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  1. In the future, if users treat you in such a manner, please take screenshots and report them with a Support Ticket. Abusive behavior is not something that's tolerated within the community, and the best way to get rid of it is to report those who use it so that they can be punished and/or removed from the community.
  2. Bans (be it trade bans or full game bans) are something that you can only resolve by contacting support. And using alternate accounts to bypass in game restrictions is a violation of the game's Terms of Use Agreement (which you agreed to follow when you signed up for the game). Bans are not issued without reason, and being banned from the support desk only occurs if you do 1 of 2 things: spamming support with tickets, or acting in an abusive manner towards support representatives. In no circumstance should you be doing either of these things; spamming tickets does not get your issue resolved faster (instead you should be updating your existing ticket with a follow up comment or two) and being abusive towards DE staff who are there to help you is just plain unwise. Unfortunately there isn't much else we can do for you here on the forums @soshootso as we do not have the ability to see the full story. You may need to wait for your support ban to expire (assuming you only mildly spammed support) before you can contact them again. In the future you may want to avoid burning bridges.
  3. Console-to-PC never occurred. PC-to-Console, however, did. This was to allow PC players to migrate their progress to consoles, not the other way around. The direction of migration was opposite that what the thread starter is asking about.
  4. Why do you need to access your old unactivated account? (If you never used the account, you may be better off just making a new one?) And why didn't you activate it back in 2015? You could probably Contact Support with a support ticket, but there's a chance that the old account may have been deleted from the database if you haven't used it for a year or more, per the Terms of Use Agreement: Your Account may be deactivated if you do not use your Account within twelve months after the date that it was created or for any continuous period of twelve months after creation.
  5. Unfortunately it is not possible. Console-to-PC account migrations is not possible as Microsoft/Sony would not allow it.
  6. I think you're fine in either case. 200 miles in 1 hour is not hard at all with flying (since usually the cruise speed of aircraft tends to sit around 550 miles an hour). The issue would be if you traveled, say, 3,000 miles in 5 minutes, which is way too fast to be an aircraft (unless you happen to be an astronaut in which case I won't judge). As for VPNs, I'd recommend against using them while connecting to the game, but if you want or need to, try to use a VPN that remains in the same general geographic location as where you're located (i.e. if you're in Eastern North America, use a VPN server that's in that general area, as opposed to using a server located in Malaysia or halfway around the globe)--as VPN servers that are geographically closer to your position not only look less suspicious, it also improves your latency and won't murder you with lag when connecting to other players.
  7. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. My first instinct when I get radiation proc'd is to aim at friendlies. Is yours?
  8. If I remember correctly, DE does keep track of all trades that occur in the game. Tracking trades is one of the ways they enforce the EULA/Terms of Use Agreement rules--to make sure that players aren't abusing alternate accounts to circumvent in game restrictions, as well as to identify suspicious behavior that may indicate an account being compromised. Free market noun An economic system in which prices are determined by unrestricted competition between privately owned businesses. In the case of Warframe, the privately owned businesses are individual users or clans. Players can sell items for whatever price they want. Black market noun An illegal traffic or trade in officially controlled or scarce commodities. In the case of Warframe, the "black market" would be the trading of in game goods for out of game goods (i.e. trading platinum, items, accounts, etc for real world money or out of game commodities); this sort of trading violates the EULA/Terms of Use Agreement, ergo illegal. So, no, the in-game trading economy of Warframe is not a black market. DE has implemented many safeguards to prevent users from being scammed or swindled out of their platinum, mods, etc (i.e. trading confirmation that gets reset if the other party changes what they're offering, a public trade chat where you can ask about prices and look for other offers, etc), however whether these safeguards are exercised is entirely on the shoulders of the player--neglecting to make use of the safeguards means that if you get swindled out of something with the in-game trade, the fault rests with you (long story short: stay vigilant and protect yourself).
  9. I'm having a little trouble understanding what you're trying to say. If you're worried about somehow being suspended from the game because you're connecting from different locations due to travelling, you don't have to be worried because you won't get suspended. There's nothing wrong with connecting to the game from various different locations within reason (i.e. actually travelling). I've connected to Warframe from several different countries in the past and have had no troubles. However if you connect from 1 place, and then within minutes connect from somewhere else several thousand miles away, that looks suspicious (because travelling several thousand miles in several minutes is not within reason) and is indicative of a compromised account or of account sharing. For example, if at 09:30 GMT you connect to the game's servers from a United States IP address, and at 09:35 GMT that same day you connect to the game's servers from, say, a Russian IP address--this is suspicious behavior because there is no reasonable way for you to travel from the United States to Russia in 5 minutes. The only reasonable explanation for this is that either your account was compromised, or you gave your account information to someone else (in either case the account will be locked in order to prevent malicious use of the account).
  10. The link I provided should automatically set it to the proper category (Account).
  11. Probably don't need to worry. The trading-between-alt-accounts is mainly to prevent players from making a bunch of accounts, farming tons of event mods, transferring them all to the main account and selling the spares for platinum. Plus if you and your siblings are connecting from different locations at other times and/or active play together (i.e. when you're not visiting you've all got separate IPs or all connect to the game and play at the same time), that would tend to refute any alt-account-abuse. Abusing alternate accounts to circumvent in game restriction looks a very specific way (usually 1 account is 'empty', 1 account is full, and whenever the empty account gets anything of value it's then traded to the other account). tl;dr you're fine
  12. Although it's unlikely that DE will grant permission, I also doubt that you'll get banned. The rule is primarily in place to prevent users from selling accounts loaded with gear/platinum for real money and out of game things. As long as the account wasn't filled with items and was relatively knew, you're probably fine. Not only that, but if you're both connecting from the same household then there's no real way to determine if you're sharing accounts with a sibling or family member unless you openly admit it. So, while it is technically against the rules, it probably won't get you banned. Even so you should still contact support to clear up any misunderstanding. But keep in mind that I'm not a DE staff member and can't speak for what support will or won't do. I'd also recommend that you try to avoid trading items/gear between you and your sibling's account--trading between accounts under the same IP can register in the system as alt-abuse (using alternate accounts to circumvent in game restrictions).
  13. Yes, it is. Sharing accounts or account information with others, regardless of whether they're friends or family, without first obtaining permission from DE, can result in the account being permanently suspended.
  14. Asking for a payer's address when entering credit card information does not mean they will send you something in the mail. For online and digital purchases (i.e. downloads, etc), it is necessary to enter address information both to determine tax to add and to prevent fraudulent purchases--either by unauthorized users or by the actual payer (i.e. if you pay for something via credit card, receive the digital content, and then have your credit card company reverse the charge, the company you bought the content from can then take the necessary actions to recover the money they lost, either through a lawsuit or through debt collectors). It's the reason why Steam requires an address when purchasing games (despite being a digital distribution service), along with many other sites that cater digital content. Them asking for your address is for your security as much as it is theirs--they want to make sure that you are in fact the authorized cardholder (and that someone else isn't using your card without your permission) and make sure that you won't try to cut & run & steal the content without paying for it. As someone who's used Eventbrite in the past, I can guarantee that they won't be sending you spam mail through the postal service, or any mail through the postal service for that matter.