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  1. First of all when you get in the area to load the room for the first fight, both doors just didn't want to open and we were stuck there forever until we abondened the mission. The 2 door that bring us back to the Vallis don't open after loading either, and the game redirects us to Fortuna or Orbiter.
  2. Its happening everytime today 1st issue was getting stuck at the door going back outside to orb vallis after completing phase 1
  3. It's happening to me everytime i try to exit, but instead of to abort, the team dismantles and im sent back to fortuna. >when joining someone else's public the game the second door to the orb fight didn't open. I had to abort the mission to get out of there.
  4. Nice! I persolnaly think that we have a lot of content unexplored, sincee the Orbiter that can improve it interior (we have broken wires since the launch of the game and lots of empty spaces in the operator room), only 3 landers (no Cetus lander, no Fortuna lander etc), no new companions from Cetus, new masks from Nakak, Archwings seems to have been abandoned, i don't see anyone playing arching missions, except to farm Atlas and grind for xp, and no new archwing model came too. I can make a extense list but i thing i have already exposed my p.o.v., we have a great game that create new stuff and then leave what they create behind sometimes leaving a feeling of emptyness even with a lot of things to do and this thoughts come to my mind everytime i look to my unfixed lander wall near the decorations room and to that unacessible tower in Cetus.
  5. I'm sure that even offering one Prime Warframe, everyone that was watching enjoyed what was showed and get hyped, I understand that maybe they have showed some concern about the drop not being credited in their accounts but it's because of a promisse made. Thank you for your generosity, congratulations for the great presentation, (even for the slide show hahaha), your team and you have showed us great news, the awesome results of your hard work and let us excited for the new content, I'm pleased to have the oportunity to be a player with one account since 2014~2015 and see that the game continues to evolve and get even better! Great job, great team, great game! It's sowing that you harvest! Thx!
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