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  1. Chat Ban Confusion

    Going to be locking this. The kickbot operates on a set of rules put in place by DE staff. It will suspend users who violate the chat rules by posting messages containing blacklisted words--the words in question are blacklisted because of their popular use as racist, sexist or derogatory slurs. Your being (temporarily) banned from the chat isn't because you are being discriminated against. It's because you violated the chat rules.
  2. My platinum is gone. Help Please!!!

    You will need to wait for support to respond to your ticket. Also, you should avoid making multiple tickets for the same issue, as doing so will result in an increase in time for support to respond. It also may be considered spamming support tickets which could lead to support access being revoked for spamming tickets. In the meanwhile, if you think you've been hacked, I would recommend enabling 2-factor authentication on your account (accessible through the main site settings) and changing your password to something else or more complex to help increase your account security.
  3. Got muted in game, how long does it last

    Chat suspensions are usually immediate (re-logging will grant you access again), 24 hours long or 1 week long depending on the severity of the violation. Derogatory, racist or sexist slurs will get you a week's long suspension. Milder violations like accidentally posting trading or recruiting messages in the wrong chat tab will usually be just a kick (and not a temporary suspension).
  4. Chat issues and lack of in game tutorials

    You will need to wait for your chat suspension to end. Some words, even if you think they are innocuous, have been frequently used as slurs or insults and as a result have been added to the blacklist, which will result in kickbot automatically kicking and in some cases temporarily suspending users.
  5. Chat issues and lack of in game tutorials

    You will need to wait for your chat suspension to end. Some words, even if you think they are innocuous, have been frequently used as slurs or insults and as a result have been added to the blacklist, which will result in kickbot automatically kicking and in some cases temporarily suspending users. Additionally, removing your chat privileges is not a violation of your rights to freedom of speech. Your civil rights to freedom of speech exists to guarantee you freedom of speech without persecution or punishment from the government, and only when you are speaking in a public and non-privately owned establishment or when you are publicly publishing something such as a book, an article, or a website. However because the in-game chat and these forums are considered a privately owned establishment, you are subject to the rules of the managing entity (the entity in this case being DE). You are a guest and are being allowed to participate here by DE, and as a result if you fail to follow the rules set forth by DE, they are well within their rights to remove your permissions to participate or remove you entirely from the premises (the forums or the game or both).
  6. My account was wrongly suspended

    Do not submit multiple tickets. Submitting multiple tickets for the same issue can increase the time it takes to get a response and adds duplicate tickets to support's queue. Making multiple tickets for the same issue can result in a suspension from the support desk for spamming tickets. For this issue, you will need to wait for support to reply to your ticket. Make sure you regularly Check your Active/Open Tickets for a response, and if you haven't received one in some time you can use the "Comment" section in the ticket itself to add an additional note stating that it is still an ongoing issue and hasn't been resolved yet.
  7. How long does IP ban last?

    You will probably need to wait 24 hours or so for the temporary IP suspension to be lifted. Spamming too many redeem codes in too short a time can be interpreted as a denial of service attack by the firewall and result in a temporary blocking of a user's IP address.
  8. Bug Report: Profanity Filter

    @Vargras and @(XB1)R3d P01nt are correct. Turning off the profanity filter won't magically get you banned when you type profanity. What will get you a swift kick and suspension from the chat is if you post racist, sexist or derogatory slurs. These will get you banned from chat regardless of whether you have the profanity filter enabled or disabled. That said, some profanity is usually tolerated in the in-game chat as long as it's not being used to attack or disrespect other players. Excessive profanity (chat filter enabled or not) will however get you kicked. I'm going to close the thread as there's nothing bugged with the profanity filter.
  9. Can we get a reworked moderation system?

    Now on to addressing issues of respect... Users who are punished for violating the rules are given plenty of respect. When users are punished in game or on the forums, we do not publicize the reason or name and shame you or drag you through the mud. We handle it privately (your warning points are only visible to you and moderators, your suspension reasons are only visible to you and customer support staff). However if you come onto the forums and start openly posting "Omg I was banned for no reason!" when there was most certainly a reason then your thread is going to get locked or removed. In the case of Glen's response to a thread, the user made it blatantly obvious what they were banned for--the reason for their ban was no longer a private affair between them and support staff--and their refusal to acknowledge that what they said was a derogatory slur or comment likely made it clear to Glen that they hadn't learned the lesson of what is and isn't acceptable behavior, which prompted Glen to increase the suspension duration. Users who have no regard for the rules will find no place in this community. There is no "Trial" or "Jury" process, users are never "Accused" of violating the rules, innocence or guilt is determined by the evidence at hand, and users are not punished unless the evidence clearly determines that a rule violation has occurred. If you're suspended from chat by the kickbot or banned by a member of the support staff, you broke the rules and have to now deal with the consequences--you aren't "accused", you are convicted. Going onto the forums to complain about your chat suspension (or other form of suspension) serves no purpose, and it will be shut down. Going onto the forums and then starting a smear campaign against DE Staff or moderators as retaliation for your punishment will be shut down even harder (read: forum warning points and/or suspensions). Now, you might say "But Warframe is supposed to be inclusive! You should be inclusive and accepting of people who are racist/sexist/disrespectful!" but unfortunately as an inclusive community those are people we cannot tolerate, wherein lies the paradox of tolerance. This image will break it out more cleanly than I could with text: And it is in that regard that the "The rules are open to interpretation" excuse does not hold much ground. "But where I'm from, that's not a racist/sexist/derogatory slur, and therefore isn't disrespectful and I should be allowed to use it however I want!" will not excuse your behavior; allowing someone to use it as an excuse would mean setting a precedent that would allow anyone and everyone to use it as a catch-all get-out-of-jail-free card. And it is on that note that I'm going to be locking the thread to preserve the existing feedback. I'll bring up the discussions in this thread with the other moderators and hopefully DE staff to see what feedback on the issues of moderation we can feasibly address and possibly implement that would improve the way punishments are issued to users who violate the rules.
  10. Can we get a reworked moderation system?

