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  1. It only affects bow weapons and the charge times. All other weapons classes are unaffected.
  2. I found the issue my heavy weapon archgun has neg FR riven. When I removed the riven from my archgun, the FR went back to .7
  3. Like I said before, I have no neg. FR. The same build on on other frames, FR is .7
  4. My lavos build has no mods, and dragon keys. The fire rate is still at 1.82.
  5. I apologize but after testing it occurs on Lavos. The fire rate goes to 1.82.
  6. I don't know, but I cleared all my mods and made sure no dragon keys were equipped.
  7. I thought I was crazy too, but when I equip it to lavos the charge time goes to 1.82
  8. I apologize its on Lagos. I took the same build and when I equip it on other warframes the charge time is .7
  9. I have not put any negative mods or dragon keys on my frame
  10. Is anyone else frustrated that the proboscis had its fire rate changed from .7 to 1.82 seconds for a full charge. Please DE, revert to the old stats there is no reason to have charge time of almost 2 sec.
  11. Instead of using his serpents, the augment would allow Lavos to throw vial grenades with a cool down. Any other suggestions would be welcome.
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