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  1. Void proc is supposed to be like Mag's Magnetize, directing enemy fire to the victim. But there is an obvious bug that leads to self damage if you shoot inside the Void proc bubble sometimes. Unlike Mag's Magnetize ability, the bullet can't hit the target and get blocked by invisible "wall".
  2. Reminds me of the argon scope grinding days few years ago. 🤣
  3. KUMUDA KUMUDA KUMUDA KUMUDA!!! Still no fix for Razorwing bug
  4. Before they change Desecrate to toggle ability, we were able to loot same body(or gore) multiple times if all Nekros cast the abiility at the same time. The toggle change is to prevent from looting repeatedly, and now DE "fixed" it. I don't think we can desecrate 2+ times unless you have high latency or something that will cause this to happen.
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