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  1. A disclaimer in the video doesn't give a free pass to ignore Youtube's video hosting policies/age restriction requirements, and could result in account suspension/deactivation, though more often than not it would result in Youtube marking a video as age restricted on their end, meaning that the uploader cannot remove the age restriction. Long story short, if DE is flagging their own videos, it's to cover their bases (which is understandable because more often than not, livestreams/videos/etc from DE tend to have vulgar language, which is a criteria for age-restricted content). If not, the
  2. While I can see how this could be an annoyance, I also understand why Youtube is doing it. Similar to how tobacco & alcohol stores are required by law here in the states to check purchasers' IDs even if they're obviously old enough to purchase tobacco/alcohol. It is, at its core, a liability issue. In order to continue operating in certain countries, Youtube (and by extension Google) needs to adjust certain policies for certain users to adhere to local/regional laws. The alternative is that Youtube gets blacklisted by all of a country's DNS providers and ISPs and users are blocked fro
  3. I think you should use the forum search function. This topic has been posted many times in the past by many other users.
  4. Suspensions/bans from the game service are considered a private matter between the suspended/banned user and DE Customer Support. Because of this, users will never be privy to the full picture regarding another user's suspension from the game, as DE does not disclose the details, evidence or incidents that led to their decision. So it is always prudent to take ban complaints with a grain of salt as you will only ever hear/see one side of the story. At the end of it, the only person who can dispute a suspension is the suspended user in question, by contacting DE Customer Suppo
  5. If you wish to have two separate Warframe accounts benefit from Amazon Prime Rewards, you will need to have two separate Amazon Prime accounts/subscriptions.
  6. As long as you adhere to the rules you won't be at risk of being banned. It is also very important to keep in mind that DE does not publicly disclose information about users' suspensions from the game, in order to protect the user's privacy. Were DE to publicly disclose and openly announce why users X, Y and Z were banned, this could irreparably harm their reputation in the community as well as make them a target of harassment/bullying. What this means is that when you read users' complaints about being banned, you may be getting only one side of the story and are not being given the
  7. If you intentionally avoid picking up loot, you really shouldn't be surprised when said loot expires. That's not a DE problem, that's a you problem. Just pick it up. Problem solved. Disregarding the 'meta' for essence for all of 2~4 minutes isn't going to irreversibly damage your account. Just pick up the loot.
  8. If you wish to dispute a ban, you will need to contact DE Customer Support. We on the forums cannot assist you beyond referring you there.
  9. The forum search functionality is your friend.
  10. Really? Locking to clean this thread up.
  11. You will need to wait for DE Customer Support to respond. We on the forums cannot assist you with regards to issues with purchasing platinum.
  12. Make sure you have any ad-blockers or third party extensions in your browser turned off when logging in/proceeding through captcha checks. Otherwise, you'll need to pass the captcha check in order to log in.
  13. If you are able to log into the main site (https://warframe.com) then you should be able to access the customer support page and submit a ticket. The support page will occasionally ask you to resubmit your login credentials (usually when you visit the support page again after a while). When you are asked to log into the support page, you should see credential entry that looks like this. If you are successfully logging into the support page (you are not getting an error when entering your credentials) but the zendesk page isn't updating after you log in, you may have a third party extensio
  14. If a user believes they have been mistakenly suspended from the game, they should contact DE Customer Support. That said, users should be cognizant of what they are writing into the in-game chat.
  15. Such a feature does not exist, nor is it ever likely that one would be implemented. These forums are open, which means that when you create a thread or a post you are opening yourself to voices of agreement and disagreement. Users posting on your thread or those replying to you are not obligated to agree with you, just as you are not obligated to agree with them. As for the issue of being reported, punishments and moderation... If you adhere to the code of conduct (act in a civil, mature and respectful manner) then your posts won't be removed nor will warning points be levied against
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