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  1. As someone who uses Exodia Might, I have to disagree whole-heartedly. The 0.25 second animation of my Zaw getting plunged into the opponent's chest and yanked out is what keeps my Excalibur alive most times in combat, and the ability to consistently trigger its effects is a godsend.
  2. So they released the first ever Revenant augment, Blinding Reave. It's fairly straightforward: passing through enemies with Reave blinds them for a period of time, similar to Radial Blind, Savage Silence, or Desiccation. It even has the same blinded effect particles. Yet for whatever reason, the blinded targets are not open to finishers. EVERY other Blind ability makes enemies open to finishers. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Or is this just supposed to be "blind, but worse"?
  3. That doesn't work for my Lanka though.
  4. So will a crit build with Blood Rush and Drifting Contact not work anymore? I can't go back to flat damage builds, I just CAN'T!
  5. So if you're like me, you enjoy creeping around the Plains of Eidolon, stealthily clearing outposts on your way to a Conservation target. And if you're like me, you love sniping a Grineer's head clean off from 200 meters and his friends' heads shortly after. But, and I suppose this means I'm stupid enough to fall for Grineer camouflage, it's REALLY HARD to tell what is a bush and what is a Grineer now that the remastered Plains is live. A vitals-spotting mod for Snipers (like the effect of the Agronak or perhaps the Zenith, although I doubt the latter) would be a wonderful addition to the long-range play style and would make those stealthy headshots so much simpler.
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