugs and things that need to be fixed and changed. Asking about raids doesn't have to do with bugs or things that need to be fixed (their removal was not unintentional). If users want to provide feedback about wanting raids to come back, the feedback subforums are a much more appropriate place to discuss the matter--not repeatedly spamming patch notes and update threads (where the discussions/posts should be relevant to the hotfix, changes or content included in said patch).