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  1. So I love the new nemesis system. The Liches add so much personality and a fair bit of challenge to the game. Now, everyone loves the weaponry, but my question is: how many Kuva Liches can I convert? And if I convert a new Kuva Lich, does my previous one disappear? I've grown fond of my good buddy Vibb Telvo as he has saved me from faction hitsquads/assassination targets/capture targets/random kubrows, but I'm also thinking of acquiring another Lich as I don't want the Kuva Ayanga but it's excellent in the hands of Vibb Telvo. Another Lich was generated with a Kuva Ayanga and I'm thinking of converting this one as well, but if it gets rid of Vibb Telvo that's not a risk I'm willing to take. Anybody know if you can have more than one Lich show up at random, or only the most recent Lich you've acquired?
  2. As impressed as I am that my little rapscallion Lich managed to conquer Phobos, I have the same issue. Defection outright doesn't work.
  3. So I generated a Lich, my buddy Vibb Telvo, who claimed Phobos as his personal dump. As charming as he is, I have an issue. One of the occupied missions is a Defection mission, which spawns one of the Kavor as a "Vibb Telvo Thrall". Since I can't kill the defector (and neither can the Infested seeing as he is level 65), I can't get credit for opposing the Lich. Every other mission on the planet has been completed and I am one "point" away from the Lich coming after me. As of writing this, I have completed the mission four times but the red stain has not gone away and I have not successfully incensed Vibb Telvo further, which is a shame because I could really use a guy like Vibb as a dependable ally and/or coat hanger depending on how many tries it takes me to Parazon him successfully.
  4. Do we have an ETA on the reworks? Last stream it was mentioned it'd be late this week.
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