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  1. The "child component" warning isn't because the reactors are larger, it's a warning due to the order in which certain rooms are built. In the case of reactors, you may not be able to destroy the hall (I'm assuming you're talking about a clan hall and not a corridor), it may not let you because you have too many reactors built (i.e. some of the reactors are consuming the 'capacity' granted by the Clan Hall you're trying to destroy). It may also be because you're trying to destroy the only access to the reactors (Dojos must remain contiguous, and you cannot remove hallways or elevators that separate two larger areas of the dojo).
  2. This is just speculation/rumor mill on my part, but I'd heard that a lot of the players wound up VPN-ing out of China's internet to access the global build of the game. Which could have resulted in lower than expected player populations for the Chinese version of the game.
  3. WTS 25 GOOD/GREAT RIVENS. Have a look!

    Locking at the thread starter's request.
  4. The word "Gay" in chat!

    It's unfortunate, but the word "Gay" had to be added to the list of words which triggers the kickbot to kick users. The reason for its addition was that it's all too commonly used as a derogatory slur or as a means to insult or belittle others. Its status as a kick-trigger is unlikely to change unless all who've used it in the past in a negative manner stop using it as such.
  5. Why doesn't DE advertise Warframe?

    I'm of the mind that comparing Destiny to Warframe is a moot point. Are they both shooters and sci-fi? Yes. Did they both sort of come about in similar time frames? Sorta not really (PC Warframe existed for nearly two years beforehand, PS4 for a year). Are there some similarities in the two games? Sure.... but not enough to really say that either game copied off of one another. Also keep in mind that Destiny was produced by a huge studio and was published by Activision (Warframe was developed & produced & published by DE, an independent studio without big publisher support). Destiny also had the largest advertising campaign of any game in history (its advertising campaign went into the tens of millions of dollars).
  6. Free Prime Content for NOTHING?

    I got your back.
  7. Why doesn't DE advertise Warframe?

    Damn I gotta step up my game.
  8. Free Prime Content for NOTHING?

    I feel like there's some sort of meta joke/irony about that and selling one's soul to Amazon (who I believe hosts the web services for photobucket)...
  9. Why doesn't DE advertise Warframe?

    They do. Sort of. Not on TV or anything, but I've seen some banners on websites show off Warframe. It's gotten quite a bit of publicity in the past too, PAX East panels, Gamescom TennoLive panels, E3 2013 (partnered with Sony to have PS4 versions of the game running for attendees). Warframe is also already very, very big. Over 30 million registered users.
  10. Vauban, Flux Rifle, Tysis & Jat Kittag for my favorite frame/loadout. I don't care what anyone says. My loadout is the best of all time. Ever. Period.
  11. Free Prime Content for NOTHING?

    I mean when selling your soul to Amazon gets you great shows like Man in the High Castle... seems like a pretty good deal to me.
  12. Tennocon Bug

    Unfortunately we on the forums cannot be if assistance. Your friend will have to resolve this with support.
  13. Warframe update of the open world

    It's not a whole new game. It's essentially just a new area to explore. You won't lose any progress.
  14. prime parts and bp are missing

    Unfortunately there's not much we can do for you on the forums. You can attempt to contact support, however unless you have proof that you obtained those items when you say you had, they may not be able to do much to help you.
  15. Wont change my email

    You will need to resolve this issue with support. If you are unable to answer questions about your account to verify that you are in fact the owner, then support cannot change your account e-mail. We on the forums cannot help you further.