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  1. Letter13


    It does exist
  2. Letter13

    DE's misunderstanding of umbra

    I don't think DE is misunderstanding Umbra. I think you and the player you're referring to in your screenshot are misunderstanding DE's warning. They're not warning you against using transference with Umbra, they're warning you against using it and then going AFK (Away from Keyboard) to let Umbra 'play for you' with no input at all from you while you sit still and do nothing at all.
  3. Letter13

    Does Warframe keep a chat log somewhere?

    DE Support has access to chat logs.
  4. Just checked. Saying "help" by itself (as in it's the only thing you post, with nothing else) will get your message flushed and have kickbot point you to recruiting. Saying it in a sentence, however, will not. Posting "Help, I just accidentally sold something I didn't mean to" will not get your message flushed or result in kickbot pointing you to recruiting. If you used "Help" in a sentence and still got flushed/sent to recruiting, chances are there was something else in what you wrote that triggered kickbot, and not the "help." Going ahead and locking.
  5. Letter13

    Playing in a computer shop

    You're fine. Though, you should be very careful about playing Warframe on a public computer. You don't know what also may be installed on the PC. If someone else installed, say, Cheat Engine (or some other memory-editing program), your launching Warframe while it's running in the background on that public PC will result in your account being flagged for cheating. There may also be other more illicit software installed like keyloggers, which may be recording your keystrokes (and thereby recording your login credentials for Warframe), and sending that information to someone who's keen on stealing accounts. If you can only play on a public PC, I strongly suggest changing your password regularly (even weekly), and change it from another computer unrelated to the public PCs (or, say, from the web browser on your phone, if you have a smart phone).
  6. This seems.... odd. I'll inquire about it. Are you sure that using the word "help" in any context (even just by itself) results in kickbot taking action?
  7. Letter13

    Are alt accounts a bannable offense?

    You're fine. If the accounts are all progressing separately and are active (actually playing/being active in a mission), this is a very clear sign that they aren't alt accounts being used to circumvent in game restrictions.
  8. Warframe.market is an unofficial third party website that isn't owned or managed by DE. That is why you cannot log into it with your Warframe account. If you decide to make an account on warframe.market, you should make sure to use a different e-mail/password combination than you use for Warframe. Also, the last thing you should ever be doing is plugging in your Nintendo login/password to any other website than a "nintendo.com" domain (or your PSN credentials into domains other than "sony.com" or "playstation.com", or XBox/Microsoft credentials into a non-Microsoft domain, or your Warframe login into a non warframe.com domain). Doing so runs the risk of your login/account being stolen because you may have just given away your account information to an unknown third party.
  9. Yeah, as long as you're not selling the design/T-shirt/stuff you make to other folks, you're pretty much in the clear. People have 3D Printed replica weapons from the game, one player made an enormous 1:1 clay bust of Excalibur (it was awesome), and tons of people make their own T-shirts, costumes and accessories for personal use. People have gotten tattoos! Heck, one Tenno (who wound up getting hired by DE as an artist) made Orokin Key shaped candy. Be creative, Tenno! And make sure you take pictures of the stuff you make and post them in the Fan-Art section of the forums. Who knows? You might even get featured on Prime Time.
  10. Letter13

    Accountability of bugs and reporting: Players vs DE

    Just because the developers have yet to fix bugs that you may have reported doesn't mean they're slacking or not fixing bugs. A lot of bugs get reported, some of which you may never encounter, but they're bugs nonetheless. Some bugs take longer than others to fix, some bugs can be fixed by changing a '1' to a '0' in some line of code somewhere. As @Firetempest posted, perhaps you should review the numerous bugfix/hotfix/patch/update threads where there are usually fairly comprehensive lists of all of the bugs that are being addressed. The list is not small. DE also aren't obligated to respond to bug reports, if DE staff responded to every single bug report, issue or feedback thread that went up, they'd have no time to actually do the fixing/implementing of stuff. Going to go ahead and lock this, an "us vs them" thread is not at all constructive.
  11. Letter13

    You can't say <removed> in Region Chat.

