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  1. Your Warframe account is tied to your console account, so if someone manages to gain access to your console account, they could access your Warframe account. You should enable Sony's 2FA for your PSN account if you haven't already, to add an extra layer of protection to your account.
  2. If he blocked you, best thing to do is drop it and move on. Keep the carapace for yourself or sell it to someone who could use it. That person in your game, by choosing to act in a disrespectful manner and by blocking you, effectively made the choice for you. They clearly don't want it, so you shouldn't make the effort to try and give it to them.
  3. They would have also installed actual ransomware on your PC that would irreversibly encrypt your files that would act as a constant popup you couldn't dismiss. But yeah, the e-mail reeks of 'I can't believe you changed your password so I'm going to try and scare you into paying me a lot of money.' Also, just as an fyi, 'barnowl1' is a pretty weak password... Your stuff may not have even been compromised in an actual breach of a website's database... it's possible that your password might have simply been cracked via bruteforce/dictionary attack. Using two words (or a single word) with a number--specifically a low number--at the end, is not a good password. If you use Google Chrome, it has a really good password suggestion tool that results in very strong passwords that wouldn't be susceptible to brute force attacks.
  4. Also keep in mind that if you use the same password for a lot of different services, then if any one of those services experiences a breach then all services using the same account/email/password combination may be at risk. Make sure you use different passwords for different services. Also if you receive a ransom e-mail claiming that someone has remote access to your PC (like the one above), it's most likely fake. If someone actually got remote access to your PC, they wouldn't tell you through a scare tactic e-mail. All the e-mail shows is that they probably bought a list of compromised e-mail/password combos, are testing to see which work, and who responds/panics/pays. For good measure, you should switch up your passwords and enable 2FA on everything that supports it, and if you do worry that you've been infected, there are a lot of antivirus/firewall tools that can detect such intrusions or infections and repair them. Now, that isn't to say you should just ignore the e-mails and move on... Blackmail in any form (including via e-mail) violates state and/or federal law, and such e-mails and attempts at blackmail, coercion or extortion should be reported to law enforcement. I'm adding a PSA tag to this thread, since this is pretty important stuff to be vigilant of.
  5. Due to the nature of how platinum is bought and sold on consoles and how console players log in, 2FA through Warframe's site is not available for console users. 2FA for console users is administered by the console companies themselves separately from Warframe... specifically 2FA through Sony or Microsoft.
  6. Thread cleaned a bit, moved to the correct subforum and title has been edited to reflect the discussion occurring. Also, just as a reminder, if you see anyone using alt accounts in order to circumvent riven capacity or trading caps, please report this user (and their alt(s)) to support. The use of alternate accounts to circumvent any sort of in game limit is a violation of the Terms of Use Agreement for the game and can result in all associated accounts being banned from the game. As for being on-topic, I am inclined to disagree with a lot of the suggested changes... preventing items from being traded more than once would very negatively affect the trading economy. It would drive up prices and, as a result, likely increase the amount of platinum fraud far beyond what is occurring now (i.e. when a player buys a massive amount of platinum with real money, trades the platinum away, then performs a chargeback on their credit card). Not to mention resellers, who are operating within the rules, would lose out on valuable business. There are players in Warframe who take on roles akin to professional art and antiquity dealers--they are players who have contacts and veritable networks of information to help them find specific items and facilitate their sale and purchase. Player A (the buyer) who wants a specific items tells player B (the broker), player B uses their information network and contacts to track down player C (the seller) who has the item player A wants (but who player A does not have the contacts, time or resources to find themselves). Player B then purchases the item from player C to then sell to player A, usually with some % commission added on top of the price they paid to player C. This is not a violation of the rules, and it is not indicative of abuse of alt accounts. Preventing resale of items would effectively kill all of the efforts of player B (and those like them) in setting up and establishing such information networks... these networks are valuable resources and somewhat necessary for some of the bigger ticket items that can be sold, it's a 'reputable network' for the purchase and sale of items that go for the tens of thousands of platinum.
  7. A recent sale of Primed Chamber actually went for well over 100,000 platinum. I think the highest one ever sold for was 180,000 platinum.
  8. Your best bet is to contact support. We on the forums cannot help you resolve suspension/ban issues with your account.
  9. Hey guys, please keep the rules in mind when posting. If you have a complaint about how another user is acting and feel as though they are violating the rules, report it and move on. Do not respond to them, do not antagonize them. If necessary, add them to your Ignored Users List. It doesn't matter if you're 'defending' yourself or others, it doesn't matter who said what first. If another user is violating the rules, if another user insults or attacks you, be the better person and report their behavior and add them to your ignore list. I have done some cleaning to the thread. If you feel your post was removed in error, please feel free to send me a private message and we can discuss it. If there are posts you believe that should be removed but have not, use the 'report' button on the post to bring it to our attention. Thanks.
  10. Unfortunately the word you wrote is most often used in a pejorative manner. As a result of this, it was placed on the chat bot's auto-kick/auto-ban list. Your being temporarily suspended from chat for using this word is not indicative of a broken or incorrectly programmed chat bot, on the contrary this would indicate that the chat bot is working as intended. Locking.
  11. It is ill-advised, and using a bot will put you at risk of a permanent ban.
  12. If your account is inactive for more than 12 months, it may be deleted. That said, are you sure you're logging into the game using the same account (PSN account) that you had when you first played the game back in 2015? Your progress is account/platform specific, meaning that if you played Warframe on a PC, your progress will not carry over to PS4, or if you played on PS4 using a different PSN account, your progress will not carry over to your current PSN account. Beyond that, you could try contacting DE support with a Support Ticket to inquire about the matter.
  13. I think you mean "Anything other than peer to peer servers is welcome"? Missions are not hosted on DE's servers. Warframe uses a peer-to-peer hosting scheme... DE's servers only provide the initial communication between players' machines, but once the match is made, one player in the match becomes the host while others become clients.
  14. Probably to prevent any confusion by players mistaking non-DE users as admins... if a new player joined the clan and saw a user with an 'admin' rank they may wrongfully think that player is an actual administrator of the game... same reason why you cannot have 'admin' or 'administrator' in your username.
  15. Going to lock this with a few parting words of advice. If another user is threatening to report you, put them on your ignore list, plain and simple. Be the better Tenno and do not reply with profanities or insults as doing so would give a support representative a reason to issue temporary chat suspensions for disrespectful behavior. Alternatively, if a user is threatening to report you unless you do X, Y or Z (i.e. sell a riven for a lower price, etc), take a screenshot, put them on your ignore list, and then report them to support. Threats, for any reason, is not behavior that is allowed.
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