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  1. The numbers are from a ballpark estimate I made a while ago when trying to figure out how much it'd cost to have dedicated servers. The reason for the huge margin is because without concrete data/statistics, I could only work with ballpark numbers--this results in a low confidence of being able to pick an accurate numbers for the cost, however I have a high degree of confidence that the number is non-trivial and would be at least an eight digit number ($10M+), especially given that for my actual day job I do have to generate electrical and hardware engineering BoEs (basis of estimate) for hardware purchases, NRE (noon recurring engineering) tasks and recurring tasks (maintenance). The math that got me to $10M~50M is below, taken from an older post of mine:
  2. Depending on where the dedicated servers are located, how many players/games/instances are loaded up on a single blade, the actual hardware of the servers, whether the servers are owned by DE or leased through a third party... DE would probably be looking at a cost of upkeep in the range of $16M to $50M (or even more) USD/year. It's not trivial, and would likely require players to pay a monthly fee in order to play the game.
  3. When contacting support, you need to be clear about the issue(s) you are experiencing. If a support staff member (and not the automatic response to a new ticket) replied with "Unfortunately we are not able to issue refunds on purchased Platinum or Prime Access packages when some of the included Platinum has been spent and/or the items have been used!" then this means that the platinum or prime access you had purchased for your account has either been partially or fully used/consumed. This also means that you are not eligible for a refund. If you are having trouble accessing your account because you no longer have access to your e-mail address for two-factor authentication, then you will need to create a ticket under the category My Account > Update Account Information. Unfortunately as this is a matter involving your account and billing, we on the forums are not able to help you. You will need to work with DE's support staff to resolve the issue.
  4. Soliciting trades for things that cannot be traded in the trading UI is not something that is allowed. This includes RMT (real money trades) where users pay money and receive platinum or other in game goods from unauthorized sources--engaging in RMT can result in your account being permanently banned for violating the EULA. Trading for out-of-game goods (i.e. PSN cards, discount codes, unlock codes or other non-monetary items) is also forbidden and can result in trading suspensions as well.
  5. Increasing your RAM won't cause a false positive. If a portion of your RAM is faulty or bad, you're more likely to get a bluescreen crash (or have running applications crash). Many programs, including programs like Cheat Engine (or trainer programs) won't actually close when you hit the X at the top right; sometimes they get minimized to your task bar. If this is the case then the programs will still be running in the background and the Warframe anti-cheat detection will pick up on that. Beyond that, you will need to contact support to resolve the issue if you have been banned. If you had a ticket that was marked as closed prior to your being banned, you should create a new ticket regarding your being banned from the game.
  6. This is the correct course of action to take. Please report users who are breaking the rules. The kickbot does not catch everything.
  7. Letter13

    Chat ban

    The use of derogatory slurs results in an automatic 7 day chat ban.
  8. Is your game currently set to Solo for matchmaking? If so, try setting it to private or open and then try inviting your friends or having them send you invites.
  9. Megathreads exist to help compile as much feedback as possible into one place. It's far easier for the developers to open 1 thread and move through the pages/posts in that thread knowing that they will find feedback specific to a topic, frame, change, etc, than it is to track down and sift through dozens or even hundreds of individual topics interspersed with other non-relevant topics (i.e. if a developer is looking for Gauss feedback, a feedback thread for Rhino or Mirage or other frames would be non-relevant) in a list spanning multiple pages of the feedback section. Your best bet for being heard is to: Post in a civil and constructive manner Post in the correct subforum and megathread, if a megathread for the topic you wish to provide feedback about exists. DE cannot respond to every feedback thread that goes up, just as they cannot respond to every feedback post that goes up. If they did, then they would be spending probably every waking moment of their work day replying to posts and threads, which would keep them from actually doing much development on the game itself. It's far easier, far quicker, and far more efficient to group feedback into megathreads and then reply with an overall acknowledgement to the feedback as a whole--this has the added benefit of leaving the developers free enough to actually develop the game and make changes.
  10. If you need to contact Digital Extremes for support with an issue, you can do so by submitting a Support Ticket. You should only submit 1 ticket for an issue, submitting multiple tickets for the same issue may result in increased wait for responses or even being locked out of the support page due to abusing/spamming tickets. There is no helpdesk phone number that you can call. Moreover, you should never disclose personal/private information on the forums--phone numbers especially.
  11. Thread cleaned up. Just a reminder folks that if you have to resort to name calling to try and disprove someone else's points or opinions, you have not only lost the argument, you have also violated the first rule of the forum's code of conduct! Arguing and debating is all well and good when you can do so in a respectful manner; you don't have to agree with someone to treat them civilly. Also, thread title edited for clarity, some image spam cleaned up, and the thread has been moved to feedback.
  12. This is not how you register for Warframe.market. You should re-read the instructions on how to register.
  13. Transferring platinum between multiple accounts that you own is a violation of the terms of service. Beyond that, you will need to contact support regarding the issue. We on the forums do not have the resources to assist in the resolution of this issue.
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