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  1. For the thousandth time, this issue is not only limited to primed mods. That only applies to veterans. Think of the common, uncommon, and rare mods you need to max in addition to those primed mods. DERebecca said herself, it took her years (figuratively) to max out Serration. Except you still have Redirection, Vitality, Hornet Strike as well as many more essential mods to max out before you can even attempt to max out a primed mod.


    Let's not forget that nothing has been changed. Don't be fooled. This is just another attempt to appease the community and make us forget about the issue.

  2. The problem is this doesn't concern only primed mods. Let's not limit it to that issue only since that may only apply to veteran players. I've been playing since around October last year and I've only managed to max two 10 rank mods. People seem to forget that there aren't only primed mods. Think of the essentials such as Redirection (and the Sentinel version), Vitality (and the Sentinel version), Serration, Hornet Strike, etc. These are very time consuming to max out and now it's just gotten a lot harder. Now my thread has been moved and locked to bury it. Don't forget this issue. They haven't changed anything.

  3. Its DE secret weapon to send threads they don't like to feedback section to die. Its pretty ingenious by the way they made the forum rules so broad any complaints are considered "feedback" even though your just complaining and aren't suggesting any kind of change.


    I expected this would happen sooner or later. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get in contact with any of the moderators to move the thread back. Seems like some of them are not accepting private messages. I'll try to get this moved back. Already messaged three community moderators.


    General Discussion isn't the place for feedback threads, please read and understand:
    Moved to the proper section.



    This is not a feedback topic. I read the rules and I understand them. Feedback would constitute a reaction to a change made. This is more of a PSA. Since this does not fit strictly in the definition of what a feedback topic is, it should be categorized as General Discussion. The data was included in as a support for the claims and the original post has been constantly changing/updated each day which is why it may seem like a feedback thread. The reason why it placed in General Discussion is because that category is one of the most popular boards and is bound to gain attention, not only alerting the community but DE as well. Not to mention, there are various community members who helped with this thread and those that visit it each day might not be able to find it. I can't help but feel like this is an attempt to bury the thread. I hope you can understand the damage that moving such a thread can do and would respectfully ask you revert the changes you have made.
    I have sent you a PM and would prefer if this was moved back into it's proper section.
    EDIT: I have tried PMing you but apparently you cannot receive messages anymore. I will ask another mod to help.
  5. It's a game. You don't have to do anything. There's no excuse to introducing a massive grindwall, removing proper methods of getting through it and then justifying it as 'oh, you don't have to do it, so it's fine if we punish people that try to do it!'.

    You don't have to leave mercury, so I guess we can make nav coordinates drop in a 0.00001% chance from Vor. You don't have to do it, so it's ok.

    You don't have to get any item after the MK-1 stuff, so it's ok for everything to cost 50k plat and have a three year build time. You don't have to do it.

    The only thing DE wants us to do is grind for ever decreasing rewards on an ever increasing grindwall and buy plat. Everything else is just pointless.


    Grind isn't the only answer for a large community that plays a game, grind is the only answer DE knows. There's a multitude of options available to make fusion core grind efficient and rewarding, but DE doesn't want that. This happens in the same week Scott says 'we don't want the game to feel like a massive grind'. Think about it.


    You seem to take things in the wrong order. DE didn't make a game where the only thing you can do is grind because their player base only knows grind. The player base only knows grind because that's the game DE made. Every update, every hotfix, it's just 'grind more 10o'.



    This is not necessarily just about R5 cores in survival, it's about this awful, RNG based, unrewarding, ever increasing grind as a whole. They said about a year ago that they wanted to decrease grind. One year later, it's just plain worse with primed mods requiring triple degree grind to get(ducats, credits, cores) and with Syndicates being introduced, another layer of grind.


    This. Thanks, you worded it way better than I ever could. Added your post to the original post. It helps explain an argument that hasn't been addressed yet.

  6. The point you all are missing is... You have not to max every primed mod.

    Another point is: the Grind is the only answer for a large community which passes more than 2 hours per day on the game.

    You get burnedout frequently? -Start chilling first of all, nobody is cheating you- then start playing less, so eventually they'll start adapting the game for a community which doesn't pass 8 hours per day farming like a robot.

    And.. Let's put an end to this Conspiracy stuff. It's pathetic.