    As it turns out, to the surprise of no one, posting overspammed, vulgar or sexually explicit things (even if it's the name of a song that's vulgar/sexually explicit in its lyrics) in the in-game chat will get you a swift boot out the door.
  12. Well, like I said.... Just don't opt-in for it and your game experience will remain unchanged. A lot of people are interested in the game mode, it looks genuinely fun to a lot of people. You may see it as unnecessary and unwanted, but that's just your opinion, it's a subjective view you hold. If you approach Warframe's features added over time objectively, everything that DE has ever added--prime frames, orokin void, orokin derelicts, archwing, underwater maps, new enemies, new bosses--were all unnecessary; but just because something is unnecessary or unwanted in one person's opinion doesn't mean it isn't necessary or wanted in another's. DE doesn't have to only release content that appeals to 100% of players, and in fact it would be practically impossible to do so because Warframe's community is gigantic. It's not possible to make 100% of players happy with new features. I'm not going to even try to convince you to play or enjoy the new Stalker game-mode that's being opened up to the public. If you don't want any traces of PvP in your game, you don't have to have them. Opt out of it, more power to you. But complaining about a PvP mode when you don't even have to play it, raining on others' fun and just generally posting doomsayings about how adding it will somehow usher in the end of times for the game and all future content is just bad form.
  13. Expect the default state to be "Off" and that players will have to manually opt-in in order to be eligible for PvP invasion. DE isn't out of touch with the playerbase, and they're aware how many people dislike PvP. They're not going to force people to play PvP, so if you don't want to be invaded by a player controlled Stalker, you likely won't have to do anything.
  14. If you watched the 2017 TennoCon event where a player was allowed to be the stalker and invade people, the system works a lot like that. Or if you watched the Prime Time where Rebecca played as the Stalker. Basically, a 4 man group starts a mission. They play through the mission normally, there is no "who gets to be the stalker" in matchmaking. Then, if someone else entirely, unrelated to the mission in progress and unrelated to the people in the mission, says "Hey I feel like invading some folks" they then start up matchmaking as the Stalker. The servers then look for active missions where all participants have opted in to the PvP stalker mode, and where at least 1 player in the mission is marked for death by the stalker, picks a group, and drops the player stalker in. There's no guarantee that you'll be invaded by a player stalker if you meet all the criteria either. As for host migrations, they will always be a thing. There is no easy way to 'iron it out' because the game is a peer-to-peer server-client system for running the game; only the matchmaking server is dedicated. Introducing Stalker mode isn't going to magically make host migrations worse or happen every time everywhere. As for maintenance? Maintenance is something that really only needs to happen on dedicated servers, the mode wouldn't add more maintenance costs or resource costs for maintaining it. It gets added in, and that's that. If a bug is found, it gets reported and it gets patched; some things might be tweaked, but in terms of time and resources it would be minuscule or negligible compared to the time and resources for other parts of the game. DE isn't a small company anymore. They're pretty darn big now. They have the bandwidth to support a lot of small side projects like Stalker mode. Answered this above. As many as there are active teams who have all opted-in to the mode and have at least 1 member marked by the Stalker, probably. But only 1 stalker present for each group, you're not going to get invaded by multiple stalkers. You mean people farming stalkers? Probably nothing. Though invading groups will probably be random and you won't be able to invade specific groups repeatedly (also probably only 1 Stalker invasion per mission run, get invaded, you have to clear the mission to get invaded again, or it clears your stalker mark and you have to go re-kill a boss). If that's not what you mean, you'll have to explain what you mean in more detail. Then just opt to not opt-in when it goes public. You don't have to participate in it, and it's not like it's gonna somehow ruin your game through osmosis.
  15. They're not really wasting time or resources on it. Stalker Mode has existed for quite some time already; a DE staff member decided to try and make it for fun and they did, now, after it existing for more than a year on their end, they're polishing it up for release to the players. The infrastructure and code for it isn't new in the grand scheme of things, I really doubt they're pulling teams and teams away from Railjack or The New War or Fortuna in order to work on it. They didn't stop one day and say "hey let's develop this completely new gamemode and put a halt on other development for it." In the case of stalker mode, it was a "let's see if it's something that can be done" side project, a hobby even, and turns out it could, and it wound up being extremely fun, as Papa Stalker (Rebecca) demonstrated on prime time.