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  1. None of your posts were removed, so my message was not directed to you. There were a string of posts in this thread that I had to remove because they did not adhere with the code of conduct.
  2. Thread cleaned. Criticizing DE is fine. Defending DE is also fine. Whether you do one or the other is entirely your prerogative. HOWEVER when you do one or the other and resort to using insults directed at other users or the developers, that is not fine. Remember to be constructive and respectful, Tenno.
  3. Letter13


    I'll gift you some nano spores, since that seems to be what you'd like! P.S. Do not post wishlists. Posting wishlists will be considered spam like behavior, you'll get coal nano spores in your stocking if you do.
  4. Letter13

    Tennobaum 2018

    Because people never read the rules about only making 1 post (and editing said post). Instead they spam. They spam so hard. So, no wishlist threads this year. And if you see someone posting a wishlist thread, you should only ever send them nano spores.
  5. Letter13

    Tennobaum 2018

    Nowhere. There is not an official thread set up for wishlists.
  6. Letter13

    Tennobaum gifting to Cephalons

    Just as an f.y.i it would be "[DE]Kickbot", not "Kickbot" Basically you sent that stuff to arandom player who happened to have "Kickbot" as their alias, not the actual kickbot which is, just a bot and can't receive gifts...
  7. Letter13

    Gifts? OK?

    Nah. No gifts for you.
  8. Letter13

    Gift Me / Gift You

    Quick everyone gift @Jakomaru nano spores and only nano spores. Locking. Because begging for stuff isn't what the forums are for.
  9. Abusing bugs/exploits, botting, cheating or otherwise circumventing limits of the game is not something that is taken lightly. Participating in such behavior will result in a permanent ban from the game.
  10. Letter13

    players got banned for exploiting a bug

    If you exploit a bug, cheat or otherwise circumvent limits of the game for personal gain, you're gonna get permanently banned. No ifs, no buts, just a hard ban. Had they did it once (or twice to verify it could be done) and then reported it to support with a support ticket to raise awareness of the bug to DE, then things would have played out very differently and they would not have been banned for violating the EULA. Instead, they repeatedly abused a bug for personal gain, designed a way to abuse it even more, then publicly announced how others could abuse it. Remember Tenno, if you find a bug that can be exploited, report it to DE so it can be patched. Do not exploit it for personal gain and do not share the exploit publicly.
  11. Letter13

    Censorship, DE style

    Hi @Jeon-Rammbo, Your best bet is to contact a forum moderator to ask why your posts were deleted. That said, perhaps you should think back to what said posts were and why they might be found to be not in adherence with the forum rules. Cheers.
  12. Letter13

    Max Framerate

    You sir are a wizard. I'm a hardware guy so 99% of what software does (when not interfacing with hardware control registers) is just all black magic and sorcery to me.
  13. Letter13

    Max Framerate

    Honestly I'm just floored at the fact that you got Warframe running on a Macbook Air. That said, as an electrical engineer who designs graphics processor cards, this is some very interesting and very cool information about the software/API side of graphics processing and framerates.
  14. Letter13

    24 Hour MR timer!@!?

    EXP you gain from levelling frames and weapons won't be wasted. Anything you level up now will go towards getting you to the next mastery level, and if you earn enough mastery XP to get to the next level, then the level after that. It's impossible to waste this XP. If you decide to stop doing mastery tests altogether and just keep leveling up new weapons and frames, you'll be able to take multiple mastery tests back to back (Assuming you pass each one) to level up your mastery rank to the level commensurate with the total sum of mastery XP you've earned. If you have active EXP boosters, you should be levelling as many new weapons and frames as you can. Get to it, Tenno!
  15. Letter13

    Chat ban filter is strangely sensitive.

    Intentionally baiting the kickbot is not wise. Intentionally baiting the kickbot and then complaining when it lives up to its name, meanwhile, is gonna earn you some funny looks. Don't bait the kickbot. It will only end in tears.