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  1. Letter13

    A Silent Founder’s Vent

    Nah. It's a special forum avatar, not tied to an in game glyph (my in game glyph is Excal P). Made a gif from an old doge/grineer bombard mashup I did.
  2. Letter13

    A Silent Founder’s Vent

    I know right? This is some wholesome post. Also, thread cleaned up a bit. As the opening post sets up the thread, let's try to keep it around that. If you have complaints, feel as though your trust has been breached, that you've been cheated out of your founders exclusive(s), you're more than welcome to create a feedback topic (do try to keep it civil) or send a message to the community inbox to voice your thoughts.
  3. Letter13

    The Tyrant Kickbot

    The kickbot is periodically checked/patrolled by DE staff. Ergo, cussing out and sending abusive messages to the kickbot is tantamount to cussing out and sending abusive messages to DE staff. And sending such messages to DE staff and expecting no repercussions (and then proceeding to post rants about how you're now facing punishment for your abusive behavior directed at what's essentially DE staff) isn't really putting two and two together. It's just not a smart thing to do. Locking.
  4. Letter13

    Helping a friend from being unbanned

    They will need to contact support with a support ticket to inquire about their ban from the game. As bans are a private matter between the banned and DE support, information regarding their ban will not be disclosed to others. What this means is that you cannot contact support on their behalf, they will need to contact support themselves.
  5. Letter13

    Dont tell me to submit a ticket

    Spamming tickets is a great way to get banned from support for spamming. That said, if support has told you to wait it out, then wait it out you must. If it has been 5 days, your chat permissions will be restored in 2 more days. If it's been longer than 7 days and your permissions are still not restored, then you should contact support to inquire further.
  6. Letter13

    Mods need to be restricted before they have power

    That is a bit perplexing then. You may want to inquire with support about the chat log/specific phrase that got you kicked.
  7. Letter13

    Mods need to be restricted before they have power

    Perhaps, but that doesn't change the fact that right now at this moment it is considered an illegal substance.
  8. Letter13

    Mods need to be restricted before they have power

    Kickbot is also able to pick up spam like behavior. If enough users start posting the same thing (or string of words) frequently enough, then it will start handing out kicks. Same thing if enough people start doing "When baro" spam.
  9. Letter13

    Mods need to be restricted before they have power

    Chances are you were sniped by the kickbot. Specific word combinations and words will result in an automatic kick and possible suspension from the in game chat. If this mandacord song you were talking about happens to be titled after a specific set of lyrics from Snoop Dogg's The Next Episode, then that would have earned you a kick and suspension from the kickbot. Discussing the use of illicit/illegal substances is not something that's allowed in the in-game chat, and the kickbot will kick/suspend users who post word combinations like "smoke weed" and so on.
  10. Letter13

    illegal 3rd party website

    There's nothing illegal about it. They're not requiring users to pay money to use it, and as a result they are not profiting off of DE's intellectual property. Like the Warframe Wiki, it's a third party site that acts as a resource for players. It's been around for ages. The developers know about it and are fine with it because it isn't doing anything illegal (it's also not violating the Warframe EULA or Terms of Use Agreements either). We even have threads pinned in the trading subforums instructing users how to correctly register with Warframe.market (which still doesn't seem to prevent all the WarMarketMan spam...). Locking, because this is silly.
  11. Letter13

    What Led To The Username You Have Now?

    Used to run by another alias ("Duke") which wasn't actually my own; the person who used it retired from gaming and he allowed me to take up the mantle. Eventually I outgrew it and decided on creating an all new alias. Letter13 is partly based off of my much older alias coupled with my extremely good luck (lots of obscenely successful trick shots) when it came to competitive online games like Battlefield 2--I was sort of like a lucky coin for my teammates and an unlucky one for the opposing team. There's a few meanings to my alias.
  12. Racism is something that we do not tolerate in any way, shape or form. The use of racist slurs will result in your chat permissions being revoked for 1 week.
  13. This is a very quick way to get all associated accounts involved in this activity banned. Using alternate accounts to cheat or game the system is considered an EULA/Terms of Use violation. Moreover, if you have alternate accounts, you should avoid having them in the same clan, as any interaction between alternate accounts of your own (even if it 's just being in the same clan) can be considered a Terms of Use violation. Players are welcome to use as many accounts as they wish, as long as none of these accounts interact with one another in game.
  14. Letter13

    Console UI Vote

    Quoting for emphasis, and locking.
  15. Letter13

    New UI for the Consoles.

    You should post your feedback to the megathread, and try to cut out the profanity and be as objective as you can. Filling your feedback with profanity is not a good way to get yourself heard.