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  1. Thanks for all the replies. It looks like this might have been an unintentional release of new mastery icons that are coming with the MR30 changes, either as symbols of the new legendary ranks or replacement symbols for the old mastery ranks. I actually hope this is not what mastery ranks will look like now. The boxy design with a solid background seems greatly inferior to the old designs. It also appears to have broken the mastery sigil, but since the sigil was also renamed to "legacy mastery", I get the idea that the old symbols might stick around as "legacy" symbols, at least for the sigil.
  2. I just noticed this, so I'm not sure if it only appears in the necralisk, but I started googling and found absolutely nothing. What is it? Edit: I think they changed all the mastery rank icons. If this is what my mastery rank looks like now, I'm rather confused because the symbol is still the same in Simaris' relay room, and the mastery rank sigil appears to be bugged, now. This wasn't in the patch notes, I don't think. That changes my question: What is going on with mastery rank? Is this preparation for MR30 and "legendary" ranks?
  3. Clan: Scrap Metal Militia Size: Ghost Platform: PS4 Role: Founding Warlord Our clan is a small group of friends that have known each other for over 10 years, but the dojo has been a solo project for me. I have even more build plans for the future but I thought I'd submit now while I have the chance! Photos broken up by room below. Granum Exchange: A corpus-themed trade center, complete with a price change board, 4 custom trading posts, many screens for traders to watch the market, and of course the golden, grasping hand of Parvos Granum watching over it all. A central Orokin data
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