    We know. This issue isn't limited to Legendary (Primed) mods but all mods. Legendary mods do contribute to the entire problem though. There is no conspiracy. I'm not saying there is one but it's not like this isn't uncommon for successful companies. Not to mention, they have tricked the community before and have been caught as well. If my post indicated that, I can change it. It wasn't my intention.


    This is good though. We're contributing to the conversation and we're seeing why some people support the nerf. We need to see both sides of the argument to find a solution.


    Please take a look at this post. 


  7. The striking thing is, this complaint is mainly driven by primed mods... which are legendary, and thus should be a long-term goal to max... and which also give double the upgrade of the regular(or more!).


    So, how many cores to max a primed mod? 528... how many to get it to rank 6, which is a total upgrade from the regular? 33.


    Wait, that's it? Just... well, hold on a minute. Just 33 rare cores? Well, what if we want a SOLID upgrade? Huh? What then? What if we're up to rank 8? That's... 132 cores. Not easy, but not super grindy either...


    So the only time we need this mythical 528 cores is if we want to *absolutely max* the mod, the mod that should be a rare and special event to max? And to just get great utility out of it, we only need a couple of dozen?


    That makes... SENSE.


    As for those upset it's not in t4s anymore?  Y'know, some of us actually want to be able to get ducats, you know, those things you need to acquire these primed mods in the first place? There's nothing worse than heading to the only place to find ducats(the void!) and coming home with armloads of upgrade fodder.


    They're not driven by only Legendary mods but all mods. Given that we have multiple ones that are absolutely necessary (i.e. Redirection, Vitality, Hornet Strike, Serration, and the rare mods), it is a bit of a hassle. Then they toss in Legendary mods on top of that. Where would we find the time to farm for these cores at their already reduced drop rate and level all these mods up?


    They said they were working on this in phases, and that they're on phase one. They have no reason to "trick the community", and your "research" so far hasn't proven in any way that they have.


    I'm not saying they are "tricking the community" but it is certainly possible. They have plenty of incentive to if their goal is to keep people playing as long as possible (not to mention spending lots of money on their game). I'd like to hope that they aren't but their recent changes haven't really reflected that they aren't deceiving the community. It's not uncommon to see this happen when a company gains moderate success (i.e. Ubisoft, Overkill, Infinity Ward etc.). Not to mention, this isn't exclusively my research. I've given credit to all the people in the community who have helped me and their data might not be 100% accurate but they are surely close. I stand by the data they provided, even if it isn't entirely accurate. Moving on, they have deceived the community before. For example, when the community found out they lied about certain drop rates (discovered through datamining), the multiple times they have stealth-nerfed certain aspects of the game such as Rotation C on I think T4 Survival or Interception, and how they encrypted their drop tables (which really wasn't necessary unless they had something to hide) to stop people from looking at them. We have to base our research off general knowledge now since the exact statistics can no longer be datamined.


    You must not have read the other community responses because this was already covered before. Please take a look at this post.


  8. The T4S change was pretty much a letter from DE saying 'do not bother playing anymore' in my view.


    I just wonder how much noise people will have to make before DE cares enough to make a change for the better instead of 'pseudo' changes that don't really change anything and are meant to just silence people that don't really know any better. DE loves pulling that out.


    A lot of players are still misinformed about the recent patches. They believe the R5 core problem has already been fixed. So far they have released two fixes (one being Hotfix 15.13.7 and the other being Hotfix 15.14), supposedly having "fixed" the issues but nothing has really changed. I don't know if this (tricking the community) is intentional or not but I hope more people realize this and start to do their own research.

  9. meh, it seems DE won't see the true issue underlying this whole R5C problem. To them it's like "R5C are now out of the void so you don't need a key to farm them, isn't that great?" while to us it's like "it takes at least double or triple the time it used to take to grind enough R5C to max out R10/primed mods." The devs and the player base are looking at this one issue with 2 different perspectives, and since the players actually, you know, play the game more, the devs will never see/experience the grind like we do.


    If the devs actually took the time to grind the cores for maxing out new primed mods during their release every 2 weeks i'm betting they'd actually even increase the drop rate to T4S' level or make them drop 100% of the time in T4S altogether. That's how time-consuming and grindy it is to max out high-end mods. It would've been fine if players just have to max out R10 cores, but with primed cores releasing every 2 weeks we have grindwalls piling over each other.


