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  1. Contrary to what you seem to believe, the rules do not prohibit critiquing the developers or providing criticism. The code of conduct outlines what is and what isn't acceptable behavior; if you fill your 'critique' with profane and vulgar language, insults towards the developers, or otherwise nonconstructive ranting, then there's a good chance it's going to get removed. If you voice your complaints or criticisms in a constructive manner by identifying what you think should be changed, why you think it should be changed, and suggest how it might be changed for the better--all while voicin
  2. If you've checked some of the recent patch notes (and if you haven't played in a bit), DE has worked on 'ensmallening' the overall data files and space the game takes up. Unfortunately, this means having to redownload a large portion of the data because of the new way files are being compressed. It's a case of 'Download X amount of data, reduce space used by X amount + Y amount'.
  3. Sorry to see you have decided to leave the game. May you find enjoyment in whatever you decide to pick up next.
  4. People have always complained about bans, it's nothing new. They believe that publicly complaining will be more productive than contacting support (it's not). Moreover, we on the forums (normal users & forum moderators like myself) do not have the resources to view the whole situation, we only ever get one side of the story, so claims of wrongful bans should always be taken with a grain of salt; we don't have access to chat logs, support tickets, or the diagnostic/logs used by support staff to determine whether a ban was warranted.
  5. Contact support. In the meanwhile, did you perhaps accidentally log into the wrong account, if you have multiple accounts?
  6. Hey folks, just as a reminder, disagreeing with someone's math or because you think they're wrong is not a valid reason to report them. Thanks.
  7. If you or another user believes they have been banned or suspended from chat incorrectly, your best course of action is to contact DE Support regarding the matter.
  8. Going to be locking this for a two reasons: It's not in the correct section of the subforum It doesn't encourage civil or respectful discussion by dismissing and even insulting users in advance who disagree.
  9. There are two types of warning that can be issued to a user (both are only visible to the user in question and the forum moderation team, which means that if you receive a warning or warning point(s), other users will not be able to see them). Verbal warnings are, as the name implies, verbal in nature and do not carry an actual warning point. These are used as a proverbial slap on the wrist to tell a user to avoid such behaviors or activities, and is usually issued to very minor rule offenses that does not warrant a full point. Normal warnings in the other hand issue a warning point;
  10. Contractual reasons. Even if a console manufacturer like Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony were 100% fine with cross-save or cross-play, in the interest of fairness all three would need to agree to allow it, otherwise it would be perceived as DE favoring one platform over another. Could you imagine the backlash DE would get if they enabled cross-save on, say, XB1 but didn't on Nintendo Switch or PS4? Or on PS4 and not NSW/XB1? Even if DE developed the capability for cross-save and/or cross-play, they could not implement it unless all 3 console manufacturers agreed to allow it, which is un
  11. Unless you can get Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to give their approvals for cross-save and/or cross-play, this is unfortunately not going to happen. While DE could, like other game makers, develop the functionality, they cannot implement it without approval of the console manufacturers. Locking, as this has been answered many times in many threads.
  12. *shrug* I can try to ping the DE forum wizards about it. Makes sense to me that Playstation players should be "PSN" and Xbox players should be "XBL"...
  13. Unfortunately we on the forums are unable to assist you beyond referring you to support. If you already have a support ticket open, you will need to be patient and wait for a response. Moreover, please do not send in multiple tickets, doing so may result in a slower response due to support staff having to consolidate the tickets, and if you send in too many tickets it may be viewed as spamming and get you locked out from the support ticket system.
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