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  1. Like how (I vaguely remember) the Redeemer shoots mid combo if you hold the key? It would be a massive drag giving all weapons "extended" attacks for all moves though. I'd love to have launches and dashes. Say, backwards+attack launches target upwards (holding makes you follow) and forward+attack is a gap closer (holding transitions into a combo). On a more high-on-sugar train of thought, imagine the following - Dash towards target > almost full combo and uppercut > follow > combo midair > finishing combo > operator pops out from above the target > HEY KIDDO *void blasts target face first against the floor * Hek, just make them QuadGrakatas and their stance Love is Clem
  2. The glory of Dodge Offset is coming to Warframe? :D! DE pls gib QuadLex melee weapon ❤️
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