    This thing doesn't only affect long-time players either. New players join warframe every day, players who will inevitably have to farm literally thousands of cores to max out the multitude of R10 mods they'll need to be viable in endgame content. (even more now that raids are coming) With DE's changes to R5C farming they basically put up a gigantic grind wall that new players will have to spend hundreds of hours to surmount before they even reach endgame viability. How are the devs supposed to 'reduce the grind' if they don't 'know the grind?'





    30m T4S you can get easy 10-20xR5 Cores + forma + good prime parts + trash prime parts for ducats + good quantity of credits


    Ironic mode ON : This obviously need a nerf




    30m on survival I only get 5xR5 Cores + S#&$ "rare" common mods (I know, I have bad luck)




    10m with 2x Power Throw


    Interception far better  and both are slow




    I play this game since CB, over 1000 hours of playtime and mastery rank 18. Tell me, How can upgrade all primed mods? All kubrow mods? All L10 mods? Grind, grind and more grind after 15.13 more and more grind this isn't fun just boring.



    The only end game we have are upgrade mods and level up mastery rank, I grind a lot to get nova prime and other prime stuff in the last months, please stop the nerf on cores, I hope a real fix not just a placebo.


    Will be adding these two responses to original post and more.


    btw several node still drop uncommon x3 too ( such as draco ) so even less chance for rare 5 pack ....


    Yes, I think there are still alot more nodes out there that are still set to Medium Tier Rewards that need to be fixed.

  10. just a quick question I thought when we do get cores they are suppose to be "packs", but I noticed on the picture after 15.14 it showed only one core isn't that incorrect?


    No, thats the way its supposed to be. Single R5 fusion cores are included as a reward as well. More rewards though means you have a smaller chance of getting what you want.


    Rotation A (Enemy Level 20+) Drop Table:
    - 2000 Credit Cache Reward
    - 2500 Credit Cache Reward
    - [1] Uncommon Fusion Core
    - [1] Rare Fusion Core
    - [5] Rare Fusion Cores
    - [MOD] Steady Hands
    - [MOD] Stabilizer
    - [MOD] Power Throw
  11. Our initial problems still persist, even with the upcoming changes that will add Rare Fusion Core packs to the proper planetary nodes- that the grind for cores was needlessly increased. To me, I still feel stuck playing the same old Survival game mode (perhaps the most boring mode and a literal waiting game) in order to get any sense of progression.


    I know one of the recent dev streams have talked about rewards scaling with time to give us a better pay off for time invested, but couldn't you rebalance drop tables after you had something thought out and properly implemented? You're just adding on stairs to this endless staircase that could really use some branching paths and exciting scenery on the way to burn-out's ville.


    Couldn't you have just added the Rare Fusion Core packs to planetary interception and survival nodes without touching Tower IV Survival's chance at the same exact thing? I understand you don't want players to feel forced into playing only one mission to satisfy their goals, but nerfing something (that honestly wasn't even that great in the first place) to make the alternatives seem not as bad is the wrong way to go.


    The real issue is players wanting to feel rewarded for their efforts and the recent changes to the drop tables doing nothing but undermining the time invested for a sense progression.



    Here's another issue beside the tripled grind, the R5s are just on rota A. How is this a problem? Well, it's literally a boring waiting game to 10 mins + tripled grind, how is that NOT a problem? Those two combined even makes me hesitate opening Warframe because imagining that sh*t I'll go through for hours and hours, again and again is JUST -- NOT -- FUN, the game is becoming a CHORE or literally a JOB. How is this even called "reducing the grind" or "year of quality"?


    T4S was okay ( and some people do find it fun) because people are trying to squeeze out most reward they can get from spending 1 key ever since the key pack removal. We tend to do runs like 1 hour or more with a dedicated setup to prevent failure, setting up a dedicated team is also FUN especially if you're trying to go against the META or typical setups. We are being rewarded through our efforts and this makes us HAPPY and SATISFIED even considering that there's still alot of grind to do due to those primed mods released every 2 weeks. Now you basically removed that satisfying grind and gave as a sh*tty alternative?


    This is a shoutout to DE, if you guys have no more plans to remove this R5 packs on Lv20+ hard survivals then at least make it feel more challenging and more rewarding. As players said, we don't mind if the mission itself is hard but make us feel rewarded too at the same time.


    Here, since you guys don't play your game,

    - Increase the drop rate further, 25% sounds good for you? Well, 75% chance of getting CRAP doesn't sound good for us!

