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  1. Sharing your account information with others is a violation of the Terms of Use Agreement and EULA, doing so will result in all associated parties being banned.
  2. Locking at the thread starter's request.
  3. We on the forums are unable to help you beyond directing you to support. We do not have access to your chat logs, do not know what you wrote, etc. The use of derogatory slurs will most often result in a 7 day suspension from chat. Participating in or facilitating minor spam will often result in a temporary kick (that ends upon relogging). If you wrote something that another user told you to wrote (i.e. "Hey can someone write 'xyz' backwards?" or something to that effect) then you were being baited by another user into getting kicked/banned from the chat.
  4. My spirit animal. Also, hey folks, you might notice that more posts have up and gone poof. To those who had posts that got removed, I'm gonna be frank: cut that behavior out. Just because a thread is over ten or twenty pages doesn't mean we don't check it, and it definitely doesn't mean that the forum rules somehow no longer apply. These forums are for civil and respectful discussion--slinging insults is neither civil nor respectful and has no place being on these forums.
  5. This is pretty much why I left the topic unlocked. Containing the fallout and the venting to one thread gives players an outlet while preventing the forums from being spammed with multiple threads.
  6. Locking this to clean up the thread. Update 1: Still cleaning. Y'all need to drink some water and hydrate in the meanwhile, try and balance out that salt. Update 2: Yeah still cleaning. Few pages have been removed. Also, no, Excalibur Prime will not return. Ever. So stop asking. Update 3: How do people even type this much? P.S. Primed Chamber was always going to return; the question wasn't "If" it would return, but "When." Update 4: I'm like 97% certain that I've hidden the same post multiple times now... either I'm experiencing deja vu, a glitch in the matrix, or this thread really was on 'broken record' mode for a few pages... 🤔 Update 5: Based on number of cleaned posts and total posts in this thread... I think I've cleaned 25% of the total thread? I think I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thread unlocked. If your posts were removed, they may have been removed because they either did not adhere to the code of conduct (this will usually result in a verbal warning or a warning point) or were quoting a post which did not adhere to the code of conduct (meaning you were not violating the rules). If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a private message. If you see users violating the rules (spamming, posting abusive/disrespectful comments, etc) please use the report function to bring said posts to our (the moderators') attention. Cheers.
  7. I was on the cusp of selling my primed chamber for 200,000 platinum the last few months. Am I salty that I won't be able to sell it for 200,000 platinum...? Nah. Not one bit. The return of Primed Chamber is not a surprise... The knowledge that it would return has been out in the open for a very, very long time. The question wasn't "if" it would return, but "when."
  8. If you've been gone for that amount of time, it's possible that someone else somehow gained access to your account and may have used it for RMT (real money trading) purposes; basically reselling of platinum for real money. This sort of activity violates the EULA and results in all associated accounts being banned and platinum being deducted, which is why this could be the cause of a negative platinum balance. Regardless, your best avenue forward is to contact support. I also advise enabling 2 factor authentication as well as updating your password (and the passwords of any of your online accounts that are the same as what you use for Warframe).
  9. DE does not disclose whether users are punished, or how they are punished. Actions taken against a user by DE Support is a private matter between that user and DE. It's the reason warning points on the forums are not visible to other users, only to the user who had said warning points and forum staff/moderators.
  10. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month (also known as African-American History Month) are observances in the United States, not Canada. And DE is a Canadian company. They're not willfully ignoring those things, Canada just doesn't observe MLK Jr. Day or African-American History Month.
  11. Free market my dude. Items are worth what people are willing to pay for them. If you were willing to pay 20p for Crimson Dervish, then the mod is worth 20p. There is no firm fixed prices for trades. A 10p difference is also so small that it really shouldn't be worth getting angry over. Hell, if I was trading for something worth 10p I'd probably give 'em 20 anyway; 10p for the item and a 10p tip. Also, I remember when Crimson Dervish was like 200p (that's two zeroes). Locking.
  12. That's all speculation. There are some theories that a small enough black hole or singularity might not be able to sustain itself, and that it'd burn itself out via Hawking radiation emission; basically it wouldn't be consuming enough mass to keep up with how much Hawking radiation is being produced and it just sort of fizzles out, or explodes, or something... You can probably understand when I say that we don't really know enough about gravitational singularities and their behavior to say what is and what isn't possible. The 100 energy sent could be needed to sustain the singularity for some amount of time before it just shwoomps itself out of existence. Moreover it could be a pseudo-singularity; the vortex grenade may simply generate a large quantities of Higgs particles without actually forming a black hole in order to affect local gravity and create a black hole like effect (pulling things in, crushing them, etc) but without sufficient mass to form a black hole (for a gender that size you'd need to compress more than the mass of Earth to generate enough of a gravity offset). Long story short: it's space magic, but it's been made fairly clear that the vortex skill uses gravity to pull enemies in.
  13. The enemies flying around in circles is realistic; they've essentially achieved a stable orbit around a gravity well (not unlike planets around a sun). Black holes are basically hyper dense stars with gravity so strong that light cannot leave the event horizon, if you have enough tangential velocity and are outside the event horizon you could achieve a safe and stable orbit without being sucked in.
  14. Vortex is less a vacuum and more of a singularity (read: black hole). Black holes suck things in via gravity, not via vacuum suction. Moreover, walls wouldn't be pulled down because they are probably study enough to withstand shifts in gravity and are anchored to other surfaces, large enough enemies would have enough inertia/density such that they could resist the pull of vortex's gravity with their own strength.
  15. Gravity doesn't care about line of sight. Why should vortex?
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