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  1. KUMUDA KUMUDA KUMUDA KUMUDA!!! Still no fix for Razorwing bug
  2. Bug: The deactivation of Razorwing resets magazine of primary weapons Reproduce the bug: In the following video, I was holding Mutalist Quanta and had 110 in the clip, but the deactivation of the Titania 4th ability resets to 60 somehow. (Mutalist Quanta, for example, has default of 60 ammo in the clip, it resets if you have higher ammo than default vaule) Edit: This happens to every primary weapons. Very annoying.
  3. Before they change Desecrate to toggle ability, we were able to loot same body(or gore) multiple times if all Nekros cast the abiility at the same time. The toggle change is to prevent from looting repeatedly, and now DE "fixed" it. I don't think we can desecrate 2+ times unless you have high latency or something that will cause this to happen.
  4. I appreciate the changes to Nezha and Revenant. But I would also like to hear some Nyx changes too :(
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