    - There is literally no point on grinding more than 10mins and this is what makes it boring! Can you please realize this already? At least add R5 packs also on Rota B and C with a slightly higher chance of dropping.

    - Just one last tip, try playing your game! Go max one primed mod please! just one! And tell me, how "that" grind is your so-called "reducing the grind" or "year of quality"?


    I'll try to add these posts to the main topic. Good constructive criticism and can be very useful.


    PSA: The 5min test run by the dev was shown to be an example and a bit of comedy. It was not the complete extent of their testing, nor do I think we'll ever know the complete extent, since explaining to us how they prod around their database is rather tmi. The post was made to note that they saw the complaint(s), found the root cause, and could implement a complete fix, not to be a diagnostic report of how they test. Not saying DE is perfect, but what is being claimed here in regards to their testing is completely ridiculous and really, really dumb. Not to mention completely against the information presented in the rest of the post noting products of further investigation. I would hazard a guess some of the users in this thread realize this and are just stirring the pot, but if you want DE to listen to you then man up and post like an adult.


    I don't think many people have an issue with the 5 minute test run. It's just twenty one test runs are a stronger example. They released a hotfix but it didn't fix the things we wanted because they're still looking at the wrong issue.


    On another note though, there doesn't seem to be any indication of comedy. If you could pull up DERebecca's original post, and point out the exact sentence(s) that would even remotely "hint" that it was a comedic/witty response, that would be kinda helpful. She did say it was a quick test run and that's all I thought it was. A quick test run.

  12. 10x 10minute runs (20 A rewards) on Ceres, Egeria (survival lvl 35-40)...



    14x Rare Mods (Steady Hands / Power Throw ) = 70%

    4x 5xR5 Cores = 20%

    2x Credit Caches (2500creds) = 10%


    Therefore to max rare r10 mod (396 R5 Cores) i must spent about 20x100 = 2000 min (200x 10min runs). Well done DE!


    This is exactly what I'm talking about. Those that support the nerf likely have not even attempted maxing out a mod or even ran a T4 survival before the nerf. Thanks for the help with the data. 

  13. Everyone will be gone before U16 is released.



    They'll come back for U16, like the always do.


    No one wants to leave which is why we're fighting this nerf. Personally, I haven't spent much time only in the past 2 days on this game because I'm still waiting for something to change. I still like the game though. 




    30m T4S you can get easy 10-20xR5 Cores + forma + good prime parts + trash prime parts for ducats + good quantity of credits


    Ironic mode ON : This obviously need a nerf




    30m on survival I only get 5xR5 Cores + S#&$ "rare" common mods (I know, I have bad luck)




    10m with 2x Power Throw


    Interception far better  and both are slow




    I play this game since CB, over 1000 hours of playtime and mastery rank 18. Tell me, How can upgrade all primed mods? All kubrow mods? All L10 mods? Grind, grind and more grind after 15.13 more and more grind this isn't fun just boring.



    The only end game we have are upgrade mods and level up mastery rank, I grind a lot to get nova prime and other prime stuff in the last months, please stop the nerf on cores, I hope a real fix not just a placebo.


    It's great that we have veterans stepping up to oppose this nerf. It's just insane for them to increase the grind over and over again.

  14. Time to check out the new droprate for dark sector missions! Maybe they will have a proper chance? Can't be much worse right? Done on Uranus (which is now fixed!), 6x 10 minute runs, 12 A-rewards! ......




    That's it, i'm out.


    "More bull**** please?"


    Can't thank you enough dunkingmachine for all the help with the data. DERebecca ran one 5 minute run but I think twentyone 10 minute runs might be a more powerful example. Very helpful, I'll be sure to add it to the original post. 


    Updated original post with a specific message to DE staff members that are reading the thread since they don't seem to understand the issues the community is having with these changes. Hopefully, it'll be a little more clear now. Also added data on how many R5s it takes to max out a mod, also added appropriate credit for this information.

  15. Incoming wall of text + PSA Phase 1.

    The news of adding Rare 5 Code Bundles in missions throughout the star chart was first met with optimism, but over this past week the volume of reports that ‘this is bad or broken’ have had us investigating why this could be so very bad.

    In a quick test case on Nuovo, we are came pretty good in 5 minutes:


    Granted, it’s not identical to the prior method, but there is no Key burned, new scenery and new enemies involved.

