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  1. 16&17 y.o. is only allowed to consume beer, wine.

    18+ is fine for everything.


    Another thing is the laws regarding how long minors are allowed to attend parties and other events.

    16-17 y.o. persons would have to leave at 0:00 AM

    Oh damn it and damn my luck I'm 15... What if I don't drink...

  2. Wrong forum and will likely get moved, but...


    You really need to let us know what the GPU chipset is. Easiest way is likely hit the Windows key (Windows 7 through 8.1), and start typing Device Manager. Select Device Manager in the results and when it loads expand the Display Adapters node. Tell us the name of the card under that. If you double click on the card and go to the Drivers tab of the dialog that opens, give us the Driver Version.

    He has XP...

  3. So I finally convinced my friend to play warframe, he has an integrated video card, but when he tries to open the game it says that his graphics card is not supported and/or he needs to upgrade drives, he has an integrated graphics card and I think upgrading Nvidia drivers is just nonsense... can someone tell me the solution?

  4. I just traded 20pl for Braton Prime Barrel, completed trade returned to my ship but when I checked I did not receive Braton Prime Barrel! I know it was not scam I completed trade succesfully, I'm just rank 6 and 20pl means a lot for me, don't know what happened but it's a fact that I don't have 20pl or Braton prime barrel... can someone help me?

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