    No, DE doesn't openly publicize the list of their employees or their roles as far as I know. Maybe he takes it a bit personally? Though Kickbot is doing precisely what it's designed to do. It's not malfunctioning in any way. It's designed to be an indiscriminate rule enforcing terminator... it's basically the Liam Neeson of chat bots, and each time someone violates the rules, it's like kidnapping Liam Neeson's daughter or family member in one of the Taken movies. All the complaints of it being too strict or too harsh or too Liam-Neeson-y may just mean that it's working as intended. As for moderating the forums... it can be a stressful activity for some, and a relaxing activity for others. It probably depends how a person feels or processes stress. I probably would not have stayed a forum moderator for over 4 years if it was a source of stress for me.
  11. Can we get a reworked moderation system?

    That list is either outdated or incomplete. The community team is a lot larger than that. Customer support representatives aren't listed there either, and they play a big role when it comes to enforcing and resolving in-game rule violations (albeit usually more serious violations than chat rule violations, such as account sharing, hacking, EULA violations, etc). I know of at least 3 unlisted DE Staff members who help out with moderating the forums, and a lot more if you count the multilingual DE Staff members who sometimes help both on other language subforums and the English language forums. The reason why Glen sometimes steps in on the forums or in game with regards to moderation is that Kickbot is his creation. He also might take control of kickbot to observe the chat and/or enforce rules from time to time (possibly to take a breather from long coding/programming sessions, similar to how I may take a quick break from my own work and peruse the Warframe forums). He's also (if I remember correctly) responsible for the anti-cheat scripts and cheat detection in the game. One of his focuses on Warframe has been the implementation of automatic moderation.
  12. Can we get a reworked moderation system?

    No, they only launched a name & shame campaign against support staff and DE staff and provided a very limited view into the full exchange, hence the lock. Unlike us, Glen has the full picture. He has access to chat logs, can view support tickets, and more. He is also the one who programs and occasionally takes direct control of kickbot. As he's also DE staff, his word is law, plain and simple. Users have two options: follow the rules set forth by DE or leave. I know it sounds a bit draconian but that's how it is. If you don't "magically know" (read: learned in school, from parents, from life itself) that racial, sexual, derogatory and otherwise insulting slurs are offensive, then perhaps an inclusive community is not the place for you. These things shouldn't even need to be explicitly stated as being prohibited. As for the rules, the rules are posted every time you enter the chat, at the top of the chat. Although the in game chat rules are very short, they are for the most part the same as those here on the forums. Here's the cliffnotes: Respect other players & people This includes the developers The first and most important rule of the forums and the in game chat This is where the whole "Don't make racist/sexist/derogatory slurs" comes in Don't spam Caps spam, general spam, flood spam, etc Trade spam (trade related messages go in trading tab, not region or recruiting) Recruiting spam (recruiting messages go in recruiting tab, not region or trade) Don't intentionally mislead or troll others Don't bait people into breaking the rules, don't spread misinformation Don't swear like a sailor A little bit of swearing might be let go, a lot may get you kicked Don't violate others' privacy Don't post their real name, IP address, identifying information, etc Don't violate the EULA/Terms of Use Don't advertise real money trades Don't advertise or solicit for cheats/hacks/etc
  13. Suspended chat

    We on the forums are unable to help you. You can contact support to inquire as to the reason for your chat suspension, though it's more than likely you will need to wait for the temporary suspension to expire.
  14. Whether you were or weren't aware that certain phrases, words (or chat filter evasions by substituting one letter for another), the chat suspensions exist to drive one of several lessons home: If you didn't know that what you were saying wasn't allowed, it teaches you that you need to be more mindful about what you write in the in game chat; while the game is rated M for Mature and some swearing is tolerated to an extent, racial, sexual, derogatory or otherwise insulting slurs are not something that's tolerated. If you did know that what you were saying was offensive and that you were intentionally swapping letters to try and outsmart the bot or chat filters, it teaches the lesson that kickbot has no mercy, and that you shouldn't try to bait the bot (or any active moderators). In either case, locking the thread as there is nothing we can do for you regarding your suspension here on the forums. You will have to wait out the chat suspension and be more mindful of the rules when using the in game chat in the future.
  15. Can we get a reworked moderation system?

    It's best to take everything users post with a grain of salt--especially when they're claiming wrongful suspensions, mistreatment from support, and so on, as we only get one side of the story: theirs (which may have been tailored to best support them while incriminating information is withheld). We do not know what was originally written to support in that instance, and it may have very well been worded more like feedback than an inquiry into how long the chat suspension would last, which would lead support to reply with "If you want to provide feedback, please do so on the forums." They may have said "Your ban system sucks, you should be doing it this way instead" or "I think I was banned unfairly and that you should change your banning criteria" which, for the most part, are forms of feedback and not actual account-related inquiries. As for that thread (and the subsequent thread) being locked, they were locked because they were made in an effort to complain about their chat suspension despite having it explained to them that what they did was not appropriate or acceptable behavior, not in an effort to improve or refine the chat moderation system. Meanwhile, this entire thread has continued on without a lock or a hide because it's providing actual feedback, it isn't a "Why was I banned?" or "How long was I banned for?" thread (those questions should be directed to support as we on the forums are not equipped to answer them unless a DE Staff member decides to chime in). It's providing thoughts and suggestions as to how moderation could be improved.