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  1. Going to be locking this thread. It's clear from a handful of the most recent posts that this discussion has failed to remain civil.
  2. Thread unlocked. Please remain on-topic and civil in further discourse.
  3. The kickbot, censoring of gun/pet names, etc are unlikely to change. They don't exist for an arbitrary reason either, as there are players who will not hesitate to use offensive, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate names. It's a case of 'this is why we can't have nice things.' The kickbot also doesn't kick people from QA for asking legitimate questions either. If you saw a user get kicked from QA, it may have been something in their most recent message (that you didn't catch before the message was removed) or it may have been a delayed action taken by a chat moderator or DE Customer Support Rep taking action after reviewing chat logs from earlier. That said, if you wish to inquire about moderation action taken against you by the kickbot, you should contact support with a ticket.
  4. Change your password and contact DE Support ASAP.
  5. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for your friend. Because bans and suspensions are private matters, DE support does not allow anyone other than the account holder to inquire about or appeal a ban to said account. The circumstances of bans are not disclosed to anyone other than the account holder affected as well, which means that whenever you hear about someone being banned (regardless of whether it's someone close to you or someone else entirely), you are only ever getting one side of the story and not the full picture, and it is always recommended to take such things with a grain of salt. While it is admirable to want to advocate on behalf of a friend, doing so will not increase the likelihood of a ban being overturned. Locking, as there is nothing to be discussed on this topic further.
  6. Do you mean "how fast this thread would be deleted"? Not sure if that's what you meant or not considering you repeated "Theme" twice, once in the title and again in the body of your topic. That said, it's not going to be deleted, and other threads on these forums discussing the Unreal Skin Pack have not been deleted or locked either. This thread is, however, going to be locked. The reasons this thread is being locked is because complaining about how you or others have been moderated on a separate forum (read: not the Official Warframe Forums) is not what these forums are for. Moreover, I can see pretty easily why the threads on the Steam forums were locked--they didn't adhere to the rules of the Steam forums (a lot of vitriol/disrespectful comments, namely).
  7. Then Off-Topic was not the best place to post this. Off-Topic is, as its name implies, Off Topic. It's really meant for threads that are not directly related to the game.
  8. You are correct, and I've updated the thread to suit. Given that they had a working in-development version for TennoCon, I was assuming that it would be dropping with The New War update (and thus would be released this year), though that appears to have been an assumption as opposed to an announcement from DE.
  9. I think the most urgent update, by far, is making sure to post in the appropriate subforum. In case @(XBOX)A Daddy Taco and @(XBOX)Harbinger XK5 hadn't actually noticed that this was posted in Off Topic. Which is, y'know... Off Topic and not a place for feedback. @(XBOX)A Daddy Taco did you intend to post this in Off-Topic? Or did you intend to post this in a feedback subforum where it would actually have a chance to be read by the developers? If it's the latter, please let me know and I'll move your thread.
  10. It's pretty self explanatory. Latest word we have from DE is that Crossplay/Cross-Save is coming sometime this year. I'm aware there's only two-ish months until the end of the year, but unless DE says that crossplay/cross-save has been delayed, we should expect it to be coming out before the year's end (and likely with The New War).
  11. Accounts are presently platform bound, meaning you cannot access your Xbox Warframe account from a Nintendo Switch (or PC/PS4/PS5). This however will be changing in the near future when crossplay & crosssave is implemented. Be patient Tenno.
  12. You answered your own thread in the first post. Warframe Market is a good resource, but it's by no means the gold standard to which players need to follow. Now, if a player contacts you demanding you change your prices or they'll report you (or threaten to have you kicked/banned/etc), you should absolutely screenshot the message(s) and send in a support ticket to DE to report the user; this sort of behavior is not something that's condoned, and violates the game's code of conduct.
  13. As long as a player purchases platinum through official channels (read: via Steam, Warframe official website, etc) then they will not receive 'bad plat'. Purchasing platinum from unauthorized third party sources with real money (i.e. a non-Warframe affiliated website, another user, e-bay, etc) is an EULA violation, and can result in the loss of the platinum with no recourse for the money spent, and possibly even the entire game account. If you're receiving a large sum of platinum from another player as part of a trade, you should always check the other player's profile to make sure they are reputable (i.e. significant progress on their account) and not a throwaway account (very little progress); throwaway accounts can be a sign that a user is using that account to ferry items and buy & chargeback platinum. It is always a smart idea to also hold onto a large sum of platinum received in a trade for a while before spending any of it (similar to how banks might prevent a user from immediately withdrawing cash after depositing a check). And, as always, if you ever have any concerns about a trade, you should contact DE Customer Support.
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