    Then we investigated the advertised claim that missions with enemies starting at Level 20 or more will reward Rare Cores, and the issue became clear: Some Level 20+ Enemy missions are using Medium Tier Rewards. The theoretical tables players have been producing as well as their experiences is a result of misassigned reward tables.

    This is absolutely not working as intended and we will fix it today (which by consequence is extending the time needed to deploy the small Update we have planned).

    Digging resulted in revealing that this is how Hard mission Rewards are set up:

    Rotation A, Survival, Hard Mission Reward Rotations.

    Fusion Core (RareModFuser) x5 =  25%

    Rotation B, Interception, Hard Mission Reward Rotations

    Fusion Core (RareModFuser) x5  =  50%

    Some missions with Enemies starting at Level 20 or more are not hooked up to distribute R5 Cores. Which is to say, the following are using Medium Tier Rewards instead of Hard:

    Sedna: Yemaja.

    Uranus: Ophelia, Cupid, Stephano.

    Europa: Ose, Zagan

    Phobos: Flimnap, Opik

    & More issues with ambiguous ranges (17-23, etc).

    These will be fixed today.

    Furthermore, Dark Sector nodes were omitted from this simply because they already have added bonuses (XP, etc). However, we have added Rare 5 x 5 Cores to these missions and this will also be deployed today.

    This roughly concludes PSA Phase 1. The issue has been identified, fixes are in progress, and deployment will follow. PSA Phase 2 pending this all being fixed + reparations for everyone's time and frustrations.


    Can I just clarify that the issue isn't that these cores aren't dropping? The issue is that cores are dropping at a heavily reduced rate, therefore, tripling the grind.

  16. Well of course they've changed. I've never tried to say anything to the contrary. You're not supposed to get at the data, that's why they encrypted it.


    I just don't like it when people pull numbers from nowhere, and other people go on to believe it as fact. It's spreading misinformation. I've got no problem with people complaining about one thing being rarer than another, or changes felt in drop rates from anecdotal evidence, I just don't like it when people try to assume hard numbers based on hunches.


    You're correct and I've changed my original post to reflect that. I'll break down my thought process for you. I had a claim but I can't prove it 100% since there is no evidence for it (encrypted data). So instead, I used general knowledge and basic math to give people an idea of what I'm trying to prove. It's not accurate but people somewhat understand what I'm trying to get at. If people took these deductions as fact, then there's nothing I can do about that. I cannot predict what people will assume from the information I've provided. Like you said, this is based on anecdotal evidence. At no point in this entire topic, before or after edits, have I said that these numbers were accurate. These are all estimated. There has been no spreading of any type of misinformation. If my wording of my posts have led people to assume this, then I can change that. I'll be more careful. This information was taken, with permission, from user cyrus106 with the notice that these numbers were all estimated. You can check his own topic, located here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/399833-cyrus106s-solution-to-the-core-farming-dilemma/


    I feel like you're being very hostile when there's really no need to. I've been patient and courteous throughout all my posts. I'm assuming you agree that there's a problem with the current state of R5 cores? Can I also assume we're on the same side here and that something needs to be done to fix this problem? Then, once again, thanks for helping me out with these numbers. I don't think there's a need to direct your anger towards me even though you have every right to. It does, however, distract people from the main issue at hand.

  17. I hope i'm not the only one worried about community going bit nuts about the whole R5 cores and Primed Mod leveling thing about how they want to max out all the primed mods with little time investment as possible while thinking that it's absurd to invest in them more than couple days. Primed mods should be something special, they should feel hard to get and there should be enough difficult to present a choice "should i max this one or that one?" 

    My concern is that in the end DE will start listening to these people and decrease the difficulty of acquiring maxed rank Primed mods which will turn into norm to have them, meaning that new wave of players will go straight for primes instead of gradually progressing with regular ones... This kind of problem already exist with Primed parts, where i keep seeing low Mastery Rank players with Rhino Primes and Boltor Primes which i considered as something new players shouldn't get before regular counter parts. 

    I wished Primed Mods were introduced as Raid Rewards, because they are raid worthy, but what's done is done. I simply want Primed Mods to feel special and difficult to acquire and i don't want Primed mod META to start where every average player will have them all. 


    Don't make Primed Mods too easy to level up if you don't want to see Prime META of newbies running around primed to the boots without ever touching regular mods. 

    NOTE: I'm not against improved of Primed Mod situation, i simply don't want DE to overdo it. 


