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  1. Support is not responding at all

    You will have to remain patient. You can try to add a response to your existing ticket (which should notify support staff), however making multiple tickets (which I see you've done) is ill-advised. Making multiple tickets can slow down response times and be considered spamming behavior. As for your ban, EULA violation bans usually cover things like cheating/hacking (or having a 3rd party memory editing program like CheatEngine running), using multiple accounts to bypass limitations (such as riven related stuff, or farming multiple event rewards), buying/selling platinum for real money from other players, sharing your account with someone else, and so on. EULA bans are usually final and not something support staff are willing to reverse, so you may need to create a new account if you wish to keep playing. Unfortunately, as we on the forums cannot help you resolve this issue, I am locking the thread.
  2. Question about Negative Platinum Balance

    Buying platinum from an unauthorized source (i.e. another player) is a violation of the EULA. Doing so will result in the illegally obtained platinum being deducted from your account, so as long as you have not spent the platinum in question, your platinum balance will not go below 0. This is also the case if you receive platinum for a trade which was obtained illegally (i.e. you traded a rare mod for 1,499 platinum, and that 1,499 platinum was obtained by the other player through illicit means before they traded it to you). Purchasing platinum, spending (or trading away) the platinum, and then reversing your credit card charge by contacting your credit card company can also result in the platinum being removed from your account (or if the player who gave you said platinum reversed their credit card charge). Long story short, if you're receiving a large sum of platinum through a trade, wait a while before you start spending it; that way if it was obtained illegally and it gets deducted, you won't go below 0 platinum (you can also contact support if someone gives you an abnormally large sum of platinum for a trade and ask them to check to make sure it's all good as well). Beyond that, you will need to Contact Support to sort the matter out.
  3. Why has my chat been suspended?

    To clarify upon the lock, users in the thread have previously mentioned that if you are suspended from chat, you will need to Contact Support with regards to having the suspension lifted (the suspension may only be a temporary kick in which re-logging will grant you access again, though it may also be a 1 hour or 24 hour suspension in which case your best bet is to wait it out). As for reporting players for hacking, you will have to Contact Support to report them as well.
  4. Cencored by someone

    If you're going to offer feedback, you should do so in a constructive and objective manner. Clickbait titles and rants that bash one game or another are neither constructive nor objective.
  5. Price manipulation ember prime

    Naming and shaming is not allowed here. Also, the game runs on a free market. Buy for what you're willing to buy for and sell for whatever you want; either you'll get a deal or you won't.
  6. Plains of Eidolon Will Not Be What You'll Expect

    Then they should be the one to post this on the forums, not you. Unless they happen to be on moderation queue (or are suspended) in which case you really shouldn't be posting for them.
  7. Why is this a thing?

    I think at one point they cost more (like 30 platinum) to buy from the market. Not 100% sure if I'm correct though, I may be mistaken.
  8. Similar threads merged & original starting post contents restored.
  9. To DE Devs

    .... ??? Pretty sure Excalibur Prime's appearance has not been modified in any significant way. Did you accidentally equip an asymmetrical skin (such as the Proto Excalibur skin)?
  10. For the sake of topic flow and forum neatness, you should only be making 1 thread to discuss a particular topic. In this case, both threads were conjecture/theory threads about how the Razorback health is decaying (two threads, one topic). Making a "I think this is happening" thread and a completely separate "This is why I think it's happening" thread creates unnecessary clutter and potential confusion for those who want to participate in the discussion, as people do not know which thread to respond to and may wind up making a post in your 'older' thread and having their post lost/ignored in the conversation which had 'moved' to your new thread. Instead you should have just made a "This is what I think is happening and why I think it is happening" thread. Introduce the discussion in your opening post. If you think you've found evidence to support your theory, update your original post to include it. Your 'own reasons' do not override the forum guidelines.
  11. Goodbye Warframe :''(

    What place is that? If you're an international student in the U.S. (and not a U.S. citizen) you probably hold an F-1 Visa which means you can work part time on your school's campus (up to 20 hours per week) during the semester and full time (up to 40 hours per week) during holidays and vacation periods (summer/winter break) as long as you are returning to school after the break or vacation period.
  12. Game ports for corporate firewall

    You could always launch the game and monitor your PC's network traffic to determine what ports the launcher and game are using (or try to use). Usually it's TCP ports 80, 443, 8080, 6665-6669, 6695-6699 while UDP may be any port--these are the port forwarding settings that Warframe requests/sets on the Windows Firewall. (You can also check inside the game itself for the user-specified port options for when you have multiple computers that have different LAN IPs but the same WAN IP, these ports should also get forwarded).
  13. Multi trade rip off

    Unfortunately it's your fault for being too trusting. Never offer more than what you can fit in a single trade for something in return; making multiple trades for only a few items (that can be traded in a single go) is what we call "Trading for promises" and is not something we endorse nor protect. While you can contact support with a support ticket and attaching your screenshot, it is unlikely that they would reverse the trades in question or take any action against the other player.
  14. Problems not being able to report players

    As @Pie_mastyr said, the forums have a no naming and shaming rule. You can report players through support tickets and should attach screenshots of the rule violating behavior to the ticket to corroborate your report.