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  1. In that case if there was a nerf on the throw, I wasn't aware of it 🙂
  2. The glaive charge throw now adds to the combo counter and increases damage for better scaling. Before this update charged throws didn't add to the counter.
  3. Make some suggestions, negative comments like just replace the ability doesn't really help DE or the community.
  4. One synergy is Gauss can use heat sunder then cast cold sunder to pull nearby enemies in to assist Grendel in feasting. Second, Gauss can do armor removal for scaling. Third, based on Grendels listed abilities he can buff Gauss.
  5. Revenant is a great frame, and great for avoiding self damaging weapons. You can't reason with the Gears, even if you had a tack hammer, don't waste your time trying to reason with him.
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