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  1. Pretty clear that you need to contact support. We on the forums cannot really help you, as we can only speculate about the reasons why several transactions on your account had been reversed. Locking.
  2. Could be due to Microsoft's cert process. Wouldn't be the first time that Microsoft dragged their feet getting an update certified for console deployment.
  3. We on the forums cannot assist you with regards to in-game suspensions. You'll need to contact DE Customer Support to inquire about your suspension from the game.
  4. Now, creating a thread to complain about complaints is not really productive, nor does it facilitate meaningful discussion. Instead it just invites complaints about your complaints about complaints, which will be met with further complaints from you (and others) about the complaints about this thread's complaints about other user's complaints. Then there will be even more complaints about the complaints of the complaints for the other complaints, and at some point you're going to have complaints about the complaints that there are too many complaints and that you're not really quite sure
  5. We on the forums can't assist you with in-game suspensions, you will need to contact DE Support if you wish to inquire about the nature of your chat suspension.
  6. As long as you are logged into the main warframe.com site with your PS4 account, you can link your Twitch account on the Account Management Page. Please keep in mind that the Twitch Rewards system has been overhauled, and if you have previously linked your account, you will need to un-link it and re-link it following the instructions here:
  7. If you click the link multiple times, then you may get an error message. You should check the status of your 2FA on your account by going to https://www.warframe.com/user and looking for the following: If that image is displayed and it says 2FA is enabled, then you're all set! If the page says 2FA is not enabled and the link to enable it in e-mail doesn't work, you should contact DE Customer Support using a Support Ticket.
  8. Unfortunately we cannot help you troubleshoot the bot, as it's run by a third party group not affiliated with DE. If you're following the instructions correctly and it still isn't working, then the bot may be having issues. You can try contacting Warframe.market admins regarding the issue using their website/discord.
  9. Botting is a violation of the EULA and will result in the associated account being banned.
  10. Re-read the instructions. This is not how you register for Warframe.market.
  11. Talking about Tencent's acquisition of Digital Extremes is fine, as long as the intent of discussing it isn't to fearmonger or spread misinformation. Development of Warframe, the rules, moderation, etc is business as usual. Contrary to what some may believe, no, these forums are not controlled by Tencent or the Chinese government, we (the moderators) do not have the Chinese government looking over our shoulders telling us 'hide this' or 'ban that user'. We do remove posts discussing controversial issues regarding China, however, because the simple fact of the matter is that such topi
  12. Going to lock this, as there's not really a whole lot we can do about it. Here are the bullet-point summaries: DE has expressed interest in crossplay/cross-save DE cannot implement crossplay/cross-save on consoles unless all console manufacturers agree, in the interest of fairness Other games like Destiny may have gotten it, but Warframe isn't Destiny and contains gameplay elements that other crossplay/cross-save games do not The ability to trade the premium currency is probably the biggest obstacle to getting unanimous approval from Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo, if I
  13. Then it sounds like the only solution is to upgrade to a card capable of running full DX11.
  14. Have you tried clearing the node normally (and the nodes adjacent to it)? If you cleared it years ago, it's possible that the star map changes (adding nodes/junctions, changing how nodes are connected, etc) may require you to re-clear certain areas to have all nodes fully unlocked.
  15. This sounds like a pretty serious bug... though just to get some more objective information than a vague 'other players doing bad bug please fix', I have some questions: Can you reproduce this bug, or do you know how to trigger it? What do you mean by 'locking'? What exactly is happening (i.e. your keyboard/mouse stops working, not registering inputs, etc) when you're 'locked'? Are you certain this is being caused by other users? or could it be an issue on your end (i.e. a game crash, faulty driver, your mouse/keyboard being overridden by a plugged in controller, etc)?
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