    If you played every day, 12 hours each day, running T4 survival before the nerf, you would be able to max out a rare (gold) mod in around 1-2 weeks. Now with these new nerfs, same situation, 12 hours each day, you would be looking at 1-2 months to max out ONE primed mod. 

  18. The unencrypted data is available on reddit, so saying we "don't know the drop rates" is a poor arguement. I'm sure Delirin can agree with me, as some of you insist on defending these awful changes


    Apparently most of that unencrypted data is outdated so it would be hard to use to prove my points. Still don't see why people are defending this nerf though. It doesn't benefit them in any way.


    With the ingame economy and trading system as it is right now, trading just plain sucks. Only so many people understand what to do to make a decent profit.


    It's a lot of "Let's exploit the person who doesn't know the prices!" game. 


    You're exactly correct. Trading does suck, but its there and its the only alternative to getting platinum without spending money. I've had my fair share of getting ripped off when I was new to trading but after a while I started to get the hang of it. Since then, I've never had a problem with platinum. I don't have a lot of it (have 0 at the moment) but if I spend my day trading, I could easily net around 100+ platinum with the mods and items I have.

    All of the people threatening to leave should just do it already.  Seriously, I dare you.


    I think there's only been one or two people who said they "might" leave. No ones threatening anyone. We're just sick of these awful nerfs that shouldn't be implemented in the first place.

  19. This is a great idea but I feel like some people will start to complain about how R5 packs are too easy to access. Also, didn't they nerf life support drops recently? I wonder if long survival missions are even possible anymore.


    On another note, they should just add the credit caches onto the mission reward, or in other words, just buff the amount of credits you receive from a mission. No one runs regular missions because they don't give enough credit rewards, or anything valuable for that matter. People that don't complain about credits are usually running around with 100 day affinity and credit boosters, not realizing that they even have it on.

  20. Well, the problem is that you're assuming anything at all. Not all common items have the same drop rate, neither do all uncommon or rare items, sometimes they vary quite a bit, enough that assuming common/uncommon/rare tiers is meaningless. You can't just spout arbitrary numbers unless you can back it up with data.


    To answer your question, the drop tables used to be unencrypted. Players started unpacking the game's files and finding the hard data on drop rates. Many players felt validated in their rarity complaints, and took DE to task about it. DE gave their usual political answers, and players continued to complain for multiple patches as the changes they requested were not made, and they had the hard data to back it up. DE's response was to encrypt the data so no one could be sure enough to accuse them of anything.


    How exactly am I supposed to get this data if its all encrypted? This is all general information that could be right or could be wrong. What I do know is, and with information from DE changelogs from patches, is that the old drop rates from T4 survival has changed. You can't argue that it hasn't because it has and there's proof floating around the forums if you look for it. In addition to that, the new rates found on starchart missions are considerably lower considering packs are now exclusive to Rotation A where as they use to be in ALL Rotations A through C. 


    More sample data for you! 5 more games, all vs grineer on ceres. Got a lot luckier this time, 3 packs out of 10 rewards. I'm at 4 out of 20 in total now, so 20%. Will do more sample runs on other planets later.




    Thanks, I'll add that into my main post.


    I dunno where OP gets that info from, but core packs still drop in void missions.


    The information is just general knowledge and is by no means completely 100% accurate. Most of the information is from Warframe wiki pages and other people on this forum.


    Well, they're named Rare Fusion Cores for a reason.


    You must not have leveled up many mods to understand why they're so important. The fusing energy process is a mess which is why we need these cores.

  21. This is so very, very wrong.


    Tying content to mastery rank is basically forcing people to level and sell lots of weapons(due to limited slots) or forcing them to buy new weapon slots just to progress through the star chart.


    I kind of wish I could reach through the computer to slap you for suggesting such a horrible idea.


    I guess you're right, however, this doesn't reflect anyone elses opinion but my own. I removed it from the original post but this is good. We're generating ideas and hopefully we can find a better solution cause right now, R5 cores are still a huge problem in this game. Any help is appreciated.


    EDIT: Although I will add, I would prefer something to be done that would make Mastery rank more useful. Buying weapon slots were a bad idea already but since DE won't change that, its kinda necessary. I bought all my weapon and frame slots without purchasing platinum with real money. I got my platinum through trades. I would suggest that others do the same by trading and learning the markets.

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